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Oprah, I luv ya, but if I have to hear about this book….

…or listen to this weird little man…

…ONE MORE TIME, I think I’ll throw my tivo out the window! I mean, move ON already. Let’s talk about home decor or school bullying or scrapbooking or interview some SAHM’s who spend too much time on message boards and maintaining their blogs (here! here! pick me!).

Crap, even an in-depth discussion on gas prices would be more interesting…

Michael’s Coupon: Valid Through June 14, 2008

If you didn’t get the ad in your paper, HERE‘s the link to the latest Mike’s coupon. Heck, even if you did get the ad, why not print off a couple extra? You can’t beat 50% off! The fine print says one coupon per customer per day (shucks!) and that it excludes all Cricut products. Sounds like you’re in the clear to use it on those Martha Stewart PUNCHES you’ve been wanting.

Thank you to NICOLE from the AMR MESSAGE BOARD for sharing the link. I didn’t get my usual e-mail this time from Michaels. Maybe they heard I was sharing the coupon with my peeps and blacklisted me, LOL. I used (one of) my 50% coupons yesterday and will blog about it later. Happy shopping! Let us know what YOU use it on…

A Belated Thank You…

to my online pal, CHRIS (aka Chrispea on CKMB and AMR).

She posted THIS on her blog the other day. Besides the fact that it’s a very cool tutorial on how to make that “I ripped it out of a spiral notebook” look, she also wished me happy birthday there at the end. Her kindness to me comes as no surprise, as she’s one of the most generous MB friends around. Not to mention talented, funny, and extremely computer and graphic design savvy. So, thanks again, Chris!

Also, please give THIS POST I wrote the other day another look-see. I had to eat some words (yum!).

And a heads up to any AMR girlz who might happen to read this…after I survive the crop I’m holding this Saturday, I will be posting a big “thank y’all” for 30+ birthday cards I received…

Okay, buh-bye…

Making Memories Magazine: July/August 2008

Just got my copy in the mail and it’s noticeably “skinny.” Wow, only 90 pages including both covers. I’m sure you’ve noticed how thin CK has been in recent months and Scrapbooks Etc, although thicker than the others if i remember right, is still not as fat as it used to be. I don’t imagine these scrap mags will be in business much longer at this rate. How can they maintain subscribers with that many pages; how can they maintain profits with that few ads? We’ll be sad to see them go, but it will be {at least partly} our own fault, I’m afraid…I know many of us now get our scrap-fill (page ideas, articles, etc.) from the internet, but it just won’t be the same without magazines. You can’t lie on a lounger, the couch or in bed with your computer (well, we laptop-ers can but yuck, uncomfortable and impractical). And the pics in a magazine are much more fun and easy to look at than those on a screen. I for one will truly miss the scrapbook magazines when they’re gone and, at only 90 pages this issue, Memory Makers appears to be sliding on out…

What are your thoughts about this issue, or scrapbooking magazines in general, these days?

Making Memories “Garden Party” on Clearance at Target

I was at the Big Red Bullseye yesterday and saw that my Target had everything from the Making Memories “Garden Party” line on clearance. It was in the regular scrapbooking section, but had bright orange tags on it and the prices were pretty good.

{HERE is where I would insert a photo of said Garden Party, but Making Memories in all it’s wisdom, does not let you copy images from their website. HERE is where I would’ve put a link to their page and given them all kinds of free publicity but, alas, I shan’t. Because their website sucks lemons}.

ETA 6/5/08: Yay, I’m happy to say I rescind my earlier “sucks lemons” comments about the MM website, because I got this nice note from Kelly @ Making Memories in the Comments for this post:

“Hi! I saw your mention about MM’s product images, and I thought you would like to know that we do have all of our images available for you to use anytime you want! Please visit our web site at Click on “About Us” and go to “Media Info.” You’ll see the link there to all of our images in hi-res format. Hope that helps! Thanks so much and take care!”

I’m the first to admit when I’m wrong, and I’m very sorry to Making Memories for uttering a disparaging word about their site. Mea culpa (gulp). I didn’t realize I was an important, hotsy totsy media person but I guess I am (put THAT in your pipe and smoke it). SO…without further ado…here are some pics of MM Garden Party. Bladow!!

