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I’ve Been Tagged (Finally)

Do you ever feel like the unpopular kid in the schoolyard? I read lots of scrapper blogs and people are being tagged all over the place, but no one tags me :( Usually I just hijack other people’s tags, but this time I actually got tagged – by Miss Rachel over at ONE LIFE ONE CHANCE. Thanks Rachel!

Edited 8-22-07 to add: Okay, I mispoke and when I tell a lie, I try to fix it. I HAVE been tagged before, by Miss Karen/Karooch at Scraps of Mind. Sometimes I write these posts at 2am and I’m not always thinking straight. My apologies & please go say hi to Karen – she has an awesome BLOG.

Here are the rules:
1. You have to post these rules before you give the facts.
2. Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of their middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
3. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog-post containing your own middle name game facts.
4. At the end of your blog-post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Here is mine: LYNN

L: Lazy. At my core, I’m a lazy person. I truly enjoy just laying around accomplishing nothing – reading a novel, looking through scrap mags or watching reality tv. I have to force myself daily to get out of bed and be a productive citizen.

Y: Young at Heart. With every birthday, I can’t believe I’m that age. I still feel like a teenager or twenty-something inside. My laugh lines betray me, but I will always be young inside.

N: No Smoking. Sorry to any smokers out there, but I will never be among you. I really dislike the smell of cigarettes, especially how it hangs around afterwards in your clothes, etc. Luckily no one in either of my extended families smokes. Sweet…

N: Nervous Nelly. I’m nervous about a lot of the things my kids and DH do. I always worry something bad will happen. I ‘Need’ to work on this ASAP.

Okay, now I get to tag 4 people. I know this Tag has made the rounds for awhile – hope I’m getting some who haven’t done it!

I am tagging:
Marni at A Scrapbooking Journey
Tania at The Scrapbook House
Corina at Scrapper at Work
Hillary at My Scraps

Article About Our Scrapbook Obsession

Please read this INTERESTING ARTICLE. It’s addresses the question: Which comes first, our enjoyment of everyday moments or our scrapbooking? This is something I think about once in a while, something that bothers me, actually. I’ve always been a picture taker, ever since elementary school. But since I’ve started scrapbooking, I’ve noticed a feeling that I ‘must’ capture each designated moment on film. Sometimes I find myself not enjoying a family get together or vacation trip as much as I could because I’m so focused on getting good photos (to scrapbook, of course). And yet I still feel a compulsion to do this; it’s almost like, if I don’t scrap it, it didn’t happen. I remember a few years ago on the 4th of July, after I spent 2/3 of the fireworks show trying to figure out how to photograph them with my new camera, my exasperated husband turned to me and said, “Could you just put the camera down and enjoy the fireworks with your kids?” Ouch. And it hurt because he was right. Anyway, I just thought this was an article many of us could relate to. My favorite quote: “Are my experiences a reflection of scrapbooking instead of the other way around? Has my memory card usurped my memory?” How about you? Is your hobby driving your experiences, or have you found some kind of balance?

Our Little Dooce Gets Published!

Well, technically, this isn’t scrapbook related…except that I originally found this talented writer on CATHY Z’s BLOG…but…

One of my all time favorite blogs is Dooce, which is written by Heather Armstrong. Look, she’s down there in my Blog Roll. Her humor is not for the faint hearted, which means she’s right up my alley. And her photography is amazing. Well, check out this ENTRY ON HER BLOG! She just had something published in a special issue of Real Simple magazine called Family. Coincidentally, I recently subscribed to Real Simple and this issue just arrived yesterday. So I’m off to check it out – CONGRATS HEATHER!

Rock Star by Die Cuts With a View

I took my 40% coupon to Michaels today, intent on picking up the new idea book, Super Fast Pages with 4×6 Photos…

BH 4x6 photos book

I’ve been wanting to get this because I love to use uncropped 4×6 photos on my layouts whenever I can.

