And this time it’s on a product from my beloved SIMPLE STORIES!!

Clee over on Two Peas posted a photo of this amazing mini album she made for a friend using the Simple Stories SN@P! LINE. It wasn’t until she completed it that she noticed the typo on a journaling card:

Man, oh man. That’s not even something you can cover with an embellie or add another letter to fix, can you? I feel so bad for her. She says she’s contacted Simple Stories on their Facebook page to point out the error. It will be interesting to see if they compensate her in any way {hope so}.

Well, even though Simple Stories is my favorite line in the world, and as a MEMORY WORKS consultant, I sell bunches of it … in all fairness, this latest scrapbooking product typo must go into the HALL OF SHAME :( It’s like sending one of my own kids to the principal, LOL.

Have you found any other scrapbooking product typos (not already listed in my other post)? I’m thinking with all the new products coming out from CHA, there might be some fresh stuff, LOL.

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    Gail O. says:

    You might appreciate this one- I was reading a blog post of a featured designer for Unity Stamps and she had made a beautiful card using one of their stamp sets… And it was misspelled!! It read “You are necessory to my happiness” and there wasn’t a comment or side note anywhere about the typo. So I went to Facebook to report the problem. I haven’t heard anything from them and won’t be surprised if I never do.

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    That these make it to manufacturing with these typos is SO incredible to me.

    One that happens all the time and always gets to me is how “everyday” is always made into one word, whether it is correct or not. Like, “Live life everyday,” or “Make something everyday”. Umm, it should be two words!

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    I guess the typos don’t bother me as much as they used to — it’s just real life. I do admit that I’d rack my brain trying to find a way to get that “y” in there or cover up the mistake in some way.

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      wow! it is amazing with the series of proofs, etc. that happen before something is printed that you would still have an error like that:/ I’m detail oriented but still make little mistakes here and there…but at least (almost) no-one sees them but me!

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