I keep a running list of typos on scrapbooking products HERE. Sadly, it’s quite an extensive list :(

Today I have another addition … well, additions. Multiple. There are several typos on the MAMBI Project Life-type cards I blogged about HERE.

But the cool thing is: MAMBI has publicly acknowledged the mistakes and gone above and beyond to try and do right by us. To see what I’m talking about, read their blog post HERE.

In case you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to click over … {I know, exhausting, right?} … here is the important part:

To remedy this problem, we have corrected all the errors and they are all available here as free downloads. We have also included 4 exclusive cards available for free download. These cards are our way of saying, “OOPS”, please forgive us.

I can’t think of another instance where a scrapbook company has come out and acknowledged that they messed up. Much less issue printable corrections. Much less provide other free items.

Much less with such a sense of humor about the whole thing:

So all I have to say is … Good on ya’, MAMBI. Good on ya’.

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    Typos are a pet peeve of mine. Just found one on (yet another) Crate product…they spelled recipe (“frosting reciepe”) wrong on this paper: https://www.twopeasinabucket.com/shop/crate-paper/138972-cake-batter-12×12-party-day-paper/?filters=_party_day_

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    Love those journaling cards, love their response to the problems!

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    I love that they apologized and took action, I too love the cards!

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    Sandy says:

    LOVE…. LOVE…. LVOE <—- oops! heehee! These Cards!!!! And I love how you corrected / apologized the oopsy on the cards!!!

    Thanks for the great products you create!!! :)

  5. […] ETA 05-03-13: MAMBI made a big OOPS on their pocket page cards – but they tried to make it right. See all the deets HERE. […]

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