I got a flyer today from Tuesday Morning showing their sales that start FRIDAY, OCTOBER, 2010 at 10AM and this sticker-maker was the only scrapbooking item, at least in the e-mail I received.

I’ve never heard of the Magic Sticker Maker but here is a link to it on the XYRON WEBSITE. It looks like it’s all sparkly and cute and geared towards kids? I’m not sure …

Xyron says it retails for $14.99. The Tuesday Morning ad says it’s “original retail” $19.99, and they sell it for $9.99 … starting tomorrow :) Just thought I’d share in case you were interested in a fun, cute sticker make for your kids … or you, LOL

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    Hmmm. Do I need another Xyron sticker maker? Hahaha. It looks pretty neat. I may just have to see where my closest Tuesday Morning is

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    I love my xyron machines. Yes that is plural. I use them all the time. We dont have that store here :(

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      January says:

      I read ur post about your sticker machines :) I was wondering if you could help me with something. I’m looking to make stickers for wedding favors until hearing of this machine I’ve ordered them through oriental trading or e bay Ect. I’m wanting colored simple designs for example just our initials and maybe the wedding date so put on small candles and little mint jars. Anyhow looking at these machines seems like there’s. Million different ones which one would you recommend for the projects Im needing? Thanks for you advice

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    Maybe if I got Simon his own he would stop using mine all the time? :) Looks cute. Wonder about getting refills though. If it’s already at TM I wonder if it’s a product that’s going to ‘stick’ around? ;)

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