I absolutely adore when scrapbooking is mentioned in the general media, even though they’re usually making fun of us. But that’s okay because, you have to admit, a lot of the things we scrapboookers do is pretty wack. And sometimes really, REALLY wack. So we deserve all the pointing and laughing. We really do.

I mean, WHO DOES THIS!?!?!?

Crazy people, that’s who.

{Myself included}

{I’m not making fun of Katie. I adore her room and am jealous of it. I just wanted to show a scrapbook room and hers is way purdier than mine}.

I had a nice laugh at this recent ARTICLE from a Joplin, MO newspaper.

I loved the “cricket or some kind of insect” part and also about his wife’s pre-done vacation album :) He sounds like a good scrapper’s husband … even if he has to take out a restraining order on his paparazzi … er, wife … when they go on vacation.

What could you relate to in the article?

PS: Thank you to REBECCA, one of my SnY peeps, for sharing this article!

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    Laura says:

    Thanks for sharing that article. I especially liked the part about how his wife insisted their vacation days had to be spent precisely in the order that she had “Pre-scrapped” them. Hilarious!

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    Laura says:

    I forgot to add how much I enjoy your blog updates! You are one sick scrapbooking puppy. And I mean that in the most complimentary way! Thanks for being a bright spot in my mostly otherwise boring Inbox.

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    I loved the article!!! I’m sure his wife is not really that anal about her scrapbooking. I’m also quite sure she didn’t take THAT many photos. As far as die-cut machines go, the Cricut machine really isn’t that expensive, and you can find it on sale at many stores if you keep an eye out for specials. But, WOW, what great writing!!! Thanks for posting the link!!

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