Okay, after looking at the ad (very top of this entry) that I received in a ProvoCraft e-mail today, and then at the (10) cartridges I copied above from the ProvoCraft WEBSITE, I was confused. But thank the Cricut gods that I found this on the ProvoCraft BLOG, because now I got it all straight, and hope it helps you too!


    “April 08, 2008
    Cricut Solutions vs. Classic Cricut cartridges
    Cricut Solutions cartridges are starting to appear in stores, and we’re thrilled that many of you are adding them to your Cricut collections! There have been some concerns about packaging, so we want to clarify the difference between Classic Cricut cartridges and Cricut Solutions cartridges:

    Classic Cricut Cartridges
    – type of cartridges you’re all familiar with
    – contain 100 designs and 6 creative features
    – latest additions include the Pooh and Friends and Pooh Font Set cartridges, and we will continue to create more must-have Classic Cricut cartridges
    – suggested retail price is $89.99 (or $99.99 for Disney cartridges)
    – come packaged in a storage box that includes the cartridge, keypad overlay, and handbook

    Cricut Solutions Cartridges
    – new style of Cricut cartridges
    – contain an average of 50 designs and 2 creative features (mostly Shadow and Blackout/Shadow Blackout)
    – themed cartridges that contain Cricut designs tailored to meet specific project needs
    – eight total: 6 shape cartridges (Baseball, Soccer, Wedding, Camp Out, Home Accents, and Indie Art) and 2 font cartridges (Stone Script and Street Sign).
    – suggested retail price is $49.99
    – come packaged in a plastic shell (blister packaging) that includes the cartridge, keypad overlay, and fold-out card

    We are developing a storage system for the Cricut cartridges, including a great option for all 8 of the Cricut Solutions cartridges. Stay tuned!! [End of quote]”

    I’m anxious to hear about this “storage system,” aren’t you? What are your Top 3 Faves of the new Cricut carts and tell us why? Here’s mine:

    1. Stone Script – The thin letters always make me nervous, but these look so cool, it’s worth going through some pain to get them on my page…

    2. Street Sign – Yep, I’m a sucker for fonts and this one looks very versatile. I think the simple block shape to the letters will really showcase any PP you cut them out with, and solid colors will be “bulky” enough to really have fun inking or edging them.

    3. It’s a close one between Home Accents and Indie Art, but I’m going with Home Accents. There are some very cute designs, and I can see myself using them for projects outside of scrapbooking.

    Okay, what’re your faves?

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    ~Q~ says:

    Wow…. I didn’t even know there were new cartridges. Thank goodness for your blog! :) As for my top three – I only like one in particular – Home Accents as I know I would definitely use it. The price is also lower than the traditional cartridges? Hmm.. I’m going to check out my ACM or Mike’s to look for these. I also like the wedding one even though I’m already married but it has shapes and designs that I would use regardless.

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    shannon says:

    A storage system for the Cricut cartridges, including a great option for all 8 of the Cricut Solutions cartridges.

    That is great and all but I only want two of the cartidges not all so now they dont have a cool box like the rest! Crap!

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    Ok, so, I ordered Indie Art and Street Signs (i think that’s the name?) Monday and the arrived today. Haven’t gotten the chance to play much, but I’m still totally in love with the images.

    HOWEVER – the packaging SUCKS! When I read “clam shell” I thought it would be reusable. Nope. It’s the same plastic that the regular cartridges are packaged in. You know, the “hard plastic, super-sealed, slit your wrist trying to get the danged thing open” package.

    And there’s no cover or case for the cartridge itself at all. I have no clue how I’m going to keep these things from getting dusty dirty nasty…I guess I can keep one in the machine at all times…or shell out even more dough for their “storage option.” Bummer!

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    Barb says:

    This is for Kristi….
    I store my cartridges, key pads and booklets in the pencil cases that kids in school use. They have zippers and clear fronts so you can see what is in them. They also can be put into binders if you want! The best part is that the are pretty cheap. I get mine at Big Lots for about a dollar. I’m sure that a lot of the Dollar stores and of course WalMart have them. This is the first time that I have been on this site, so if someone has suggested this already please disregard.

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    Brandy says:

    Hello every one! I watched an infocomercial on the cricut expression today. I have owned my expresson for about 7mts now and absoulty love it! my question is this during the comercial they were offering the expression with two carts the platnum school book and the popurie ( smelly flower stuff not sure if i spelled it right) has anyone heard of this new cart. i have looked all over for it and cant seam to find it any where i wonder if its just an exclusive promotion its kind of like home accents with lots of swirls and cool things like that on them anyone know anything about this please let me know thanks a buch, feel free to e-mail me at

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    Kathie says:

    You can see the Potpourri Cartridge on the Cricut Website:

    Just select “View” under the Sample column.

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    Janet says:

    I want to make some birthday cards and wants to spell out a word and make it print in incursive then cut it out with the cricut. I don’t have the software as yet, is there any other way i can do this before the software arrive? e.g I want to write the word “darling’ and cut it out and paste it on the card. the word must remain joined together after cutting. Any suggestions?

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    Holly says:

    Has anyone out there ever heard of an on-line class for cricut machines?

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