You know how right before the new fall season of TV shows comes on, and you’re hearing about all the great new shows, and you can’t wait to watch them, and every show you’ve always loved and been watching seems so dull and boring merely because you have had a taste of the new stuff and you want more??? (Phew, that was surely a run on sentence!).

Well, that’s how I’m feeling about scrap products right now. I went scrap shopping today, with my 40% and 50% coupons in hand, and knowing that my local craft store had 25% off the entire store. I was in the mood for some serious swag, I tell ya’. First, to the LSS and my only really good finds were the new issue of CK, and some cute/cheap papers from their Half Off table. Their shelves weren’t empty, per se, but there was nothing “new” like there is every other time I go, about once every month or two. Then to Michaels to use my 2-day only 50% off coupon. Again, I came up pretty empty and had to struggle to find something to use the coupon on. I got a cute MAMBI page kit (all page kits were already 40% off) then walked around that store for 10 minutes trying to find something I wanted that was Coupon Worthy. I finally decided on the Making Memories medium-sized storage jars, which will fit on my MM Embellishment Shelf.

mm jars

mm shelf

I have no idea what I’ll put in them, but $5 instead of $10 was a transaction I was obligated to make. Heck, I’ll use them in my pantry to store sugar if I have to. Finally, I went to the craft store. The acrylic stamps I went there for were out of stock:

Autumn Leaves Scribbles Alpha – Punctuation
al scribbles punct

For a gift, I picked up the K&Co. Wild Saffron paper slab, tag set, and photo mat set. This is one of my favorite lines ever and I already have most of it. My friend keeps admiring it, so guess what she’s getting for her birthday?

ws pad

ws papers

ws tag pad

ws mat pad

Everything was 25% off, which was already a good deal, but then the cashier gave me 40% off the paper pad “because there was a coupon this week” (which I had in my purse, but thought I couldn’t use because of the storewide sale). So, that was a good buy…$16 worth of Wild Saffron for $9.50.

Other than the CK, the only find of the day that made me all perky was noticing that the craft store now sells……BAZZILL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, is that enough exclamation points to communicate to you how stinkin’ happy I am??? I LUVLUVLUV Bazzill cardstock but my LSS was the only place to get it (other than online, which I don’t usually do b/c I like to buy it by the sheet and match it to papers I have). They sell Bazzill Canvas and Bling for 75 cents/sheet, In Stitch’z for $1/sheet. I buy sheets when I’m there to match whatever patterned paper I buy. However, in my world, one can never have enough Bazzill. So I was crazy-excited to see 5 racks of it at the craft store. They sell Canvas and grasscloth for 59 cents/sheet, Bling for 69 cents/sheet, and With an Edge (scalloped, etc) for $1/sheet. So I got about $10 worth of Bazzill which cost me $7.50 with the sale. The only “newer” stuff they had was all the Valentines stuff, most of which I didn’t like this year, like the Daisy D’s and Wild Asparagus stuff.

I spoke with the cashiers at two of the stores, and yes, they are anxiously awaiting new items from CHA. The LSS said she ordered things from 15 different companies, some of whom they’ve never carried in the store before. So, like the store owners, I will patiently wait for all the new goodies to arrive. Amend that: I will WAIT, but not patiently, because I wanna see the new stuff NOW! Just hope the big reveal of all the new scrapbook products from CHA won’t be as disappointing as the new fall TV shows have been in the past few years, LOL!

PS: Have you noticed that I’m getting dangerously close to hitting the 100,000 blog hits mark? Wow, that just kills me!

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    Elizabeth says:

    Whoo hoo, what a fabulous shopping trip!!!! Enjoy all your new paper! :)

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    So which craft store is selling Bazzill? I haven’t seen Wild Saffron before. Likey, really do!!!

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    I am so glad I found you! I am on vacation this week and want to scrap but, I hate dragging everything out! I had a room to scrapbook in until last May and my 22 year old son returned home! Sure do miss my room, even though I love having him here and he is helping out. Now all of my stuff is in my room and the living room. I would have to scrap on the kitchen table or coffee table. I hate the mess but its not like I have company all the time. If I get it out and its spread all over the place, someone will show up for sure! Anyway, it’s been so long since I did anything with my stuff – except rearrange and move it – that when I go through the items it is like Christmas and I have all new stuff because I have forgotten what I have. I’m still buying but haven’t been scrapping. Thank you for your inspiration! I’m gonna just do it! Who cares about the mess? Not me. I am itching to start cutting, gluing, punching, pounding, pressing, sticking, layering, etc. Wow, I didn’t know there was that much activity going on while scrapping! It’s a workout, at least I’ll count it as one this week! :) I’ll be back to see you again! Thanks for being my inspiration today.

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    If I have a coupon, I can almost bet I won’t find anything that I want…I guess it’s just the way it is. The last couple of times I have been in my lss, I haven’t bought anything, still waiting for all the new goodness to come in. I love the Wild Saffron paper. Did a mini for Heather using it. It is so beautiful.

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    Sounds like a good day of shopping for you!!!

    I saw those MM jars the other day at my craft store and was tempted to buy ’em…I want to see pics when you get your shelf hung!!

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    What a day! I’m tired just listening to you!! It sure goes that way with the coupons, doesn’t it? But it sounds like you still scored some great stuff & your friend is very lucky to be getting such a thoughtful gift . . . the Wild Saffron PP is gorgeous!

    P.S.: I love my MM embellishment center – hope you like yours as much:-)

  7. avatar

    ooooooooooooh I love all that new stuff!

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