But then I saw this:

DCWV Rock Star

Prominently displayed on an end cap, was the new DCWV collection, Rock Star! I had heard mention of it over on the CKMB, but wasn’t that intrigued. But when I saw the gorgeous flocked papers with such cool designs, the light bulb went on above my head: “Duh, you just went to two concerts, Americanmom!” Then there was the chipboard accents – I was sold. The idea book – which I already had in my hot little hands – went back in the rack. I got 3 sheets of the paper, and used my coupon on the chipboard set. All this Rock Star stuff will be perfect for my concert layouts of Aerosmith and Rascal Flatts. Don’t you love it when something just comes together like that?

New Martha Stewart Craft Show on DIY

Starting on Thanksgiving Day, DIY will start running a Martha Stewart show that includes scrapbooking. See the article HERE. According to the article, “The initial 39 episodes will feature segments culled from more than a decade of content from MSLO’s lifestyle TV series ‘Martha Stewart Living.'”

I might watch the first few episodes to try and catch some scrapbooking. I’m still curious as to what her “scrapbooking style” is. But doubt I’ll be tuning in for all 39 episodes. You gonna watch?

Check Out This New Ribbon Storage Product!

Pull-Ez Ribbon Storage


According to the YOUR PICTURED MEMORIES BLOG, these lovelies will “arrive in mid September and will retail for 19.99.” I found the Pull-Ez through a message board, where they discussed whether the ribbon would tangle inside (it seems like it would, doesn’t it?). But those that had seen the item at CHA tested it and said the ribbons DON’T tangle. But keep in mind, it’s meant for use with 1-3 yard lengths, i.e. don’t throw a huge roll in there. Another poster brought up how you could maybe make your own using a clear makeup case and a long-reach hole punch. I think I’m going to stick with my RIBBON JARS for now.

My Ribbon Jars

But for those of you still looking for a good ribbon storage system, this just might be it.

Scrapbook Supply Shopping

Don’t you love it?  I’m pretty sure it’s my new therapy.  No, I don’t have or spend lots of money.  When I worked full-time, I could drop $100 at a scrapbook store every few months without batting an eyelash.  But now that I only work part-time and make about 1/3 what I used to, I have to be more careful, selective, and planned out.  Along with my shrinking pocket book is the shrinking amount of LSS’s (local scrapbook stores) around me.  I used to have 6 LSS’s within 1 hour, but now only 1 remains.  So not only do I have to better plan my spending, but I have to figure out when I’m going to drive 45 minutes to the “local” scrapbook store.  But shopping for scrap supplies is still a blast!  Within 1 hour’s drive, I also have 2 Michael’s, 1 Beverly’s Crafts, and then of course Target, Walmart and Tuesday Morning.  I’ve even found scrapbook-related stuff at Longs Drugs, Mervyns, and Kohl’s.  My favorite places to shop are the LSS and Beverly’s (aka Bev’s).  The LSS is fairly small – about 1/10th the size of my favorite scrappin superstore, YOUNGPLAY MEMORIES. But they do a good job of keeping new and current things and carry my favorite lines – Basic Grey, Fancy Pants, and Autumn Leaves. The owners are very nice and they even donated a bunch of stuff for my last crop. As for Bev’s, it is a fabric and craft store but they have a generous scrapbook section. When I was there the other day and chatting with the cashier, she said they had a new manager who is a scrapbooker. So that explains why there has been an expansion of scrapbooking supplies at Bev’s recently. The manager happened to walk up then, so I said, “Can I give you a bunch of compliments?”. I told her that I really appreciated the new scrapbook aisles, the vast selection of new products, and how organized everything was. She was happy to hear it, and also pointed out their Wish List, where you can write down any product you would like them to order. (I told her I already had my own version of a Wish List: in my wallet, a list of all the items in their store I want to eventually buy!). Anyhow, that’s great customer service and I appreciate it. I encourage YOU to take the time and speak with your scrapbook store managers, even if they’re a chain like Beverly’s. I always say, “They don’t know if you don’t tell ’em”. If they’re smart, managers will listen to your compliments and concerns about their store. Heck, if they don’t respond to us, we can just shop online! (Don’t worry, LSS’s, it’s not my first choice, you are).  As for “shopping smart” for scrapbook supplies, my best hint is:  Use Coupons!  Just about every week, there are 40% off coupons for Mike’s, Bev’s, etc. and I’m sure lots of you have access to Hobby Lobby and Joann’s.  Most stores accept competitor’s coupons, so clip away and stick ’em in your wallet!  It’s nice to get a $20 paper stack for only $12, isn’t it?  You can even split the stack with a friend, and you still get lots of paper for only 6 bucks.  Also, look at the store ads and gear your shopping to the sales.  If all adhesives are 30% off this week, stock up, by God!  Happy scrappy shopping!

