I just saw THIS POST on 2peas asking for a great Cricut carrier, and I remembered that I never told you about mine!

I was in the market for a way to carry my Baby Bug to crops. I had been making due with an traditional tote bag from an old CKU and, boy, was it NOT working. The bag was not big enough for the Cricut to lie down along the bottom, so I’d put it in at an angle, or I would fill the remaining room in the tote bag with cartridge boxes, etc. so the Cricut stood basically upright on its end. Yeah, not a great way to transport it, I know.

I wasn’t actively looking just because I hadn’t been to a crop with my Cricut lately so it wasn’t on my mind. But one day about a month ago, I walked into Walmart scrapbooking section and saw this: the “Cricut Shoulder Bag.”

Here’s the front of the bag in it’s packaging, so you know what to look for if you want one.

Here is the back :)

This is the empty bag in what I call “Baby Bug Mode.” In other words, this is the way you could use it if you only wanted to store your CRICUT BABY BUG.

I like to call this “Expression Mode.” Yep, you can unzip the ends and expand the bag so it’s longer, long enough to hold your CRICUT EXPRESSION.

When you open the front zipper, it looks a little something like this. Yes, it has a super cute interior that’s Cricut green with white polka dots. You also get an instructional brochure and a longer shoulder strap.

There’s my cute little Cricut. It slid easily into the front zipper opening. Before I got the machine centered and comfy in there, I moved it to the right slightly so I could sneak some Cricut cartridge boxes into the empty space on the left end of the bag, then moved the Cricut dead center in the bag. In the front mesh pocket, I put a loose Solutions cartridge which doesn’t have a box. You could also put tools in there like your spatula.

To get some more cartridges in the right end of the bag, I used one of the Secret Squirrel zippers to open it up and easily slip the carts in. If you have an Expression, I believe you would use one of these end openings to slide your machine in. (Using the front slot to get an Expression in there would be quite awkward if not impossible).

I had one remaining cartridge and was able to fit it right in front, then zip the back closed.

Finally, here is my cute new Cricut Shoulder Bag all packed up and ready to go! You’ll notice I attached the long shoulder strap, though I’m not sure if I’ll actually use it. I think, given the weight of the Cricut and the relatively lightweight nature of this bag, I’ll feel safer carrying it by the shorter handles, which attach to the bag in 4 places instead of 2, LOL!

If you’re interested in this bag, you can buy it HERE at Walmart.com for $40, or HERE from Amazon.com for roughly $34. I wish I could remember what I paid for it at the Walmart store. I want to say it was around $30 but it could’ve been $40. Yeah, I wanted it badly enough, I would’ve paid $40 for it, ha!

After reading the reviews WALMART.COM and AMAZON.COM, I’m not sure you’d want this bag for your Expression. Many people report that the bag fits the Expression very snugly with no room leftover for cartridges or tools. They also mention how hard it is to get the Expression in and out of the bag, even with sliding it in from the end using the zippers. It sounds like a major headache and not worth it.

One comment from the reviews I definitely agree with is I wish the bag had at least a little bit of padding since the whole idea of the bag is that you’ll be carting your machine around. You don’t want to accidentally bonk it into the side of your trunk and damage your machine. I don’t agree with the comments to make the bag REALLY padded nor to make it big enough to fit all kinds of carts and accessories along with the Expression. To me, the whole point of this particular bag is that it’s simple, small, and lightweight. There are other Cricut bags on the market which are larger and padded, so there’s no point making this bag into one of those bags, kwim?

In researching this entry, I did find some other clever Cricut tote options HERE, HERE, and HERE. THIS is a really cute bag with lots of color options! So my last recommendation would be to look around a bit online at Cricut bags and see if there’s another option that might fit your needs better. If not, head on over to your local Walmart and pick up this cute and useful bag at a reasonable price.

Then take your Cricut on the road, baby! It needs to get out and meet people, maybe throw back some margaritas and get its “CHIRP!” on.

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    OK-Now you have my bug very upset with me, it never gets to go out anywhere. But if I did have crops in my area, this was a great review. I do think I would purchase this tote, looks like it serves its purpose well. Thanks! Karen

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    Thanks for the comment. I’ve been wanting a bag for my cricut, I just haven’t got one yet. I’ll have to check around for prices.

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    When I had the baby bug, I had the pull along green tote from Cricut – seriously – it rocks. Fits everything – plus a bazillion cartridges. Then when I got the expression – well of course it didn’t fit. So I kept the rolly tote for the cartridges, plus the cords, my printed book of images for each cart, tools etc etc – very handy for that! I just keep the Expression in the box it came in = which works.

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    I was at WalMart yesterday and saw that bag, but didn’t really pay any attention to it since I don’t crop outside my home. It looks like you really got a lot of stuff in it.

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    Jill T says:

    I have the C-gull rolling bag for my expression. It was a birthday/Christmas gift from a friend. It’s nice but I really think I preferred using the box it came in.

    Blog re-design looks nice!

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    thanks for the review…i’ve been looking for a good bag but wasn’t sure i wanted/needed something cricut branded…..you give good options!

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    Darcie says:

    I have the Expressions machine, which does not fit very well, let me rewrite that, the machine, once you get it in fits, but nothing else. I also feel if your taking your machine, you would want to put your cartridges in with it. Along with your power cords. So for those of us who have the Expressions machine we need to keep looking.

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    I bought the Cricut duffel bag and the adjustable handle strap came lose the first time I picked it up. The middel metal part that adjusts the size is not long enough reach the metal d-ring. I figure this is unique to one item on a shelf.


    I use a small duffel bag from Target (14-in) I think for my origianl Cricut, and a large duffel bag I bought at KMart 11 years ago for my expression. Neither has padding, but neither does cricut’s. Both give me plenty of room to to store accessories, and being designed for athletes, they are rugged and easy to access.

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