All that being said, unless I’m again missing something (entirely possible, yes)…the MM site is still not a great situation for bloggers like me. Defined as: In a hurry, and not terribly photo-resizing savvy. First, I had to quite hunt around to find the Garden Party stuff because I didn’t know which show it had been released from. Second, the initial small image is too small (what you see above), but if you click on it, it’s way too large for a blog. Yeah, maybe I’m not as “media” as I thought. Thirdly, it was too time consuming to navigate…I mean, I have 2 paying jobs and a family…I gotta get in, BLOG, get out, ya know? I prefer to poach from the front page of a manufacturer’s blog or after a quick search from their home page. And I always try to link right from the manufacturer, btw, as opposed to an online store or another blog (if I can, and there’s not some other reason I’m referring you to a non-manufacturer). So there, my usual frightfully truthful review of something scrappy. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog post.

None of it ended up in my cart, although it’s very cute and summer-y. My scrap budget has gotten a bit tighter lately with these crazy gas prices and such. It cost $55 to fill up my Honda Accord yesterday! I almost dropped my ever-lovin’ ATM card when I saw that stupid receipt come out. This car used to cost about $20-25 to fill. Mama mia! Doesn’t OPEC know they’re affecting my scrapbook shopping?!? ‘Cuz they don’t wanna’ mess with the Scrapbook Obsessed…

“Scrapbook Obsession” Miniature Store

You are not going to believe THIS! On the Jordan Paper Arts site, a miniaturist named Gale Evans made a teeny tiny scrapbook store. She calls it her Scrapbook Obsession store so, of course, I had to tell you about it here. There are several close up photos on the link, and here is a picture of the entire store.

Thank you to ScrappinNotNappin from the AMR message board for posting THIS thread and showing me this wonderful little store!

Cosmo Cricket: Hello Sunshine

I have a new scrapbooking line on my wish list. It’s called Hello Sunshine by Cosmo Cricket and I found it on my friend STACEY’s store website, where she is taking PRE-ORDERS on it.

Okay, are you ready for this?? Here is a peek:

My Fave:

I found the entire line on Cosmo Cricket’s BLOG, in this ENTRY. That’s also where I got these awesome pages made with CC Hello Sunshine.

I assume they were designed by blog author, Julie???

Honestly, I don’t know what’s more fun, the scrapbook products or those stinkin’ cute kids!

JULIE tells a great story HERE about the inspiration for Hello Sunshine, and about her creative process. Not being artistic myself, I’m fascinated by the process artistic and creative people go through. That’s one reason I love Christine Middlecamp’s BLOG, because she shares that kind of detail and I consider her a true artist. She finds inspiration in magazines, fabric, everywhere. Ah, to have such an artistic eye…

Well, do you like this new release from Cosmo Cricket? For me, it’s the happy colors and how versatile it’ll be for summer. What do you think?

Sketches for 4×6 Photos

Via a POST on 2peas, I found this wonderful PLACE called “4×6 Photo Sketch Blog.” The blog writer, Amy Alvis, wrote a 2peas post showing people how to convert the sketches in Becky Fleck’s PAGE MAPS BOOK to accomodate 4×6 photos. Apparently, some scrappers have stated they’re passing on the book because she doesn’t include enough sketches using 4×6 photos.

Okay, as a side note, I’ll say that I passed on the book when I saw it in the store the other day AND had my hot little 40% coupon in my hand…because as I flipped through, I didn’t see enough MULTI-photo pages. I gotta’ tell ya, I’m tired of all the 1-photo and 2-photo “page ideas.” I’m sorry, but MOST of (yes, I’m generalizing here, not saying it’s true for the entire world) the scrappers in Scrapper World don’t scrap that way. MOST of us like to scrap the majority of our pics and not leave them sitting in boxes. I mean, c’mon, now we’ve even got digital, and digital SLR’s for gosh sake. Can you say, “Dear Lord, I just took 4,200 pictures at my daughter’s soccer game?” {While wine tasting last weekend – oh yes, dahling, I lurvvvve to wine taste – my digital-SLR scrapper friend confessed that she has 58,000 photos on her computer…and she’s only had that camera for 2 years}. So, you can’t tell me that MOST of us are really scrapping 1 or 2 photos at a time. I mean, don’t even TRY because I just won’t stinkin’ believe you, okay? There might be a skewed vision of how we all scrap, because MOST designer’s pages contain 1 or 2 photos…but they are scrapping because they are showcasing their artistry or they are showcasing “product.” Which is fine and dandy because I’m the first to say, “Show me some product!” However…oh, crap, I should’ve just done a whole separate post about single-photo vs. multi-photo scrapping, shouldn’t I of?? {<- hee, luv my bad grammar, dontcha?}