Video Tour of a Very Organized Scrapbook Room

Here is a LINK to a VERY beautiful and organized scrapbook room. You should really check it out. It belongs to Mellette Berezoski, who is a frequent contributor to various sites and magazines. You can see how she is able to create such great layouts in a fabulous studio like hers! (I do realize it also takes loads of talent, LOL). Take a tour of her room and let me know your thoughts. My favorites were:

How she mixed modern and vintage, like all the Ikea shelves with the old locker bins.

The groupings of like items – ribbons, stamps, magazine bins, etc – which makes it look even more organized.

The very efficient use of the shorter walls. Also, the labels! I, too, am label crazy.

All of the work space on the L-shaped desk and the computer desk. She has really made the most of that room!

The only elements I didn’t care for were: The horizontal paper storage – I think vertical is clearly the way to go for less dust, less wrinkles, and more space efficient; and the open tops on a lot of things like the locker baskets – in my experience, those are dust collectors.

Those are just tiny negatives. I absolutely adore this room. I think it’s full of great storage, organization, and decorating ideas. I would just love to own this studio, wouldn’t you? Thank you to Kelliannie on CKMB for showing me this room :)

Online Scrapbooking Friends

I’m relatively new to this online thing. We just got internet at home for the first time in January 2007. Yes, I know, horribly shocking! Prior to that, I used the internet at the library or at work if I needed to look up something quickly and that was that. We didn’t need any extra household expenses and I worried about the impact of the internet on my family. With all my years working in law enforcement related jobs, I had heard SO MANY horror stories. And then…I quit a horrible job and needed to find another one. Come to find out, in this day and age you basically cannot look for jobs nor apply for them effectively without the internet. So I had to break down and install it in our home.

Now, I won’t go on about the negative impacts it HAS indeed had in our home. I want to talk about a very positive thing I’ve noticed: What a great online community that scrapbookers have! Although I do now have 2 part-time jobs, I still use the internet daily to look for other part-time jobs and consultant work. But about 90% of the time I now spend online is related to scrapbooking. I read a blogs (famous scrappers and just normal ones like me), visit the shopping sites (I browse but don’t buy, LOL), I belong to several scrapbook-related Yahoo groups, and daily I go to my mainstay, the Creating Keepsakes Message Board (CKMB). I have been so amazed by the friendliness of the scrapbookers I have “met” in all of these places. Everyone is supportive and it really is a pleasure to spend time chatting with them. SB bloggers consistently read each other’s blogs and leave comments. CKMB’ers leave lovely comments about each others work in the Image Gallery. Scrapbookers are very supportive of their Scrap Celebs, leaving hundreds if not thousands of comments on any given blog entry. We are also a competitive group, always entering sweepstakes, challenges, or layout entry contests.

