…They just seem to go together, don’t they? Like tonight, I knew I’d be up late scrapping, so I grabbed my triple latte from Starbucks on the way home from work. It’s not just the way the caffeine buzz allows me to keep my eyes open longer, but it increases my focus and concentration. Like I’m less likely to paper pierce my finger, or drop 20 teeny tiny eyelets on the floor. I also find it comforting to have a hot cuppa Joe on my scrap table next to me. I even keep a coaster right next to my oft-used tools so I can easily grab it for scrap sustenance. I don’t know about you, but when Mr. Mojo is visiting and I’m immersed in a wicked cool project, the last thing I want to do is stop and eat. So that yummy brown liquid keeps my tummy satisfied so I don’t have to bother with eating.

Just to show more of the relationship between coffee and scrapbooking, here are some things I’ve found online:

From Cathy Z’s BLOG; read this particular entry HERE:

THIS entry from MRS. MOGUL actually has very little to do with coffee and scrapbooking but hey, a fun read nonetheless. And the picture is cute…

It’s a good thing a place like THIS doesn’t exist in my town, or my kids would go without food and my DH would go without…um, yeah, I’d be gone from home a lot, is what I’m sayin.’

Curiously, their website only had pictures of the coffee shop part of the store, not the scrapbooking part, but I was fine with that, really. And I love their tagline: “Coffee and creativity like you’ve never experienced before.” While you’re over at Scraps Coffee Shop dreaming about the smell of espresso beans while you crop, check out their BLOG…there are some cool layouts within.

My girl Tasra over at REAL WOMEN SCRAP gets the connection too. Lookie HERE.

This HUH-larious blog, SCRAPBOOK WIDOWER, is all about a scrapbook wife/coffee obsessed hubby team. In fact, it’s a good blog to read each morning while you drink your coffee.

Two of my favorite scrappers, NOEL and JOSCIE, live in coffee towns and routinely RAK coffee to their scrapper friends. See HERE where Joscie RAK’d some coffee goodness to CRISPEA? Wowzers, I need to start drinking that coffee!

My uncle happens to live in the same place as Noel, and he sends me a bag of CAMANO ISLAND COFFEE for Christmas each year. I keep the beans in the refrigerator, grinding only a bit at a time, so I can make the bag last all year. The rest of the time, I’m keepin’ STARBUCKS in bidness. Here’s a wonderful layout Noel did about her Camano addiction, and a cute cartoonie to go with.

And I will wrap up my coffee/scrapbook correlation post with THIS entry from Stacey’s BLOG, featuring this amazing coffee scrapbook by ANNE MARIE. I saw this mini-book when she first posted it months ago, and it still sticks in my mind. I love how Anne Marie highlighted the connections with her family and coffee. The journaling is really worth a read. Here’s the LINK to each separate page, and here’s a photo of my favorite page:

Here’s a toast to coffee and scrapbooking!

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    Stacy (CyCy AMR) says:

    I’m off to make me a pot of coffee now :)

  2. avatar

    thanks for all the fun links, I think I am going to have to go on a road trip to Kansas now!!!

  3. avatar

    Thanks for all the fun links – I enjoyed them all! Being a coffee addict myself, it was so fun to read!

    Hot, black, preferably dark roasted…

  4. avatar

    Oh my gosh, I totally couldn’t function without coffee. I knew I wanted to scrap tonight, so I went and bought a 4-pack of Starbucks Double Shots, lol!! :)

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    YAY! You are so funny Girl! thanks for linking me, and my caffeine laden raks! :) and now although I have finished my pot for the day, I am considering making just a little bit more. hee hee :)

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    I drop eyelets on the floor all the time. And never just one or two…more like 20 at a time. Glad it’s not just me :)

    Great post….who doesn’t love some coffee to get thsoe creative juices flowing :)

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    OMG, too funny. Thanks for linkin’ me up, too. Yep, love me some goood coffee!!

  8. avatar

    Hillarious post! I LOVE coffee, too, well good coffee that is. Hmmm…. I didn’t realize Noel and Joscie lived in coffee towns. Hint Hint Noel and Joscie…did I mention that I LOVE coffee?

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