But back to my point, I didn’t buy the Page Maps book because I wanted to see more multi-photo layouts, and many must be passing because they want to see 4×6 photo layouts. And now I’m back to the real point of this post…check out Amy’s sketch blog, K? It’s a very, very, supremely wicked blog. She just started it but I hope to send her some traffic and encourage her to keep posting those great sketches. For instance, check out this coolio sketch and the layout that goes with it:


See, she got all those photos on there, some great journaling, and she rocked those embellishments. You CAN have it all…

Coffee and Scrapbooking…

…They just seem to go together, don’t they? Like tonight, I knew I’d be up late scrapping, so I grabbed my triple latte from Starbucks on the way home from work. It’s not just the way the caffeine buzz allows me to keep my eyes open longer, but it increases my focus and concentration. Like I’m less likely to paper pierce my finger, or drop 20 teeny tiny eyelets on the floor. I also find it comforting to have a hot cuppa Joe on my scrap table next to me. I even keep a coaster right next to my oft-used tools so I can easily grab it for scrap sustenance. I don’t know about you, but when Mr. Mojo is visiting and I’m immersed in a wicked cool project, the last thing I want to do is stop and eat. So that yummy brown liquid keeps my tummy satisfied so I don’t have to bother with eating.

Just to show more of the relationship between coffee and scrapbooking, here are some things I’ve found online:

From Cathy Z’s BLOG; read this particular entry HERE:

THIS entry from MRS. MOGUL actually has very little to do with coffee and scrapbooking but hey, a fun read nonetheless. And the picture is cute…

It’s a good thing a place like THIS doesn’t exist in my town, or my kids would go without food and my DH would go without…um, yeah, I’d be gone from home a lot, is what I’m sayin.’

Curiously, their website only had pictures of the coffee shop part of the store, not the scrapbooking part, but I was fine with that, really. And I love their tagline: “Coffee and creativity like you’ve never experienced before.” While you’re over at Scraps Coffee Shop dreaming about the smell of espresso beans while you crop, check out their BLOG…there are some cool layouts within.

My girl Tasra over at REAL WOMEN SCRAP gets the connection too. Lookie HERE.

This HUH-larious blog, SCRAPBOOK WIDOWER, is all about a scrapbook wife/coffee obsessed hubby team. In fact, it’s a good blog to read each morning while you drink your coffee.

Two of my favorite scrappers, NOEL and JOSCIE, live in coffee towns and routinely RAK coffee to their scrapper friends. See HERE where Joscie RAK’d some coffee goodness to CRISPEA? Wowzers, I need to start drinking that coffee!

My uncle happens to live in the same place as Noel, and he sends me a bag of CAMANO ISLAND COFFEE for Christmas each year. I keep the beans in the refrigerator, grinding only a bit at a time, so I can make the bag last all year. The rest of the time, I’m keepin’ STARBUCKS in bidness. Here’s a wonderful layout Noel did about her Camano addiction, and a cute cartoonie to go with.

And I will wrap up my coffee/scrapbook correlation post with THIS entry from Stacey’s BLOG, featuring this amazing coffee scrapbook by ANNE MARIE. I saw this mini-book when she first posted it months ago, and it still sticks in my mind. I love how Anne Marie highlighted the connections with her family and coffee. The journaling is really worth a read. Here’s the LINK to each separate page, and here’s a photo of my favorite page:

Here’s a toast to coffee and scrapbooking!

