I didn’t scrapbook very much last year. There were a lot of reasons for that – I was working too much, I was busy with other things, I wasn’t going to crops because I was saving for a scrapbooking cruise, I was spending more time with my family, etc. But, truth be told, I had also run out of mojo. I started scrapbooking in 2002 and I really caught the bug pretty bad. I would scrap every chance I got, whether it was spending late nights at my desk, attending crops, or taking classes. I cropped at friends houses and went to retreats. I can’t say I had an awful lot of pages to show for all that time, but I was sure having fun. Looking back, I spent a lot of time socializing and shopping. And I spent too much time on certain techniques that, I feel now, really didn’t add that much to my pages. I think I got carried away, a bit caught up in what the magazines and tv shows were doing, what I was learning at CKUs, what I felt was expected of me as a “scrapbooker”.

But I have a new perspective now and my focus is back on where I think it should be: on the memories and the pictures. I’m now over the guilt of “sticking my husband with the kids” while I crop, and “spending money on supplies when I just went on a cruise”. I’ve become a consultant for a company with products that I absolutely love and am passionate about sharing with others. I COMPLETELY enjoyed organizing the crop a couple weeks ago. My stuff is organized again and I can enjoy the process without tripping over things. So, suffice it to say, I finally have my scrapbooking mojo back. I’m very happy and excited, because I truly missed it while it was gone. I think I was a little depressed without it. A big part of me was missing. I assume it’s why my house – and scrap area – got so disorganized. If you ever lose your scrap mojo, don’t worry – it will come back. Mine did.

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    I’m glad you got your mojo back. When I started reading this post I said “That’s sounds just like me!” Hopefully I can get mine back someday….AND get my area organized. I think that’s probably a big part of it. You need a PLACE you can enjoy doing the thing you enjoy. When your PLACE is in disarray….you can’t be as creative.

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    Congratulations Erika. Looking forward to seeing more of your work now the mojo’s flowing again.

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    right on – go mojo!! i know exaclty how you feel. a lot of my scrapping at the moment is actually about me and how i feel at the moment… still do the occasional family/kids layouts but at least i don’t feel the pressure to do it.

    what company are you selling for? even though CM isn’t my personal style, they sell solid products and i was thinking of becoming a consultant for them…just to keep me socialising and generally out of trouble :)

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    Hi Kelz ~ Sounds like you have a great attitude about scrapping. Even thought it’s supposed to be FUN, I catch myself feeling pressured about it and that’s no good.
    I’m selling for Memory Works – there’s a link on my blog. I looked into CM because I agree with you about their products but didn’t want the pressure of meeting their big minimum per quarter. MW is a perfect fit for me.

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