What prompted me to write this entry was seeing a POST ON THE CKMB about two ladies from the board who had just met in person, spending a day together having lunch and scrapbooking. You could tell from the photos they posted that they truly enjoyed each other and their time together. One of the ladies said she was thrilled when she used “slab” in conversation, and the other lady knew exactly what she was talking about. Like those who share other hobbies, we scrapbookers have our own lingo and we feel right at home with those who understand it. I have met a few of the famous scrappers in person, and a “secret sister” at CKU, but I haven’t met any other online scrapbooking friends in person yet. I hope to do that someday. Have you met online scrapbooking friends in person? Tell us about it in Comments…

Becky Higgins’ Snapshot of Me Album

I’ve been to CKU twice (CKU San Jose 2005 and CKU Masters Anaheim 2005) and wish I could go again. CKU is so fun, energizing, and educational. Some friends of mine recently attended CKU Album Anaheim and took the track offered by Becky Higgins called Snapshot of Me. At my last crop, they showed me the album they had made and I fell in love with it! Another friend of mine decided to copy the album with me so that’s the project we’re both working on right now. I’m pretty sure it would be a no-no to post instructions or photos of it, but let me tell you about it…

The album is 20 pages long, and the title page says “Snapshot 2007” and has a photo of you (or, in my case, ME!). All of the remaining pages have computerized journaling prompts that allow you to capture your life as it is today. For example, My 5 Senses and a Month in My Life. There is room for tons of photos of your life as it is today. My friend had photos of herself getting a mani/pedi, in the Starbucks drive-thru, and at her desk at work. What she did was complete the album at CKU and has since spent her evenings completing one page a night of the journaling. I saw her album at a crop Saturday and she is making great progress. It is a joy to read her journaling and see the photos of everything that’s important to her. I’m sure her daughter will cherish the album, and I hope my kids will cherish mine someday too. One point which kind of relates to THIS post I made the other day: Becky insists that you do all the journaling in your own handwriting.

The only negative to this project is I feel like I’m ‘cheating’ somehow because I didn’t attend this CKU, yet I’m getting to complete such a cool project. Granted, I didn’t get the whole CKU experience, being taught by Becky, or have her take my photo (yes, she herself took a portrait of EACH attendee to put on the title page of the album!). But if you had paid to attend a CKU, then saw someone like me doing ‘your’ project, would you be upset? Just wondering…Also, let me know what you think of this idea, a Snapshot of Me album. Have you done one or something similar? It has been the exact kick in the pants I needed to finally scrap something about myself.

Trying to Win a RAK…Amanda Probst

Amanda Probst is a Contributing Editor at Creating Keepsakes magazine. She is nice enough to hang out with us on the CK Message Board and I just saw a post that she is offering a RAK on her blog. When I went to her blog, I noticed you can leave a Comment by way of linking to your own blog, so I’m going to try it….here goes….

Amanda, my guess is tan/beige & congrats on your layouts and your restraint with the Harry Potter book!

Check out Amanda’s blog HERE and the post about the RAK HERE!

Scrapbook Journaling: Handwritten or Computer?

I don’t know about you, but I think journaling is the most important element on a scrapbook layout – next to the photos of course!  Here are some things I’ve learned about journaling and just random thoughts about the subject:

Please handwrite at least some of your journaling – others will thank you.  I know like most of you, I agonize over my handwriting.  On a good day and if I’m not writing in a hurry, I like it okay.  I can write pretty decently in caps, in lowercase, in italics or a more cartoon-y style.  But I’m no professional and sometimes my handwriting ends up being my least favorite thing about a layout.  However, I’m still glad I did it.  Let’s keep this in perspective, shall we?  The important people, my friends and family, don’t care if my handwriting is perfect or publishing-worthy.  They care that it’s MY handwriting.  My kids do (or will someday!) appreciate that I took the time and my own hand/heart to write down my thoughts and feelings.  My own father has passed away and I have to say, what I still cherish all these years later are the things in his handwriting – notes, cards, letters, even articles and papers he wrote for work (back in the day, before computers were the norm).  I also love to look at the things in my Grandma’s writing (she died about 10 years ago).  Even seeing the writing of those still with me – my mom, my husband, my kids – brings me joy.  Please don’t underestimate the importance of your handwriting.  It is a part of you.  It IS you…

