HERE is the latest Mike’s coupon, good for 40% off any item (except Cricut) through June 28, 2008.

And speaking of Michaels, I wandered through there the other day and took some photos with my iPhone. Come on a tour with me, won’t you?

Ladies, it is a momentous day in scrapbooking history. My Mike’s got their first ever sets of acrylic stamps. Well, I mean large sets, not just the little dollar sets. These are pretty rockin’. I’ve heard others talking about them on CKMB and such but never thought I’d see them in my lifetime, but there they were. And $4.99 seems like a good price…

These are on my list…oh, the journaling possibilities!

And these too…wouldn’t they be fun to stamp in any different color, and then use Stickles in the dots??

One of my favorite words ever is in this pack…can you guess what it is?

These epoxy alphas with some bling were new; they come in black or silver. There were other sets that were patterned and brighter colors too. I’d never seen this brand at Mike’s before…wow, they’re living dangerously over there, aren’t they?

Next was a row and a half of new bling. Oh, what to choose, what to choose??

The border punches are multiplying but, nope, not a one of the ever popular FISKARS THREADING WATER PUNCH.

All kindza new Prima flower goodness…

I saw this bottle and immediately thought….”beach layouts”. The colors are so soft and ocean-y. I’ll be back with a coupon for these, oh yeah.

Still not a big Martha Stewart fan, but I thought these gift tags would make cool journaling spots.

My Mike’s still had plenty of Skittles, and on Clearance no less! They were in two different sections of the store so if you’re looking for some in your Mike’s, you might need to make the rounds of the entire store.

I went looking for “uh” foam sheet or three {cuz I’ve heard several places lately ~ including HERE ~ it makes your stamping sharper if you put some under your work}. but didn’t want to shell out 8 bucks when I only needed a few. Hmmmm…maybe I could sell them on E-Bay for a dollar a sheet, LOL. Nah….

Well, about the time I took my second photo of Skittles, store employees started giving me the stink eye. Did they think I was some kind of Skittle Spy? I dunno but the iPhone went back in my purse. I checked the mags and the dollar bins, with nothing new. You probably won’t believe me but I left the store empty-handed. Yes, I really really did! Um, no cash, no coupon, no want hubby to see another Mike’s charge on the debit card. Like any good member of the Scrapbook Obsessed, I took photos and made mental notes, all in preparation for future trips to Michaels.

Our tour is now over. You may return your seats to the upright position and please exit to the left over the wing. Thank you for flying Scrapbook Obsession…

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    Leea says:

    OMG, I am so jealous, Never seen that many flowers in one store…can you tell my Mikes stinks…and the skittles and the stamps…torture I swear….But thanks for sharing what I missing

  2. avatar

    I life in Brazil and we dont have MICHAELS here. Im having an heart attack of seeing all your picturessss…..

    All those alphabets… and flowers… OMG!!!!

  3. avatar

    YAH!! thanks for the eye candy window shopping..:) That was fun!! I know I am sooooo behind here but what are skittles?? PLEASE tell me so I dont feel dumb! LOL

  4. avatar

    Thanks for tour :) and the link for the coupon. I tried to find it just before I checked out your blog, no kidding.

  5. avatar

    Awesome tour!!! Looks like I need to bookmark this page so I use it as a reference.


  6. avatar

    oooooh I’m loving the subterfuge, the intrigue, lol!!! My Mike’s literally sucks. and never has acrylic stamps. boo hoo. :( If I want to spend the gas $ though, there is a better one about 5 miles away…:)

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    If you are still looking for foam sheets, “Wally world” has them for about 50ยข each. HL also has them.

    As for Mike’s … I was there last week & ours didn’t have clear stamps yet {sad face}

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    Kathleen says:

    I was hoping someone here could tell my how to die these little acryclic accents that are affectionately called “skittles” or “dew drops.” I recently scored a big bag (check Garden Ridge if you have them in your area – in the wedding section).

    I’m somewhat familiar with alcohol dye. I used it recently to color some acrylic “ghost shapes.” In that case, I put the ink on a felt pad and slightly diluted it before “stamping” the shape. Not sure how well that technique would work with the dew drops. I’m kinda thinking they need to go in a plastic bag with a few drops of ink (and maybe a few drops of alcohol) and then get shook up, but I’m not sure how many drops of anything to use… or to use them at all! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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