If you didn’t get the ad in your paper, HERE‘s the link to the latest Mike’s coupon. Heck, even if you did get the ad, why not print off a couple extra? You can’t beat 50% off! The fine print says one coupon per customer per day (shucks!) and that it excludes all Cricut products. Sounds like you’re in the clear to use it on those Martha Stewart PUNCHES you’ve been wanting.

Thank you to NICOLE from the AMR MESSAGE BOARD for sharing the link. I didn’t get my usual e-mail this time from Michaels. Maybe they heard I was sharing the coupon with my peeps and blacklisted me, LOL. I used (one of) my 50% coupons yesterday and will blog about it later. Happy shopping! Let us know what YOU use it on…

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    Oh no!! Does this mean that I am going to get blacklisted for sharing??

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    Thats really cool! TFS! MAN I wished I lived close to one! Think of the damage I could do! ekkk ROFL!

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    It’s very cool of you to share this yummy coupon with everyone! :)

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    Thanks for the tip and …..HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY to you!

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    THANKS….used mine yesterday and at the checkout, the bottom of the receipt has a coupon for 20% off the WHOLE purchase (not just 1 item), good next week. They sure know how to get folks in the buying mood. I’m on a China-ban for this whole month, though, so I was checking and 90% of the stuff in Michael’s is from CHINA…yep, all the Martha Stewart stuff (even was on clearance, I wanted to, but didn’t…), ended up with Crayola paints for the girls and blank card/envelope sets by Halcraft, oh, and paper from the Paper Co. – all made in the good ol’ USA!!!

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