I recently signed up to get the “new products” e-mail from Scrapbook.com and thought, “Hmmm … I bet my peeps would also like to see the new stuff.” So I might just make this a regular feature.

Here are my picks from this week’s Scrapbook.com e-mail. Note: I’m an affiliate and will receive a small commission if you click any of my links and end up placing an order. I appreciate the support for ScrapbookObsession.com!

Latest Issue of Scrapbook and Cards Today

I had no idea that they carried magazines! It makes me so happy to see a scrapbooking mag, even if it’s half cardmaking, LOL.

Here’s some of what’s inside, per the description on Scrapbook.com:

In this issue:
Top ten list of must-have supplies
Learn to make paper mosaics
How to make a mini album in one night
10 Free online downloads
Sequin secrets – make your cards shine

I never did find the scrapbooking magazine at Barnes and Noble that I talked about on my Facebook Page HERE. Did you?

Watercolor Swatch Sticks by Cosmo Cricket

Now these are cool!

Per Scrapbook.com, here’s what they can do!

The easiest, cleanest watercolors you’ll ever use. Either swipe the included waterbrush across the Swatch Stick to pick up the pigment for painting, or use the Swatch Stick to paint directly onto a damp surface, then blend further using the waterbrush.

Here’s a sample of what you can make with it, also from Scrapbook.com:
cosmo cricker watercolor swatch stick

I tend to resist scrapbooking techniques that take a bunch of extra effort. My scrapping time is too limited to get busy with buying tons of supplies, setting everything up, using it, then cleaning up and putting everything away. But, wow, could this BE any easier?!

Wedding Wordplay Washi Tape by Little B

I like this wedding tape that is wider than normal washi.

Check out this Scrapbook.com video that shows what’s so cool about Little B’s washi tape packaging:

Healthy Hello Soup Collection by Jellybean Soup

I’m feeling Spring big time and just love the colors of this! Plus, you know, coffeeeeee …

This collection has some cute wood veneers, acrylic shapes, die cuts, and more to go with it.

Beautiful Mom Cardstock Stickers by Echo Park

In honor of Mother’s Day coming up, I give you …

Cute, huh? I love the blue mixer and the polka dot galosh. Wait, galosh? Is that the singular for “galoshes”? Well, yes, we just made it the rule! ‘Cuz I’m the mom and I said so ;) {See what I did there?}

If I’ve tempted you into shopping, make sure to check out all the deals and discounts Scrapbook.com currently has going’ on right HERE. Happy shopping!

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  1. avatar

    Just wanted to drop some appreciation. Love this site and I think you’re absolutely right that we want to know about new stuff out there. I loved the washi tape packaging video… Of course I love everything about washi tapes :D Keep up a good work and keep Scrapbooking :)

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hi Mari! (I need to return your e-mail, oops!) Thank you for the shout out, sister :) I’m with you on the washi tape love <3

  2. avatar

    Even though I try to stay away from what’s the latest and greatest so I don’t go overspend, I find this post fun and informative.

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      I know, it’s so tempting, right? I like to think of it as scrappy window shopping. We can look even if we don’t buy :) Thanks for taking the time to comment, LisaDV!

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