I do use computer journaling sometimes, usually for one of two reasons:  space or theme.  Sometimes I have a lot to say on something and limited space.  For example, in my albums (yes, albumS) about my trip to Europe, I consider them to be like my travel journal.  Since I will probably never take a trip like that again, I want to write down and remember every detail.  The journaling is extensive, so I’ve been computer journaling throughout the entire project.  Other times, I think the font style adds to the theme of the page.  For example, I’ve used a western font on a Pony Pictures page and a Mickey font in my Disneyland album.  There are times when computer journaling is definitely the way to go.

I’ve read the tip many times to “Just write down the Who, What, When, Where and Why” but, to me, that is the absolute minimum of what should be journaled.  I also like to include the other things, like the feelings of the day, favorite things about the event or person featured, or messages to my family who will be reading the journaling.  I heard someone at a crop recently say that they don’t journal on their pages at all beyond the title and date, and that made me really sad.  I guess it’s better than a plain photo album, and the scrapper is getting an artistic release from doing the scrapbooking, but where is the meaning to the album after album that she is quickly completing?

What are your thoughts about computer vs. handwritten journaling?  Do you go crazy with all the font possiblities, good or bad?  Do you keep it simple or go more elaborate with the details like I do?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

Do You Need Scrapbooking Insurance?

That is a question I’d never considered…until I found THIS ARTICLE. Please give it a read; you won’t be sorry.

I have jokingly discussed this with some scrap friends, but never took it any further because I figured our homeowners policy would cover any loss of scrapbook supplies I ever suffered (oh, the horror! makes my skin crawl…). But this article got me thinking that I should look into our policy to make sure the limits are high enough to cover my stash that is surely worth thousands of dollars. Also, as a consultant for a scrapbook company, maybe I need to be insured as the article discusses. I know there are many of you in the same boat as me, so I hope you enjoy the article!

New Basic Grey – Periphery, Mellow, Recess, Obscure & Infuse

My favorite site for Basic Grey papers and Bazzil – Embellish IT! – is now taking pre-orders for the new Basic Grey themes. Tell them I sent you! Here’s the new BG:

BG Periphery papers
BG Periphery paper sneak peek

BG Periphery extras
BG Periphery extras sneak peek

BG Recess papers
BG Mellow papers sneak peek

BG Recess extras
BG Mellow extras sneak peek

BG Mellow papers
BG Recess papers sneak peek

BG Mellow extras
BG Recess extras sneak peek

BG Obscure papers
BG Obscure papers sneak peek

BG Obscure extras
BG Obscure extras sneak peek

BG Infuse recently released, ifya haven’t seen it already….
I just ordered this paper pack and letter sheet. There are also die cut shapes and another version of letter stickers. Can’t wait for Mr. UPS Man!
BG Infuse papers out now

BG Infuse extras out now

As I may have mentioned a time or twelve, Basic Grey is my absolute favorite scrapbooking company. They are always innovative while staying true to what we all like about their stuff: a distressed look, great colors, patterns and colors that coordinate well even from line to line, and such great quality. The new line I’m most antiicipating is probably Periphery. I think the colors are intriguing and will be so adaptable to different pages. But it’s hard to choose because they all look great. I especially love the new wide range of alphas, and patterned die cuts that I’m sure we’ll be seeing on a lot of published layouts in the coming months. What do you think of the new Basic Grey? Which one is your favorite?