Michael’s Coupon

Here’s the LINK to the latest coupon. It’s good for 25% off your entire regular priced purchase, and works through 5/31/08. It excludes Cricut products but allows Martha Stewart. They’ve been putting out a lot of new stuff in the Designer Scrapbooking section, or why not spend it on this cool new idea book? Enjoy!

Wonderful Scrapbook Rooms

The girls on AMR have been posting links to some great eye candy lately…awesome scrapbook studios that we can all drool over and be inspired by. I also love to look at them for storage and decorating ideas. Here’s a list of some we’ve looked at recently:

WYSCRAPPER/DEBBIE picked JENNY F’s ROOM and a here’s a Sneak Peek…

CHRISPEA/CHRIS led us to GEMM’s ROOM and here’s a peek…

KELLIANNIE/KELLI has been especially good at finding these cool rooms. She showed us THIS one posted by “christmasnotebook” (?) on Flickr with all those white cabinets. This is my kinda dream room, with all that closed storage so it looks neat all the time and you can do cool things like decorate for Christmas!

Kelli also shared Masonpaige’s room HERE; get a peek below of all the pink and green goodness:

They got me going, so I went and found these on 2PEAS (just Search All Forums for Scrapbook Rooms and you’ll find plenty). THIS ONE belongs to scrappindiva55 and lookie here at one pic:

And I love THIS ROOM belonging to peainthepod – just one view below…

News from Top Line Creations (TLC)

These days, if you click on the TLC WEBSITE, this is the message ya get:

(Quoted directly from the TLC website; just saving you from linking over there..)

“The management and staff of Top Line Creations (“TLC”) wish to thank Consultants worldwide for their support and association during the last four years. It has been determined that inasmuch as (1) TLC has always been a multi-level, direct sales organization; (2) the name TLC and Top Line Creations, LC are associated with the same; and (3) the multi-level, direct sales structure has proven to be unsuccessful in marketing the TLC product line, TLC is no longer a viable enterprise and will be dissolved effective immediately.

Fayette Terlouw and Annette Ward (the “Ettes”) previously employed by TLC, will continue to share their talents as designers for a new organization — Breezy Design, LC (“Breezy”).

Breezy has negotiated with TLC’s secured creditors to acquire all TLC inventory, outstanding orders, equipment, copyrights, etc. Breezy will process and ship all outstanding TLC orders, and will honor the current subscriptions and referral group memberships previously established by TLC. Breezy assumes no liability for any unused TLC Credits or unused TLC Event Vouchers. Breezy will, however, honor all unused Member’s Choice and/or Consultant Choice Coupons.

Breezy welcomes all TLC Members and TLC customers to join them in this new enterprise.

I’m not really familiar with the TLC situation, except that they were a multi-level seller of scrapbook supplies, with many consultants who are now pretty disappointed and, if I were them, angry? I don’t know how much warning they got about all of this, although I have heard people referencing it online for some time. Maybe a TLC-er can leave a Comment here and educate us all (PLEEZ!).

I guess it’s good that they have somewhere to transfer their business energies to (aka Breezy Design), assuming these two ladies, “The Ettes,” are people they feel confident in dealing with. I’m not making any judgments here, as again, I know NOTHING of this company of the situation. I just came across the TLC website and thought I’d pass along this industry news. I also take personal interest because I’m a consultant for a scrapbook company, Memory Works, which is NOT multi-level and I think that’s one of the reasons MW is so successful. I’m sure the bad economy is hurting Memory Works somewhat right now, but I don’t see any signs of them failing. To the contrary, they seem to be gearing things up slowly (which is wise) and I’ve heard they/we are taking on many former TLC consultants. Memory Works is very different than TLC but I hope, in spite of (or because of) that, they have wild success!

Now, you computer types, I need your help. When you click on, on the bottom right of the home page is a free Desktop Layout download. Please walk this computer dork through saving that to my Mac desktop and putting photos in it.

Making Memories: New Noteworthy Goods

Here ya’ go, JOSCIE….

