“Some folks say I have a short attention span, but they just….Ohhh look, sparklies!”
~taken from siggie line of CKMB’s Brightsy

I just love this quote. I smile every time I see it. It reminds me of my fascination for all those pretty, sparkly scrapbook products. I’ll be walking through the store, thinking my interior thoughts about “Oh, we need milk” and “Did I pay the electric bill?”, then…wham!…sparklies! Tunnel vision….so cute…must have….how much?…who cares….SPARKLIES! Can you relate?

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    Erika Hayes says:

    I saw this on a T-Shirt a while back but is said
    “My doctor tells me I have a short attention span, but….Oh look a chicken”

    Which cracked me up because my kids always talk about chickens for some reason that is beyond my comprehension

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    Totally! Heh-heh…it is the curse of the scrappin’ addicted! Oh well, at least there are easy to get to support groups!


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    That’s Perfect!

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