August 2007 Creating Keepsakes: Ad Review

I’ve admitted from the beginning that I like to shop for scrapbook supplies as much as I like to scrapbook. So this entry should really come as no surprise. I just got my August issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine today and I was struck by how MANY of the ads and/or products caught my eye. So here’s a page by page review:

Pg 3 – Ad for K&Company Quick-Dry Craft Bond, “featuring renowned WackyTac technology that permanently adheres crafts together!”. Looks like it might be a solution to “the chipboard letters won’t stay on my page” problem. If anyone has tried it, please post a review in comments. I seem to recall seeing it on QVC awhile back.
Pg 8 – Ad for Fancy Pants new Botanical line. I really like everything Fancy Pants puts out lately, and this is no exception, a must have. Look at the calendar page in the bottom right corner!
Pg 11 – Ad for Bo Bunny line called Pep Rally. Didn’t like their early stuff, then loved their stuff for awhile, not a “fan” of this.
Pg 13 – Ad for doodlebug design Plain & Simple Chipboard Houses. I always love DD ads because they make amazing things out of paper. This product stumps me tho’. I can’t think of a way to use a cute little altered house. Too cutesy for home decor. Any ideas?
Pg 15 – Ad for the new Autumn collection by daisyd’s. I always think of them as being very “distressed” and homey looking. This is a little different, very cute, love the colors. Go daisyd’s!
Pg 16 – Ad for Three Bugs in a Rug new Chalk Garden collection. Have never loved their stuff (or this). Too bright, too hard, too busy.
Pg 18 – Ad for new XL ghost butterflies by heidi swapp (now that I’m typing all these industry names, I’m noticing how many use strictly lowercase letters, LOL). These are pretty. I love how you can back them with patterned paper, paint, glitter, rub ons, etc.
Pg 21 – Ad for The Rockstar Stack by Die Cuts with a View. Reminds me of the peek I got at the new Basic Grey line, Obscure. Very geared towards teens and music. I love how SB products are constantly evolving and there is something for every topic under the sun.
Pg 22 – Ad for “a new Bohemia – 20 new themes – 4 new color schemes – transparent frames, etc” C’mon, say it with me…..”Hallelujah!”. By that I mean, I dig Bohemia so Right On that there is more to love.
Pg 36 – The famous ad for Martha Stewart Crafts at Michaels. You can bet there has been some discussion about this on CKMB. I like the ad. It’s a creative way to show off her plethora of products (see, wasn’t I nice??).
Pg 43 – Ad for the Holiday Cardmaking Cruise with Sandi Genovese. A 5-day cruise for $598. Unless I’m blind, they don’t say WHERE the cruise is. But I looked on for you (it’s Cozumel).
Pg 44 – Ad for Skinny Cow ice cream. See, told ya they were after us scrapbookers big time. A 1 1/4 page ad in CK ain’t cheap.
Pg 50 – Ad for a new CK book coming out in August called “Super-Fast Pages with 4×6 Photos”. I will be buying this book before the ink dries.

