Like I told ya’, there’s a fun online crop going on all weekend at my scrapbook message board home, ALL MOMENTS REMEMBERED.

As part of the crop, I took this photo and need to go post it over there. Please forgive very much the frizzy, windblown/flattened bangs and tired, “thank GAWD it’s Friday!” look on my face.

Photo 24

Are you wondering why I have to take a photo of myself for an online crop? Guess you’ll just have to come find out, won’t you?

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    Mustangkayla says:

    I’m so glad you are getting some time to crop this weekend! Have fun!

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    Leea says:

    My lil sister got here last night ( 1 am this morning really) so spending time with her and family…darn it or would love (really need to) cropping with AMR…tell everyone hi for me, and will catch them next time!

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    I still haven’t gotten my email to activate my membership. :( I’m going to miss out on all the fun.

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      Aw man! She said she approved you yesterday. Could it be in your spam folder? I want you to come play!

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    You are SO CUTE!!!! You’re much too critical of yourself….the picture is adorable. And look how young you are…..!

    I’ve moved back to Orange County, but still getting organized, and catching up on your blog. I love “seeing” you, and that layout of your dad is so precious. You brought a tear to my eye girly. Of all the things I could miss about the ‘net, I’ve missed your blog the most. I can’t wait to get scrapping again!

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