Here are the things that were new to my Big Lots store last week:

Believe it or not, these are the only items that left the store with me :) … Soft Spoken stickers by MAMBI. I think these are SO pretty and I love the color combination. Only $1.50 each, too.

This one’s my favorite because of that gorgeous red butterfly.

It was really hard to pass up all those amazing acrylic stamps but, as I’ve confessed before, I have a bit of an addiction to stamps … so I had to pass on those. I can’t stop thinking about those damask ones, though. (Yeah, it’s a sickness).

What scrapbooking stuff have you found at Big Lots lately?

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    My Big Lots never has much of anything!

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    I can go into my local BL and I can guarantee you that nothing like this variety can be found in there. Sure wish I lived closer. But maybe not…..I would have a lot of ‘splainin’ to do to my hubby if I did. :-P

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    Man! I want to live by your Big Lots! ours is a tiny one in a strip mall. Their craft section doesn’t even take up a whole isle…

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    Love love love transparency frames! So cute and so versatile.

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