These days, if you click on the TLC WEBSITE, this is the message ya get:

(Quoted directly from the TLC website; just saving you from linking over there..)

“The management and staff of Top Line Creations (“TLC”) wish to thank Consultants worldwide for their support and association during the last four years. It has been determined that inasmuch as (1) TLC has always been a multi-level, direct sales organization; (2) the name TLC and Top Line Creations, LC are associated with the same; and (3) the multi-level, direct sales structure has proven to be unsuccessful in marketing the TLC product line, TLC is no longer a viable enterprise and will be dissolved effective immediately.

Fayette Terlouw and Annette Ward (the “Ettes”) previously employed by TLC, will continue to share their talents as designers for a new organization — Breezy Design, LC (“Breezy”).

Breezy has negotiated with TLC’s secured creditors to acquire all TLC inventory, outstanding orders, equipment, copyrights, etc. Breezy will process and ship all outstanding TLC orders, and will honor the current subscriptions and referral group memberships previously established by TLC. Breezy assumes no liability for any unused TLC Credits or unused TLC Event Vouchers. Breezy will, however, honor all unused Member’s Choice and/or Consultant Choice Coupons.

Breezy welcomes all TLC Members and TLC customers to join them in this new enterprise.

I’m not really familiar with the TLC situation, except that they were a multi-level seller of scrapbook supplies, with many consultants who are now pretty disappointed and, if I were them, angry? I don’t know how much warning they got about all of this, although I have heard people referencing it online for some time. Maybe a TLC-er can leave a Comment here and educate us all (PLEEZ!).

I guess it’s good that they have somewhere to transfer their business energies to (aka Breezy Design), assuming these two ladies, “The Ettes,” are people they feel confident in dealing with. I’m not making any judgments here, as again, I know NOTHING of this company of the situation. I just came across the TLC website and thought I’d pass along this industry news. I also take personal interest because I’m a consultant for a scrapbook company, Memory Works, which is NOT multi-level and I think that’s one of the reasons MW is so successful. I’m sure the bad economy is hurting Memory Works somewhat right now, but I don’t see any signs of them failing. To the contrary, they seem to be gearing things up slowly (which is wise) and I’ve heard they/we are taking on many former TLC consultants. Memory Works is very different than TLC but I hope, in spite of (or because of) that, they have wild success!

Now, you computer types, I need your help. When you click on, on the bottom right of the home page is a free Desktop Layout download. Please walk this computer dork through saving that to my Mac desktop and putting photos in it.

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    Stacy (CyCy AMR) says:

    Interesting. I hadn’t heard of that company.

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    Hi there-

    I used to be a Consultant with TLC, now I’m a Buyer’s Club member with Breezy Design. Top Line Creations changed from an MLM to a Buyer’s Club with no warning to it’s Consultants on April 4th. Then last week (May 15th) they changed the company name, supposedly with new ownership to Breezy Design. Again, with no prior notice to it’s members.

    The Designers are very enthusiastic about this new direction, retail prices have been lowered on all products (as there is little overhead), and plans are moving forward for the new product launch in June. The “business-side” of things is quite undefined, but there is revenue sharing plan, plus referral bonuses and 25-40% discounts for Buyer’s Club members.

    Obviously, the sudden changes over the last couple of months have left many very bitter, and angry. Others who were not effected as much see this as a positive change, and new beginning as Breezy Design. I’m leaving my own personal judgement out of this, as we were all effected differently.

    Hope this sheds some light. ;)

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    EXtlcER says:

    I was the first consultant of TLC in Canada. Had a downline of over 600 people. They conveniently found a way to terminate my position with the company, I had no warning, nothing, just one day received an email saying I had been terminated…….. Looks like I had the last laugh. I am glad they went out of business…. they never did know how to treat the people who worked hard for them right. No great loss to the scrapbooking community.

    On a positive notes…………… ‘The Ette’s are a fabulous design team and a fabulous couple of ladies’ I wish them all the well!

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    Rosemary says:

    I was a TLC consultant years ago…I still have materials from my business I never sold or used..I am now selling cards I I able to use
    TLC products on my creations and sell

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    disgruntled says:

    With the exception of a few, most of the same people running breezy were in controll at TLC, and their communication is just as bad, so is their ethics. The same woman from TLC who personally told me that she ‘doesn’t enter communications with consultants cause its a waste of time and doesn’t get you anywhere’ is still in charge of breezy.

    “The etts” are not with breezy anymore- not that i blame them.

    Dont be tricked, breezy is only after what money you can earn them, they dont do anything to actually help their “affiliates”, they dont bother to warn you of changes, or when your account is due for termination- they just let it run out, erase your account balance/gift certificates ( most of us know that as STEALING) then expect you to pay them again for membership.

    Do yourself a favour- stay clear of Breezy. As far as i know the etts are still the good guys so keep supporting them :)

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      It’s too bad disgruntled twists the truth about Breezy (most of us know that as LYING). The President of Breezy is a man, not a woman. Breezy Design is not owned by the same individuals as those who owned TLC. In fact, the only relationship between Breezy and TLC is that Breezy purchased TLC’s assets from TLC’s secured creditors.

      As for communication about termination, disgruntled failed to mention that Breezy Design offered disenfranchised TLC Consultants with FREE one-year Breezy Design memberships (at a cost of over $500,000 to Breezy). Disgruntled states that Breezy doesn’t send out e-mails — wrong, over 22,000 e-mails were sent announcing the end of the FREE one-year membership. Account balances were temporarily suspended, but were completely restored the next day (after Breezy Design’s legal team caught the error). As for paying for a membership, Breezy is a Buyer’s Club and for $25 a year, you receive a minimum of 25% off all products. Boo hoo for disgruntled. Breezy Design tries to stay clear of people like her. Life is too short to deal with vitriolic, nasty, unhappy people.

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        can't believe it says:

        Oh my, you can certainly tell that Jason works for Breezy… I hope he manages to keep his job unlike many of their former consultants…. Best of luck to you, Jason.

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