I took my 40% coupon to Michaels today, intent on picking up the new idea book, Super Fast Pages with 4×6 Photos…

BH 4x6 photos book

I’ve been wanting to get this because I love to use uncropped 4×6 photos on my layouts whenever I can.

But then I saw this:

DCWV Rock Star

Prominently displayed on an end cap, was the new DCWV collection, Rock Star! I had heard mention of it over on the CKMB, but wasn’t that intrigued. But when I saw the gorgeous flocked papers with such cool designs, the light bulb went on above my head: “Duh, you just went to two concerts, Americanmom!” Then there was the chipboard accents – I was sold. The idea book – which I already had in my hot little hands – went back in the rack. I got 3 sheets of the paper, and used my coupon on the chipboard set. All this Rock Star stuff will be perfect for my concert layouts of Aerosmith and Rascal Flatts. Don’t you love it when something just comes together like that?

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    That is some cool looking paper!!! I’ve told myself that I’m not allowed to buy anymore paper until I’ve used all mine up, hahaha!

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    Hi Leslie – With your love of music and theater, I think you will really like it in person. But I’m not trying to tempt you…

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    ohh…those are yummy!

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    Hi Edleen – They are gorgeous. I’m thinking of going back to Michaels to get the paper stack. I hope they have a 40% off coupon this week.

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    lucky you! don’t think we’ll get those over here in Singapore :D

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    Kelly Meyer says:

    I am not only addicted to scrapbooking, but I have a paper addiction as well. I will own this.

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    Laeonis says:

    I love this line too and I though it would be really fun to scrap all the funny pics of my crazy friends but I’m having a problem. I bought the 8×8 paper and now I’m not sure what to do with it. The designs are so large I cant fit a while photo on them without covering up part of it and the designs are so gorgeous i don’t want to. I also tried using it as an accent on plain card stock but it doesn’t look right. The colors don’t match. Any suggestions? How have you guys used it? I had the same problem with the once upon a time stacks.

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