Loving the NEW Noteworthy by Making Memories. Their site won’t let me copy the images, so HERE is the link. It’s better to look at it there anyway…just open each topic (like Paper, Glitter Die-cuts, etc) then hold your cursor over each item to see a larger picture of it. I’m loving the die cut and ledger style papers…just don’t seem to be able to get enough of those. Must have the journaling book…

and this is my total fave:


While you’re there, check out the new Passport line HERE.

Change to My Blog

Lately I’ve had several readers point out to me that they weren’t able to read my blog because the bar along the right hand side was blocking some of the text. In some cases, it was blocking the photos too. Well, we can’t have that! I tried every single format offered by WordPress and this is the only one that seemed to solve the problem.

I like that it makes the blog entries the center of attention, and kind of minimizes everything along the right. But I hope that doesn’t make it too small for anyone to read. Then again, I’m on a laptop so all you PC’ers are probably fine, right? I’m not crazy about the black bar under the title and the way it crams all the categories in there, but whatever. I didn’t like the black-n-white color scheme at first, thought it was too Plain Jane. But it’s growing on me and I feel better about it since some of the AMR girls said they like it.

Do you like the new format? Leave me any “goods” or “bads” in Comments please. Peace out…

Overwhelmed by Scrap-Related Projects…In a Good Way

I may have bitten off more than I can chew…but, oh, is it delicious! I have so many scrap ‘thangs’ going on right now and there never seems to be enuf time to do them (ummmm, Erika, you could, like, get off the computer….). So! I have 2 sets of ATC CARDS to make for swaps over at the AMR MESSAGE BOARD. The first one is hostessed by MARTHA and it’s called Your Favorite Verse. So I’m making 14 ATC’s with my favorite Bible verse to exchange with the other ladies. I signed up for this some time ago, and I can’t tell you how many verses I’ve seen or thought of and gone, “Oh! That would be perfect for my ATCs!” and then I find another one I like too and another and another (have you noticed the Bible is FULL of good stuff?!). The deadline is 5/23/08 so I need to decide on a verse…and actually MAKE them, LOL! I think I have it down to 2 verses, one which is actually my favorite but I can’t think of a visual to go with it, kwim? Whereas the other one has the words “apple of my eye” in it, so I could clearly have a theme or a visual. What should I do?

The second ATC swap is hostessed by Jingle (she also ran the first/only other ATC swap I’ve ever done; I talked about it HERE and HERE). It’s called Drink It Up! and you “Choose your favorite soda, smoothie, coffee, tea, or cocktail and create your ATC’s all about it!” It won’t be any surprise to my AMR girlz that my Drink It Up ATC will somehow include StarCrack…er, um…I mean, STARBUCKS. I’m positively addicted to a certain fine drink at that establishment. You’d think with the price of gas and the fact that I”m about to be laid off my job, I would be able to quit those things but nah. Still hooked like a sad, sad junkie.

THEN…I have a new Scrap Pal on AMR who I’ve been getting to know through PM’s. Her name is Gay aka “Gaybow” and she’s a total sweetheart. We have a lot in common – Christian, trying to lose weight (well, I’m TRYING, she actually IS…), and we’re both scrappers who’re addicted to AMR. Part of being a Scrap Pal is sending each other little gifties on our birthdays, Easter, Christmas, and just whenever we see something that we know they’d like. We live on opposite ends of this fine country…you gotta love the internet. This is going to be fun!

Fourthly (yep, uh-huh, I was an English major and “fourthly” is an actual word). (Okay, just kidding, I made it up on the spot). FOURTHLY, I’m involved with a little sneaky surprise that we have going on at AMR to help out one of the message boarders. It’s a big secret, so keep yer trap shut about it! Got it?? Good. Now quit asking me! That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

(Is it just me, or is there a trend here??? AMR seems to be the culprit).

Herm…..let me think….anything else I’ve gotten myself involved in??? Oh yeah, I’m planning another crop for early June and I haven’t even fully unpacked from the May one yet. I have 2 cards to make and some scrappy things to mail out; as always, I’ll look to KELLIEANNIE for card inspiration. The girl has talent, and even her own CARD GROUPIES. Here are some recent samples of her work (I stole these images from Kelli’s blog, but they are watermarked so it’s okay).


