This was posted on a message board a while back … can’t even remember where I saw it.

But it totally cracks me up how freakin’ mellow this dog is. If I had my Landry dog {aka Peabody McSpazitron} on that table while I made a card, it would be a tangle of paws, kisses, nose nudges, licking glitter, barking at the heat gun, and who knows what else. Oh, and Landry is really opinionated. He would not hesitate to critique my work and suggest things to make it better. {Ivy is much too polite for that}. If I tried to put ink on his paw, he’d start giggling and pull it away for sure!

Anyway, this dog Ivy is amazing. Cute sweater, too. Enjoy.

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    I love these videos, too – my dog would never hold still and would try to eat everything.

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    That is ROFLOL! Mine would never behave that well!

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    This dog is more mellow than most people! This was an amazing video to watch! I love that this dog hangs out with his “dad” while he scraps! It’s almost surreal! Thanks for sharing…

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    I love this video. The dog looks so adorable. And hanging out with his ‘dad’ while scrapbooking is totally cool.

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    Oh my gosh! That dog is wonderful! I know that my dog is super calm when wearing a sweater, maybe that’s what is helping.

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