I’ve been to CKU twice (CKU San Jose 2005 and CKU Masters Anaheim 2005) and wish I could go again. CKU is so fun, energizing, and educational. Some friends of mine recently attended CKU Album Anaheim and took the track offered by Becky Higgins called Snapshot of Me. At my last crop, they showed me the album they had made and I fell in love with it! Another friend of mine decided to copy the album with me so that’s the project we’re both working on right now. I’m pretty sure it would be a no-no to post instructions or photos of it, but let me tell you about it…

The album is 20 pages long, and the title page says “Snapshot 2007” and has a photo of you (or, in my case, ME!). All of the remaining pages have computerized journaling prompts that allow you to capture your life as it is today. For example, My 5 Senses and a Month in My Life. There is room for tons of photos of your life as it is today. My friend had photos of herself getting a mani/pedi, in the Starbucks drive-thru, and at her desk at work. What she did was complete the album at CKU and has since spent her evenings completing one page a night of the journaling. I saw her album at a crop Saturday and she is making great progress. It is a joy to read her journaling and see the photos of everything that’s important to her. I’m sure her daughter will cherish the album, and I hope my kids will cherish mine someday too. One point which kind of relates to THIS post I made the other day: Becky insists that you do all the journaling in your own handwriting.

The only negative to this project is I feel like I’m ‘cheating’ somehow because I didn’t attend this CKU, yet I’m getting to complete such a cool project. Granted, I didn’t get the whole CKU experience, being taught by Becky, or have her take my photo (yes, she herself took a portrait of EACH attendee to put on the title page of the album!). But if you had paid to attend a CKU, then saw someone like me doing ‘your’ project, would you be upset? Just wondering…Also, let me know what you think of this idea, a Snapshot of Me album. Have you done one or something similar? It has been the exact kick in the pants I needed to finally scrap something about myself.

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  1. […] had things the girls needed to complete projects they were working on. For example, T. started her SNAPSHOT OF ME album (Becky Higgins, CKU album) and said she’d looked around but hadn’t found a paper […]

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    Therese says:

    I came across the 2008 Creating Keepsake magazine the other day and the “Snapshot of Me” album is in it, with the exception of how each page is laid out with title blocks and such. Have you seen or know of a sample page album so people can put it all together?

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