Because her caring husband created it for her while she was gone – and did everything himself.

No hiring help or buying Ikea furniture for this guy! He even remembered to get them each a card <3

Random thoughts:

1. I love how he always had a television or his laptop playing to keep him company :)

2. I wonder if his wife picked the colors before she left.

3. What’s in the refrigerator?

4. I wish the dogs would’ve stayed outside during the reveal.

5. I love how all the supplies are in the closet so the room should stay very neat.

6. Having it next to the home theater is genius, since I’ll be that’s where dad will be most of the time (and he deserves to relax!).

Just amazing. I can’t even.

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    Nadine Palmer says:

    How sweet . . . love how it is simple and neat and clean. I’m sure she’ll bring some storage and accessories into the room. However, as you pointed out, it’s nice to have everything separate in the storage room. Thanks for sharing!

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    Pelly Roja says:

    This has got to be one of the most amazing selfless gifts ever given. I love the amount of time and effort he put into making everything with his own hands. The layout and amount of storage he built in shows that he really understands her hobby and what she needs to create without cluttering. I cannot even imagine her shock and surprise. The dogs running back and forth excitedly looks like they get what a big deal this surprise was, too. What a beautiful space he created and what a generous heart he has. Lucky girl!

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