Here is a LINK to a VERY beautiful and organized scrapbook room. You should really check it out. It belongs to Mellette Berezoski, who is a frequent contributor to various sites and magazines. You can see how she is able to create such great layouts in a fabulous studio like hers! (I do realize it also takes loads of talent, LOL). Take a tour of her room and let me know your thoughts. My favorites were:

How she mixed modern and vintage, like all the Ikea shelves with the old locker bins.

The groupings of like items – ribbons, stamps, magazine bins, etc – which makes it look even more organized.

The very efficient use of the shorter walls. Also, the labels! I, too, am label crazy.

All of the work space on the L-shaped desk and the computer desk. She has really made the most of that room!

The only elements I didn’t care for were: The horizontal paper storage – I think vertical is clearly the way to go for less dust, less wrinkles, and more space efficient; and the open tops on a lot of things like the locker baskets – in my experience, those are dust collectors.

Those are just tiny negatives. I absolutely adore this room. I think it’s full of great storage, organization, and decorating ideas. I would just love to own this studio, wouldn’t you? Thank you to Kelliannie on CKMB for showing me this room :)

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    I saw your blog on CKMB and thought I would check it out- I can’t wait to check out this scrapbook room. Thanks for the link!

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    Hi great link I love looking at other peoples scrap room or scrap porn as my other half calls it LOL! Sometimes even stealing ideas to use in my limited corner, I dream of a room for my own expanding stash.
    I love the jars with all the pretty stuff in it, but I too look at all those jars & bits & think of how much dusting there must be!
    I would have to clean the room before I could start LOL (yes little OCD there) which of course would eat in to my creative time!

    Love ya site thanks for sharing


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    All I have to say is I WANT that room! And I want it’s sewing counterpart, too.

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    Tammy says:

    I absolutely adore the craft room you’ve put together. Where did you get your l-shaped workspace?


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    Hi Tammy ~ Wish I could say this room is MINE, but it actually belongs to a well known scrapper named Mellette Berezoski. I wish you could leave the question on her blog, but I’ve never been able to find one for her, which is a shame. She is SO talented, she should have a blog to share her work. Oh well, thanks for stopping by!

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    Kathleen says:

    The link doesn’t work :(

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    fragileindustries says:

    Found another link here, scroll down the page a bit and click the thumbnail photos.

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