CK book 4x6 photos

Pg 51 – Ad for DCWV’s new “All Dressed Up” with glitter. I haven’t given in to the glitter products yet because I wonder about it scratching photos over the long term. But this is really pretty. Love the two album samples they show. The line will be great for wedding, prom, etc.
Pg 52 – Ad for CK’s “Easy Patterns for Scrapbooking” kits now available at Joann stores. Not sure how I feel about these. You know I love the Easy Patterns book by Brenda Arnall but the only thing that salvages a shred of creativity about it is that you get to pick your own papers and use your own brain to cut them. These kits have all the paper provided and it has cut marks on the back. Hmmmm….
Pg 59 – Ad for new Dorothy collection by Anna Griffin. I don’t use a lot of her stuff but this is unique and could be adapted to more than heritage pages. Very pretty color scheme of black, white and pink/fuschia. It’s “just one of 7 new collections for 2007” for you Anna Fans.
Pg 64 – Latest & Greatest column, Spiral Punch by Stampin’ Up! It’s a paper punch that gives you “an authentic spiral punch edge” like torn notebook paper. I will be calling my SU rep next week. Also love the Starfin alpha stamps by FontWerks on the next page. A very cute font and I like how you can color them in as you like. Would like to try the Power Bond adhesive from Tombow on pg 67 to see if it really “makes adhering textured cardstock oh so easy”. I struggle with my Bazzill sometimes.
Pg 75 – Ad for Cosmo Cricket’s Gretel collection. Cute ad but I like to see the product line not just photos of adorable kids.
Pg 86 – Ad for 2007 CK Scrapbooker of the Year contest. The ad doesn’t give a deadline but it already passed (7-6-07). I feel badly for anyone who works on this now. Hopefully they would check out the website beforehand. CK knows how their own publishing dates; I wonder why they did this?
Pg 93 – Ad for We R Memory Keepers new line of Classic Leather Albums. Smart move. Remind everyone “we’re here, we have albums!”. I have noticed a resurgence of the 3-ring album lately.
Pg 101 – Ad for Prism’s Metallics line of shimmering cardstock. Reminds me of Bazzill Bling. Prism is the line of cardstock that Memory Works carries; I hope they add this soon. I think it would be a big seller since MW does not carry Bazzill.
Pg 117 – Ad for two new Autumn Leaves idea books: Perfectly Clear and Foof-a-Life. AL idea books are my favorites so I’m excited to buy these, especially Perfectly Clear which has techniques for using AL clear stamps (I have several sets).
Pg 118 – Ad for the Memory Planner by Karen Foster Design, available August 2007. Don’t know if I would use the entire planner but I like the templates that allow you to easily make page sketches. Very clever.
Pg 141 – Ad for Vertical Drawer Organizers by Cropper Hopper. I think these are a great idea, a natural companion for my CH Vertical Paper Holders. I want them for storing foam stamps, for one thing.

CH vertical drawer organizer

Pg 142 – Ad for Clear Albums by Pageframe Designs. They have talked about these on CKMB and I like the look. But too advanced for me. Maybe when I’m a big girl scrapbooker someday.
Pg 147 – Ad for….oh, who cares….there’s a shirtless blond guy with muscles. That’s all you need to know.
Pg 162 – Ad for Dear Diary journaling tools by Collage Press. I’m intrigued…
and same page has an ad for my fave, ScrapRack.
Back inside cover (yeah, you thought I’d never get done!) – Ad for Prima’s “all new embellishments, including alphas, brads and super hot journaling cards”. I love the ad, how they got a nice theme/photo while still showing a good amount of the products along the outer edge of the page. They all look beautiful, by the way.

So, there’s my ad review. Feel free to tell me what you think. Am I way off the mark or did I tell it like it is? And the answer to your question is: No, I obviously DON’T have anything better to do with my time (LOL).

Stay tuned: Next time I will post a review of the August CK issue itself – features, articles, etc.

45 Totally Obscure Facts About Me…

I was not tagged, but I love these surveys so I just butt in and do them, LOL. This one was taken from Overstuffed with Love blog