The biggest thang I have going is a scrapbook-related business venture (in addition to the 2 I already have) that I’m about 90% ready to unleash on the world. There have been many late nights working on that one. I’ll post about it here when it happens. My fellow Scrapbook Obsessed peeps are always the first to know!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, or just super busy, with all the scrap projects you have going on? Would love to hear that I’m not alone…

Autumn Leaves Stamps: Double Dates

Why oh why must they tempt me so? I’m such a sucker for Autumn Leaves acrylic stamps. These are next on my list:

I love how you can use the top stamps to date your event, by circling the date and you can use the blank box for the year stamp or just write something cute in there. For the bottom ones, the possibilities are endless. You like?

Basic Grey “Euphoria”

The whole Girly Girl look isn’t my main style; however, I can’t help but love this new release from Basic Grey. It’s called Euphoric and, like Kelly Goree says on her blog, this paper was MADE for this little swimsuit!


Isn’t that paper pretty? I love the colors, so fresh and Spring-y. Please check out Kelly’s BLOG and the Basic Grey SITE for a lot more info about Euphoria, along with some other new BG products on the way. According to Kelli, your stores can start placing orders 5/12 and it will ship in June. This is one I’ll be on the lookout for! One great source I know all you “BG and Bazzill” girls like me depend on is EMBELLISH IT! and they are taking pre-orders. You can also see each of the individual papers on their site so click on over there.

Here are pics of my favorite items, but there are many more to see on Kelli’s blog or at Embellish It!:

Basic Grey Euphoria Collection Pack (retail $19.99)

Basic Grey Euphoria Olio Rub On Book (retail $7)

{So, so, so, SO glad they got some new floral images…was going to puke if I saw that stupid bizarro flower again…)

Basic Grey Euphoria Chip Sticker ABC (retail $6.99)

Sorry, I’m not diggin these colored rub-ons with the white background (below). Maybe if I saw them on a page, but for now, a “thumbs down” on those…

Basic Grey Euphoria Effloresce Rub Ons (2-tone Magenta/White and Green/White) (retail $3.50)

Here’s another beautiful page made with this new line by Basic Grey:


Scrapper’s are talking about Euphoria HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. What do you think…are you Euphoric for this new line??

“Stealing” Your Online Photos

Do you or your friends/family post photos or scrapbook pages online? On Flickr, on your blog(s), on message boards, anywhere? Than you could be affected by this issue, where anyone can poach your images and use them in advertising, etc WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE OR CONSENT. Not to mention, they won’t pay you for the privilege.

To find out the dirty details, read the 5/9/08 post on Claudine Hellmuth’s BLOG. Others are blogging about it too: TIM HOLTZ, KELLIANNIE and SCRAPPIN{JEWLZ}, It’s a topic for the message boards at CKMB and AMR (which is where I first heard about this; thanks Dee!). And the PPA (Professional Photographers Association) is getting involved (just Google PPA orphan act and you’ll get hits on several articles, etc).

Okay, this is a Soapbox Issue for me. THIS is why I don’t post personal photos online. I’ve been asked many times why I don’t post my own layouts or other work on my blog. Mainly the reason is that “it’s not about me,” it’s about scrapbooking. But also, it’s about not having my privacy invaded by no-good, blood-sucking, dirty lowlifes as those who will CONTINUE to steal images (it’s already happening now, these laws will just make it legal). Do you know what’s been going on with Flickr and their sister site, Orkut? Faceless online perverts have been “stealing” images of children and using them to advertise their sicko child porn websites, and God knows what else they do with photos of children in the privacy of their homes. Why anyone would try to make this kind of thing legal is WAY beyond me. I’m just baffled. Baffled, but not speechless, as you can see. Shouldn’t lawmakers be working on a bill to PROTECT the average person and their personal photography??

I hope you also feel strongly enough about this issue to at least read the story on Claudine’s blog, click on the link she so nicely provides, and write your governmental representatives. It’s just a quick form, all the verbage has been done for you. PLEASE make your voice heard. And if you have a blog or belong to message boards, you must spread the word. This affects too many of us scrapbookers and, if our numbers band together, we CAN make an impact. {Climbing down off soapbox}….

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