Check out this hilarious commercial from Canon!

Sure, Facebook and Tag away! But don’t forget to also print, scrapbook, journal, and frame. Your kids’ happiness depends on it :D

PS: On a serious note, I do take this to heart. I kinda’ feel sorry for the kids who’ve been born since social media photo posting came to the forefront. Many of them don’t have photos of themselves on the wall, in scrapbooks, passed around and fawned over by relatives at family gatherings, on their dad’s desk at work, etc. When their parents solely share their photos and accomplishments on social media, the kids kinda’ get shortchanged (in my humble opinion).

Just another reason SCRAPBOOKERS RAWK!!!

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    Nadine Palmer says:

    Too funny . . . what a cute commercial!!! I actually don’t post pictures to Facebook and Instagram and also procrastinate when it comes to printing photos. It is so cool, though, when I do print pics for scrapbooking and framing. My daughters sit around the table forever just looking at the pictures. There is something special about holding a REAL picture of yourself printed on paper in your hand!!

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    Thanks so much for this! My daughter’s Kindergarten teacher just emailed the parents a few pictures of the class. I thanked her and told her I was “old fashioned” as I actually print photos!

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