45 Totally Obscure Facts About Me
1. Are you taller than your mom? Yes, she’s a shortie, only 5/3 while I’m 5/7.
2. What color is your car? White
3. What is the closest thing to you that is red? My toenail polish.
4. What is your ringtone? “Anyway You Want It” by Journey (if you’ve seen me over on CKMB, you know my handle is “journeyfan”…)
5. Are you sick? Sick of being hot, sick of my new neighbors dogs barking all night, but technically healthy.
6. Do you have a favorite pillow? Yes, I adore the expensive pillow I bought when we got our Sleep Number Bed. It weighs about 10 pounds or so. It’s the only pillow I do not allow kids to play with or use.
7. What is your favorite game? Uno!
8. Had a nap today? I wish…
9. Gold or Silver? Definitely silver.
10. Is there an animal that creeps you out? Snakes, totally. If I see one, think of one, hear about one, see one on tv, etc I will have nightmares about snakes that night where they crawl all over me in bed, swim with me in my pool or other such creepy disgusting craziness. (GREAT question! Now I’ll have snake-mares tonight…Yick).
11.Who was the last person you rode an elevator with? With my kids at Barnes & Noble about 2 weeks ago.
12. Did you go iceskating as a kid? I tried it once but didn’t like it. Weak ankles.
13. Ever have stitches? Yep. When I was 5, I dropped the plates I was clearing from the table. Still have a 2 inch scar across my palm.
14. Favorite non-alcoholic drink? Icy cold Diet Coke.
15. How long ago did you kiss someone? My hubby this morning on his way out.
16. What’s something you want to do before you die? Write a successful novel.
17. Have you ever caught something on fire? No-ho-ho way!
18. Have you ever seen a ghost? Yes. Well, I’ve seen the spirit of my dad several times.
19. Have you ever seen the northern lights? Unfortunately, no.
20. Do you know how to use chop sticks? Barely. When it comes to the rice, I give up and use a spoon.
21. Name something good that happened today. Ooh, this is hard. I had a bad day. Hmmmmm……uhhhh…..Oh! Yummy food to eat at work. My new co-worker started today. His family is Filipino and he brought in egg roll thingees, red pepper sauce, and a noodle/chicken/veggie dish. All were to die for!
22. What room are you in? We call it the Air Bed Room. Self explanatory?
23. Are you worried about something you can’t control? The simpler question would be “Is there anything you DON’T worry about?” (I worry about anything and everything. Yep, I’m a worrier!). Interesting timing on this question – my Bible Study topic this week in Women of the Bible was Hagar, a woman with little to no control and how she handled it.
24. Do you like to exercise? Hate it, hate it, hate it. It’s known by me as The E Word.
25. Ever been in a car wreck? No, thank God.
26. Are you wearing nailpolish? Just on my toes.
27. Favorite color? Green (not for nailpolish, just in general :)
28. Innie or Outie? Aren’t we getting personal now????
29. Ever been to Canada? For about 5 minutes as a child. It was a long road trip with my mom and grandparents in a travel trailer. By the time we got to Canada, my mom was so sick of my brother and I bickering that we turned around and went home before we saw anything. Yeah, that’s one of my prouder moments…
30. Sweet or Sour? S-w-e-e-t. Yeah, baby!
31. Sun or Moon? They are both fabulous for different reasons.
32. What shoes did you wear today? Black open toed slip ons to work; black zori’s since I got home.
33. Favorite eye color of the opposite sex? Greeny-brown.
34. Most important quality in any relationship? On this blog, I will say “communication and values in common”.
35. Favorite movie? Oh, so many! I will narrow it down to 3: Grease (I’ve seen it, like, 50 times), Say Anything (LOVE me some John Cusack, yum), and Wayne’s World (we still use catch phrases from that one, and they SO communicate what we need to say).
36. Time of day you were born? Early AM, which is stunning considering how much I abhor mornings.
37. Do you know your blood type? Yes.
38. What would you spend 5,000 dollars on right now if you were handed it? Pay off a debt, any debt, just pick one.
39. Name something you are grateful for! My new relationship with JC.
40. Did you grow up in the city or country? The suburbs of a big city.
41. Would you ever consider going on a reality tv show if offered a large sum of money? No, I’m not open enough & I’m not the type that will do anything for money. I think other things are more important than the dolla’.
42. One of your dreams? To become independently wealthy so I can quit all my jobs and just be a mom and a scrapbooker (wait, is that contradictory to #41?)
43. Hugs or kisses? Both!
44. You have 10 dollars to spend in the dollar store. What do you get? First I’d hit the scrapbook stuff. They usually have one or two things there. I also like their bathroom cleaner and furniture spray polish stuff.
45. Slurpee flavor? Dr. Pepper

More on Scrapbooking with Skinny Cow

Wow, I’m so honored! One of my favorite sites has mentioned & linked to my blog again (blush, blush). Check it out here. I love the Organized Scrapbooks site so much. Thanks to you, OS, for the mention! Now let’s go eat some more Skinny Cow ice cream…

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