The girls on AMR have been posting links to some great eye candy lately…awesome scrapbook studios that we can all drool over and be inspired by. I also love to look at them for storage and decorating ideas. Here’s a list of some we’ve looked at recently:

WYSCRAPPER/DEBBIE picked JENNY F’s ROOM and a here’s a Sneak Peek…

CHRISPEA/CHRIS led us to GEMM’s ROOM and here’s a peek…

KELLIANNIE/KELLI has been especially good at finding these cool rooms. She showed us THIS one posted by “christmasnotebook” (?) on Flickr with all those white cabinets. This is my kinda dream room, with all that closed storage so it looks neat all the time and you can do cool things like decorate for Christmas!

Kelli also shared Masonpaige’s room HERE; get a peek below of all the pink and green goodness:

They got me going, so I went and found these on 2PEAS (just Search All Forums for Scrapbook Rooms and you’ll find plenty). THIS ONE belongs to scrappindiva55 and lookie here at one pic:

And I love THIS ROOM belonging to peainthepod – just one view below…

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    WOW! Those are some amazing rooms. This is what I’d love to have one day….sadly you can’t do that in a one bedroom apartment :)

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      I wish I could have a room like this too!!! I’ll have to wait for a few kids to move out first though…we have a 4 bdrm house, but we also have 5 children, so no free rooms here. :-(

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    Stacy (CyCy AMR) says:

    Some of them look like mini scrapbooking stores. I am wanting a room so badly!

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    Thanks for posting these Erika! I’m in search of making my room better and these rooms are so inspiring!

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    Eileen says:

    Love those rooms….especially the pink and green.

    You’re new layout is growing on me. But there’s nothing about you anywhere… :(

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    Dee says:

    zowie! eileen is right, erika! i LOVE the new layout . . . except for the fact that i don’t see YOU anywhere!!

    great rooms . . . my head is still spinning from all this stimulation!

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    I just posted an entry on my blog linking to this entry on yours…would you let me know if that’s OK with you?


    Nancy Ward

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    Gina says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Feel free to link to my blog. It’s fine if anyone wants to download for personal use, but I’d appreciate it if they don’t use it to make image CDs, etc. for resale.


    p.s. How have I not come across YOUR blog? This is fabulous! I’m going to have to set aside a few hours to browse. What a gold mine. Thanks for sharing!

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    These rooms are all well-equipped and well-designed. The thing to remember, though, is that it’s not what you have that matters, but what you do with it. Sending cards, teaching others, inviting friends to stamp with you are all avenues of ministry! We are truly blessed to have been given a talent that we can use to bless others. I was very content with my iris cart in the corner of our dining room until my daughter got married and I was able to expand to the spare room. (Feel free to check out my blogs.)

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    Lori Maynard says:

    Awesome rooms!! How can you find out where some of the furniture came from??

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    Hi Lori ~ You might try clicking on the links and/or going to their blogs? I don’t have time to check them all right now, but sometimes people give those details in the gallery, their blog, or wherever they post their photos. If not, you could poke around for their Contact Me info and write to them.

    Other than that, I do recognize a few items that are from Ikea and then the white desk in the bottom pic is either from Target or Pier One. HTH!


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    The desk and mobile file cart in the first pic (Jenny F’s room) look like furniture from Plummers in LA. My Dad had that kind in his ofc and it was great. My suggestion is to check out Ikea & Pier 1, like she said above, if Plummers doesn’t carry any longer. Then have a piece of glass cut to cover the work areas so the tops stay fresh forever… You can also slip photos or fabric underneath for seasonal fun! HTH!

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    I was looking at this beautiful rooms… so much inspiration… I just finish mine … I turn a SHED into my scrap house like my DH call it.. You could see pictures in my blog…. welcome to take a peek…

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    Wow… these are some NICE studios!!!!

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    Milly says:

    Just stubmbled by this posting and I have to say…wow!!! I started scrapping about 1 1/2 yrs. ago and I don’t have anywhere near that amount of stuff!! That’s nuts. anyway, I am planning on re-doing my scrap room probably next spring or summer and I rally love the first pic here (Jenny F’s room) because all the storage is closed so no change of spilling, dust, etc. and it looks super neat. I don’t like open storage that much and I have the little 3-drawer cubbys on the floor. Thay are awesome except that it takes forever to find a specific paper so i bought some clear bins at Michael’s that cover the paper (so no dust, etc.) and are easily transportable, I can also store the paper in them by color so I can find stuff easily. I really like the idea of using pegboard to keep SOME stuff out (tools I always use, and the idea of using a spice rack to store stuff in small jars or containers. Anywho, just my ideas… sorry my response got so long… :)

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    they are all beautiful rooms. i love they way they organized. so clean and neat, although i know that doesn’t last for long when your scrappin. :)

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    I LOVE looking into other scrappers’ rooms! ooh, that sounded creepy :) It’s just neat to see how people organize all this stuff we seem to accumulate…

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    WOW! These are some great rooms. Love the pink and green. My two favorite colors.


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    I’m new to the blogging world. Love your blog and your work. You are so funny!!!. This post on scrapbooking room is great!!!!! I found you at scraobookblogs. Thanks for sharing.

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    I love the pink and green room! I’m jealous…. one day! =o)

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