Starting on Thanksgiving Day, DIY will start running a Martha Stewart show that includes scrapbooking. See the article HERE. According to the article, “The initial 39 episodes will feature segments culled from more than a decade of content from MSLO’s lifestyle TV series ‘Martha Stewart Living.'”

I might watch the first few episodes to try and catch some scrapbooking. I’m still curious as to what her “scrapbooking style” is. But doubt I’ll be tuning in for all 39 episodes. You gonna watch?

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    Slyn says:

    I love Martha…and I loved Martha Stewart Living. I am very excited they are going to be repackaging some of her old segments from that show. I know I have probably seen them all, but it will be fun to revisit. And Martha is not a SCRAPBOOKER….she is a PAPER CRAFTER. There is a difference. :o)

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    Hi Slyn ~ I don’t get any of the Martha Stewart shows here, until recently they occasionally run some of her new show. I’ve only been able to see one of the scrapbooking ones, but the projects she showed were created by one of her staffers that came on with her. Good point about being a paper crafter – she comes at scrapbooking from a different direction than most of us :)

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    I brought up that Paper Crafter vs Scrapbooker thing because when I went to a taping of her show in May. She asked someone in her audience what do you call yourself a scrapper or a crafter? (or something to that effect) And the woman said “scrapper” and Martha said “I am a Paper Crafter”. I thought that was very cool and very true. If you have ever seen her line in Michaels, you can see how she tries to make it about more than just scrapbooking.

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