When I was at Michaels last week, I noticed this sign on one of the almost empty paper racks advertising “Themed Scrapbook Collections.”

I’m not sure what to make of it. About 6-8 months ago, I guess, both of the Mike’s I shop at introduced some new “theme” areas, including Travel, Baby Boy, and Baby Girl. Instead of grouping items by type (letters, papers, stickers, etc.) like they do throughout the rest of the scrapbook area, they pulled everything having to do with, say, travel, and displayed it all in one area. They even added some new travel items to the mix and did the same for baby boy and baby girl.

So, it this going to be more of that? I’m not sure. But inquiring minds want to know already! Bring it on, Mike’s.

I learned about another new thing upon checkout: Michaels is reinstating their Friday night crop nights. The flyer says …
“Michaels crop nights, last Friday of the month*, 5pm-8:45pm. Do you and your friends need a place to get together and craft?
*Crop Nights will not be held in November & December and Michaels reserves the right to discontinue Crop Nights at any time.

Join us the last Friday of every month for Michaels crop night. Michaels provides the space and an assortment of tools.** The best part is that Michaels takes care of the cleanup.
**Available tools will vary. Please ask store associate at time of reservation about store-specific tools.

Reserve your spot today! Space is limited and must be reserved in advance. Reservations can be made by paying $5 or showing proof of $10 scrapbooking purchase in the last 30 days. Reservations are first come, first serve. Please see a Store Associate to reserve your spot to crop!”

First, can I say … ? The dang flyer had several typos or just plain mistakes (I fixed them when I typed the wording above). They must’ve fired their flyer editor. Wow. Embarrassing.

Second, I’m glad to see the crop nights are back. I’m kind of confused … Are they having a crop night set up there every last Friday with a random group of people, or do you have to set it up yourself and bring your friends? Say you call them on Wednesday and you’d like to reserve your spot to crop Friday night … Is the crop happening and they’re taking other sign-ups, or is it more like your reserving the room for you and your friends?

Thirdly, why only 3.75 hours? That’s what most of the Peas said HERE and I have to agree. Hardly seems worth the time to pack up your stuff and drive there. Why not have it for longer? If they’re taking sign-ups (which I’m still confused about), they could do them in 4-hour slots like 1-5pm and 5-9pm. If you wanted to come for 8 hours, you take 2 slots so they don’t overbook the space. If you can only come after work in the evening, you sign up just for the 5-9pm slot. Better yet, why not do it on Saturdays? It’s almost like they want the idea to fail, don’t you think?

You know the scrapbooking T-shirts at Michaels that I mentioned HERE? Well, sounds like the stores are starting to get them in stock. Some of the Peas already HAVE THEM. One Pea said she used her 40% coupon and got her tee for $6. That’s a great price for any kind of tee, much less a scrapbooking one. I hope I get the chance to go by Mike’s tomorrow …

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    About the theme sections at Michaels, for me it wouldn’t matter how they set it up as I usually take my time and look through the whole scrapbooking section, if not the whole store.
    The flyer I was also a tad confused as you could reserve your spot for 5.00 or if you just show up there may not be room for you?
    I scrapbook at home with my friends, but was thinging this may be a nice change.
    The T-shirts are a cute idea.

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    I agree – the short hours would not entice me at all. As far as the typos in the flyer are concerned, that would turn me off, also – because I AM the spelling police! LOL.

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    Melissa Johnson says:

    The t-shirts are cute – we looked at them yesterday. However, I won’t be buying one, as they only go to a 2X. They assume, as do most of the scrap tee makers, that scrappers are all skinny. I need a 5X…that’s just the way it is. And I’m blessed to have a hubby who scraps, too. He was going to get the “Scrappers are Acid-Free” since it’s not “girly” but their 2X doesn’t seem that roomy…
    I was bummed!

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    Angie (mommiextwo) says:

    Hey girlfriend. Cool about the crop thing. Hope they can work out the kinks as that would be a great option. I don’t really have any other place to go here. Where are the T shirts hiding at Mike’s?

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    Debbie says:

    I work at Michael’s and will be the host for the crops at my store. The monthly crops are open for everyone and you reserve your one spot. It’s not a private party so you will be scrapbooking with anyone else who has signed up. If you have a large group and everyone signs up together, they made close that crop, depending on the amount of room that store has.

    I’m not sure why the start time is 5pm, but the reason it ends at 8:45pm is so everyone has time to pay for their purchases, if any, after the crop ends and before the store closes at 9pm. You will be given a Cropper Purchase Form which will allow you to go grab whatever supplies you made need during the crop and write them down on this form. Then you will give this form to the cashier so she can ring up any supplies.

    They made add more crops in the future. My guess is they are just trying this out to see the response. Also there are other demos and make-and-takes on Saturdays and Sundays which use the classroom and/or other areas of the store.

    Hope this information helps. I’m excited they are bring this back.

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    I live in Los Angeles and have been on a wild goose chase trying to find the scrapbooking tees they advertised in their mass email. I have called and went to every Michael’s in a 2o miles radius around my house. Have of the locations have no idea what I am talking about~

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