I’ve done a few posts now regarding scrapbook organization and I truly thank you for all the nice comments and questions. I wanted to share links to some of the organizational items I’ve found very useful in my scrapbooking area:

Julie asked about the Iris project sorter, which is actually called the Scrapbook Chest by Iris.Iris sb chest

Becca/BS asked about how to sort all those beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous papers we have. This is what I use – Cropper Hopper Vertical Paper Holders. They are the best thing since peanut butter and banana sandwiches! They hold the paper much like a magazine holder stores magazines, so you can thumb through and pull out what you need without messing up the rest of the stack. I truly love these and think anything by Cropper Hopper is genius! CH Vertical System

Also for Becca – don’t we love ALL kinds of paper?? I recently reorganized this aspect of my house too. I have tons of gift bags, tissue paper, wrap, etc. It used to be in a large flat Rubbermaid container under the bed. But when my collection outgrew the box and I realized how hard it was to find anything, I moved it all to this. Target wire cubes It’s the wire cubes you can find at Target or Walmart for under $20. I have a couple plastic bins on top for mini-gift bags, bows and ribbons. It’s been a good system so far. I’ll post a photo of mine soon…
Edited: Here ’tis:
Target Wire Cubes

While I was writing this, I received an e-mail about another cool organization tool and this one you can take with you to crops! It’s the Catchall by Croppin Cutie and MarthasChoice.com has them on sale for $16 right now. catchall by croppin cutieI don’t have one, have never seen it til now, but boy it’s cute. Gotta love the pink! I think this would be great to use at crops or just keep on your desktop to keep all those tools and little pieces contained.

Feel free to ask any more scrapbooking organizational questions and I’ll be glad to help!

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    Some really great organisation ideas here Erika. I particularly like that project sorter at the top. But I’ve never seen anything like it in Australia. But the wire rack idea is pretty nifty too.

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    I have some of those see thru plastic pull out thingies! LUV THEM! Thanks for the other suggestions!!!

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    Corinne says:

    Hi, I have seen the project sorter at JoAnn’s, but it was in black. I don’t recall the price though. Hope this helps anyone who is looking for one!

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    ANN says:

    I love the tool caddy by Pampered Chef – it sits on a table and holds scissors, tape runners, rulers, etc.

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    Julie says:

    Thank you so much! I’m on the hunt for it now.

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    Hi ANN – That is a great idea! I have one of those for my kitchen utensils, never thought of using for the scrap area. Thanks for sharing.

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