Please read this INTERESTING ARTICLE. It’s addresses the question: Which comes first, our enjoyment of everyday moments or our scrapbooking? This is something I think about once in a while, something that bothers me, actually. I’ve always been a picture taker, ever since elementary school. But since I’ve started scrapbooking, I’ve noticed a feeling that I ‘must’ capture each designated moment on film. Sometimes I find myself not enjoying a family get together or vacation trip as much as I could because I’m so focused on getting good photos (to scrapbook, of course). And yet I still feel a compulsion to do this; it’s almost like, if I don’t scrap it, it didn’t happen. I remember a few years ago on the 4th of July, after I spent 2/3 of the fireworks show trying to figure out how to photograph them with my new camera, my exasperated husband turned to me and said, “Could you just put the camera down and enjoy the fireworks with your kids?” Ouch. And it hurt because he was right. Anyway, I just thought this was an article many of us could relate to. My favorite quote: “Are my experiences a reflection of scrapbooking instead of the other way around? Has my memory card usurped my memory?” How about you? Is your hobby driving your experiences, or have you found some kind of balance?

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    Heather says:

    I definitly have this issue. I am starting to get better, by creating a list in my mind of the pics I want and going off that. I still have to hve my camera ready, but I can relax more and enjoy the moment. The other thing I do, is once in a while, just forget my camera.

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    You have a good point here. I think I am in the middle of both sides. SO it depends on the event. BUT I also have a Mother inlaw that loves to take pictures. So I usually don’t have to worry about it. Might have to direct her to a shot or two. Now that I think about it, am I driving her nuts??

    I do remind myself, there is another time, another place, pictures can always happen somewhere/

    You have been tagged! Tips From Nicole tagged me. I think I am gonna do it for my first LO about me using this.

    SO come see my blog for the info.

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    Hi Heather ~ I think it’s great that you’ve even recognized the issue :) That’s a good idea about having a mental list so you can just get those snaps, then enjoy the day. I will try that! I seriously feel tortured when I forget my camera (sad, huh?) so I don’t think I could do that on purpose, but sometimes I do it on accident, LOL.

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    Hi Rachel – It is always nice when there are other photo takers at our events. When my mom or stepdad are there, they are usually snapping away too. The only problem is I always say, “Can I have copies?” then neither of us follow up, LOL. And, hey, I didn’t perish from not having the photos, right?
    Thanks for the tag! I hardly ever get tagged. This looks fun! I enjoyed your blog and learning about you via your middle name.

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    detta owens says:

    thanks for the link to that article. It is definitely something to think about. I think I have a good balance but then, my children are grown and I did not scrapbook when they were small and I still have thousands of pictures of them.

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