Okay, I admit it, I’m an old-fashioned girl. I still take my digi card to the drugstore and use the photo machine to print my photos. There’s a drugstore here that really takes their time with color adjustment, etc. and my photos are never so beautiful as when they develop them. Bright colors, gorgeous shading, they lighten anything that’s too dark, etc. They never have that “digital” look which is my biggest pet peeve.

So I hadn’t developed any photos since Jan. or Feb. of this year and I had a ton to do. The first night after work, I went in and downloaded about half of my digi card. Now this is the pain part…you have to touch screen each photo you want, hit it twice for two copies, skip over the ones you don’t want, etc. It took me about 15-20 mins and when I thought I was done, I pulled my digi card out so I wouldn’t forget it. Well, whammo, the machine goes blank and I say to the cutie guy behind the counter, “OH NO! Do I have to start all over??” and he’s like, “Yeah, sorry, you do.”

The next night I go by to pick up my first set of photos and download the second set. He hands me the first set and says, “All your CD’s are in there but the day crew left me a note and it says an error code came up. I’m not sure if all your photos made it onto the CD so please check them before you delete your card.” Which I thought was nice of him to tell me….how many places would’ve dropped the ball on that one? Then he gave me 25% off my entire order *in case* the CD’s had to be re-done.

The third night, I go in to pick up my second set. It’s a long story but there was another photo customer there who was VERY unhappy and yelling at this poor manager guy. Another employee had supposedly told her a coupon would apply to her order and it didn’t. He explained to her calmly that there was no discount code he could use in the computer to cover her, and he’d get in trouble if he did. She demanded he write down HIS manager’s name and really made a scene. “I’ve been a customer here for TWELVE YEARS but I will NEVER come back into this place AGAIN!!” Don’t get me wrong, if I’m getting screwed over I’ll be the first to speak up. But this was an honest mistake and no way to fix it…what is yelling and name calling and making a scene going to gain you?” (Later, the manager told me that he was going to offer her some other kind of compensation but once she started calling him names and demanding things, he changed his mind). Me and the lady at the other photo kiosk were just rolling our eyes about her and the other lady says to me, “You know, yesterday was 9/11 and she’s gonna yell at some poor guy about saving 20 bucks?” Later, with a straight face, she says to one of the photo girls, “You know, I’m going to need some kind of discount.” And the girl goes, “(sigh) How much?” And me and the other lady start busting up! She was totally kidding but the girl didn’t get it at first.

Okay, so the guy brings me photos and said, “I thought you had a really large order? There’s only 40 pictures here.” Oh no! He brought me behind the counter and showed me the computer where it had my order and only Quantity 40, even though my receipt showed MANY more photos than that. So, yeah, there I go back to the photo machine AGAIN. Now, I could’ve been irate and made a scene, I guess. But he showed me the computer, it wasn’t human error (that I could tell) and they couldn’t magically make the photos appear, so I just shrugged and re-loaded my photos. I mean, pick your battles in life, right?

When I’m checking out, the guy asks what kind of digi photo card I use and I tell him a 1 gig SD card. He goes over, grabs one off the shelf and puts it in my bag for free. Which you know, those aren’t cheap. He thanked me for my patience and understanding. Considering he just got screamed at in front of the whole store, I was impressed with his calmness. They don’t pay retail managers enough!

Anyway, I’ll keep going there. No one develops photos like they do so it’s all worth it to me cuz I’m picky on how my photos look. The bad news is he’s getting married in a month and moving to AZ for nursing school. Darn! Hope the next manager is just as cool.

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    Oh wow.. see, niceness pays off! I’m with you, you have to pick your battles, and some things just can’t be helped. Sorry you had to reload your pictures, but glad you got a new memory card for free :)

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    scrappysuzz says:

    I work retail and I hate to see adult 4-year olds get their way. I’m always more than willing to go out of my way to help someone who is respectful to others. Too bad about your photos, but enjoy your new card!!! :)

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    Oh, I hate people like that… just makes them look bad. I had a bad experience at Wendy’s the other day. I asked the lady which burger was the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger… instead of asking the girl that handed it to her, she proceeds to open MY BURGER with her ungloved hands. Did I rant and rave and yell at her? No… we took our food and ate it. She didn’t touch my burger, just opened it… but still, don’t think they should be doing that… plus I did order a Jr. BACON Cheeseburger, and there wasn’t any bacon. My DH emailed Wendy’s and the next day a district manager called and they’re sending us a bunch of coupons and going to talk to this woman who opened my burger… who incidentally was the manager. So, my point here, besides telling you what I had for lunch is it pays to be calm. Don’t bust a blood vessel, it’s not the end of the world.

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    Well since my post yesterday was boring and you deleted it (I know you didn’t!) I’ll make this one much more interesting.

    The real question is…………yes, he has great customer service skills BUT does he have a nice butt?


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    Great story – yes, we need to pick our battles. Did I freak out last weekend when my dh didn’t feel like paying $4 for parking and parked in a business’ parking lot? Oh, did I mention that his car got towed away, which cost $175 to get out?? Yes, the business was closed, but I guess there is still no parking allowed! I did not freak out, but I do have a little “ammo” in my pocket, you know, in case I do something stupid (or want a new scrap toy :)

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