I received a very touching e-mail from a good friend last night.  It nearly broke my heart.  She had just returned from the memorial service of a friend.  She knew this friend through her childrens’ preschool and they had shared a love of scrapbooking.  This lovely woman was a mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend.  At the back of the reception room, the family had displayed the many scrapbooks this woman had created during her life.  My friend said it was so meaningful, that all the other preschool moms came to her after the service and asked to be taught how to scrapbook.  They were touched by the value of what this woman had done, the beautiful legacy she had left for her children.

I was touched that my friend asked me to join her in this meaningful endeavor, to teach others to scrapbook, and we’re working on dates we can get together with everyone.  Honestly, it just made me cry and it made me grateful (yes, this is where I get really sappy on you…).  How much do we all take for granted this wonderful craft we do, scrapbooking?  Our non-scrapping friends don’t always understand us.  Our husbands may poke fun, or wonder if it’s really worth the money we spend on supplies and the time away from home that we spend at crops.  We as scrappers may even get distracted by the desire to ‘buy the latest and greatest supplies’ or ‘I have to get published so everyone will see me in print’.  But this story really reminded me why, at the core, we do what we do.  It’s for the love of our families, the respect for where we came from and where we’re going, and the need to share our daily lives and lessons with our children and extended famly.

Please let me stay focused on that – when I’m feeling like I just can’t get a page to look ‘right’, when I’m embarrassed to post my layouts on message boards because ‘I’m just not good enough’, and when I crave that new product I may not really need ‘just because it would be cool’.  Scrapbooking really isn’t about all the fluff, it’s way more important than that.  I hope that when I pass on, my scrapbooks will be displayed as this woman’s were.  I want every person in my family, all of my friends, to know how much they meant to me.  I also want them to know that I was always evolving in life, and always trying to become a better person.  I think my scrapbooks would say all the things to them that I could no longer say.

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    What a beautiful story. And it’s always a good idea to stop and take a look at our selves and the things we do that add value to life.

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    Such a touching story. To me, this is truly what scrapbooking is, and the gift I hope to give to my children and their children. Thanks for sharing! I hope your classes go great! :)

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    You are spot on, my friend. This is why we scrap, this is why we preserve and capture memories, this is why we will leave a legacy for future generations. Keep spreading the scrapbook love and it will come back to you!

    Real Women Scrap

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    Tasra – Thank you for the nice comments. Wow, I feel like a scrap-celeb read my little blog! Love YOUR blog, and your cause.

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    Hi ~AM~ You ARE giving your children an amazing gift in your scrapbooking. They will be so grateful. Thanks for the good wishes on the classes – we have the first one scheduled for March 8/9.

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    Karen – I like that! Focusing on what adds value will keep us on the right track. Thanks for commenting!

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