It’s that TIME again! It’s their 3rd annual sale.

The Peas are talking about it HERE and HERE.

I got the PP warehouse boxes in both 2009 and 2010. However, I think I’m going to pass this year. When I look at the sample in their ad and also think about the lines they’ve come out with since the last box, I have to be honest and say not a lot of it was up my alley. Not that it wasn’t great stuff – ‘cuz it was, it was! Just not my style.

{Not to mention the fact that my current scrapbook room reorg. has me VERY well aware that I have puh-lenty of pretty papers and general scrapbook goodness}.

Yeah, I’ll probably kick myself later, especially when everyone starts posting pics of their boxes when they arrive. But I’m gonna’ hang tough.

How about you? Did you order a PINK PAISLEE 2011 warehouse box … or are you gonna’?

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    Paula says:

    I have purchased the 2009 and 2010 PP warehouse boxes, but like you, am going to pass this year. I have too much stuff too, something we crafters share in common. I do love all the pretty stuff that seems to be included.

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    Drool! If only I had less stuff in my scrap space! Must craft more! Thanks for sharing. Maybe next year…hmmmm….-Amanda

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    I’m skipping this time too. I’ve been purging like a mad woman, so I’m only buying what I love & getting rid of the rest.

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    I have never heard of these before.
    I hear you on the paper, i am a paper hoarder and keep buying more. but they keep making such pretty papers :)

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    Julie says:

    Think I’m going to pass as well after getting them in 2009 & 2010 as well. I pretty much made up my mind last year as the new lines were released-just wasn’t loving them. And while it’s a good deal, I’d rather spend $60 on less and get what I love.

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