I didn’t get one, but took some pics for ya’ when I was at Walmart the other day …

At my WM, they were on an endcap as you entered the crafting area. Each one looked like it had different contents, and it was hard to see exactly what was in there. They were shrink wrapped but I saw some Best Occasions and Autumn Leaves stuff. It was too much a leap of faith for me to buy one, but maybe you’ll be willing to take a chance?

THIS Pea bought one and was so happy with it, she went back for another. She posted this photo:

She’s right, that idea book alone sold for $20, so there’s your value. As it happens, I already have that book and tons of AUTUMN LEAVES stamps (including the ones pictured), so it’s probably good I didn’t get one of these scrapbook packs at Walmart. But wanted to share in case you “need” one …

I think it’s a brilliant idea: Package up a bunch of the scrapbooking supplies they’ve had forever, sell them at a great price, and get them outta the store … hopefully to make room for some new things … because it’s been a really long time since new stuff, at least at my Walmart.

Stay tuned: I have lots more scrap-shopping pictures to post from my weekend, but I had to work tonight so this is all I got to. But there will be more … oh yes, there will be more …

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    I saw these as well. But didn’t get them as I am trying to use what I have. Plus I just put in a 375.00 Stamp’n Up order teehee

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    I’m surprised at the stuff she found in hers. Looks like an amazing deal for a beginner scrapper. I’ll have to tell my friend about it. Tfs! Can’t wait go see ur other finds. Hurry up! The suspense is killing me! ;)

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    Cool deal. I need to use up some of my current stuff too…plus I am going to Archivers later this month and I usually come home with around $100 worth of goodies.

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    That’s awesome! Sadly I’ve sworn off most buying for a year. But that’s def tempting! TFS!

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