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    Hi Leslie – Isn’t it? If I had any real huevos, I’d get one!

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    Love the shirt!!! Thanks for the chuckle.
    Love your blog and of course the AD detail you did for the August CK. Too funny!


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    Hi Rachel – Thanks, I always try to provide a little comic relief when I can. Glad you enjoyed the ad review. And you know you want that shirt!!

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    Hee hee…very fun! Wonder what DH would think?

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    Janinw says:

    LOVIN’ IT!!!! Thanks for posting Erika! :-)

  7. […] Note: For a complete explanation of my QVC purchase, please see this OLD POST. […]

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    Kelli (ckmb kelliannie) says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! This is the best by far!!! Awesome!

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