Via a POST on 2peas, I found this wonderful PLACE called “4×6 Photo Sketch Blog.” The blog writer, Amy Alvis, wrote a 2peas post showing people how to convert the sketches in Becky Fleck’s PAGE MAPS BOOK to accomodate 4×6 photos. Apparently, some scrappers have stated they’re passing on the book because she doesn’t include enough sketches using 4×6 photos.

Okay, as a side note, I’ll say that I passed on the book when I saw it in the store the other day AND had my hot little 40% coupon in my hand…because as I flipped through, I didn’t see enough MULTI-photo pages. I gotta’ tell ya, I’m tired of all the 1-photo and 2-photo “page ideas.” I’m sorry, but MOST of (yes, I’m generalizing here, not saying it’s true for the entire world) the scrappers in Scrapper World don’t scrap that way. MOST of us like to scrap the majority of our pics and not leave them sitting in boxes. I mean, c’mon, now we’ve even got digital, and digital SLR’s for gosh sake. Can you say, “Dear Lord, I just took 4,200 pictures at my daughter’s soccer game?” {While wine tasting last weekend – oh yes, dahling, I lurvvvve to wine taste – my digital-SLR scrapper friend confessed that she has 58,000 photos on her computer…and she’s only had that camera for 2 years}. So, you can’t tell me that MOST of us are really scrapping 1 or 2 photos at a time. I mean, don’t even TRY because I just won’t stinkin’ believe you, okay? There might be a skewed vision of how we all scrap, because MOST designer’s pages contain 1 or 2 photos…but they are scrapping because they are showcasing their artistry or they are showcasing “product.” Which is fine and dandy because I’m the first to say, “Show me some product!” However…oh, crap, I should’ve just done a whole separate post about single-photo vs. multi-photo scrapping, shouldn’t I of?? {<- hee, luv my bad grammar, dontcha?}

But back to my point, I didn’t buy the Page Maps book because I wanted to see more multi-photo layouts, and many must be passing because they want to see 4×6 photo layouts. And now I’m back to the real point of this post…check out Amy’s sketch blog, K? It’s a very, very, supremely wicked blog. She just started it but I hope to send her some traffic and encourage her to keep posting those great sketches. For instance, check out this coolio sketch and the layout that goes with it:


See, she got all those photos on there, some great journaling, and she rocked those embellishments. You CAN have it all…

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    Jenn A. says:

    Sometimes I do one or two pic-ers, but usually it’s all the ones I can fit on the page, LOL! Thanks for making a good point about that. I love reading your posts because of all that great grammar. ;) Jenn_A_scraps

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    Great info as usual.

    Hey, Journey is on Ellen tomorrow….watch it, tape it, do something, but don’t miss it!

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    Thanks Eileen for the Journey tip. I’m on the fan club list, so I got an e-mail about it last week. The tivo is set!! Ya know I’ll want to watch and re-watch…

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    I couldn’t agree more. If I scrapped all my pages with one picture, I’d need 1,257 albums to put them in! I like to put multiple pictures on a page, plus it tells more of a story, don’t ya think???

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    Niiiiiice. I saw this post last week but I had to come back and comment. I ran down to the “main” computer and did the properties – 10,827 photos on the hard drive since my DS #1 was born 3.5 years ago. Oh my…I had *no* idea. Perhaps it’s time to get a few more pages done before I get another 10K behind?

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    Brandi says:

    All I have to say is AMEN! I’m a scrapper and I try every way in the world to squeeze in the most pictures and still have a great page. I completely agree about the 1 & 2 picture pages. Waste of space if you ask me. I want to get as many pictures in an album as possible instead of in a box!

    Love your website. I stumbled upon it the other week and I’m enjoying it greatly!


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    lilaccitydesigns says:

    I think the one and two photo layouts are best suited for the folk who only need to snap that many shots because they are perfect everytime. {insert sarcastic eyeroll here please} I however have invest a some sort of protective armor for my shutter finger, my pictures only turn out stellar after second set of a hundred…

    I for one passed on the page maps book because there’s no need to buy the cow….snicker snicker…

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    TNFarmGirl says:

    I am having so much trouble finding layout ideas for multiple 4 x 6 photos. I wish there were more pages out there like this. I just know how people scrap their children in one or two photos.

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