This question was posed by Carole aka carole2k at my message board home, SCRAP SISTERS STUDIO, and boy was it fun to hear THE ANSWERS. Here was mine:
Books ~ Have to check the book aisle every time I’m in Target or Walmart. One of my favorite chillaxin’ things to do is go to Barnes and Noble, grab a Starbucks, and stroll the aisles. I usually find about 20 books I’d like to buy but have to limit it to 1 (or sometimes none, depending on my budget ). I love books!

Even if I get a Kindle or other e-reader, I’ll still need my bookstore days…It’s like being in a scrapbook store. I love the smell, the atmosphere, being with other people who love books (or scrap supplies, lol), and being able to hold things in my hands.

Then I posted a picture to prove it:

I organized this bookshelf two weekends ago and it felt really good. I go through it about once a year to get rid of some books and alphabetize the ones I’ve added over time. Not only do I buy a book or two a month on my “book days,” but sometimes people leave their old books up at our post office and they’re free for the taking. Our own little version of PAPERBACK SWAP, but with no shipping charges and instant gratification, LOL! I leave my unwanted books up there, too.

There must be a local woman with the same taste in books as me because I often find titles I’ve been wanting to read … I walk up and there they are! I hope she’s gotten some of my books in return :) For instance, I’ve been wanting to read FIREFLY LANE but it’s a big novel (496 pages) and costs $15 new so I keep passing on it. But I got it for free from the post office the other day, yeah!

Turns out, this is a terrific thing to cover in my PROJECT 365 album, so one or two photos of my books will be my picture(s) of the day. {If you have more than one photo you’d like to share for a day, just print 2 photos in 2×3 or 4 photos on a contact sheet}.

So, I was brave enough to post about my other big weakness. Now it’s your turn … Do tell!

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    My other big weakness is fabric. I love fabric! Right now it’s wool that’s making me swoon, but I’ love a beautiful cotton or silk too.

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    I love books too. I would love a Kindle but I’d still buy books!

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    I love books, too. I just can’t seem to get rid of them after I’ve read them….even the ones I’m pretty sure I’ll never ever read again.

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    Mustangkayla says:

    I love to read too! After moving 8 times in 7 years, I have gotten really good about getting rid of books as I read them.

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    That would have to be my other major passion. When my boys were babes I think I had time to read one book that entire first year. Now I’m back to my prebaby days and am reading a book every few days. I’m always jotting down authours and titles to check out in my date book. I try to get most of them at the library. Couldn’t afford to buy all the books I and the rest of the family want to read :)

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    You want me to pick just one.
    Well I’m would be books as well. I organize mine by author. Then alphabeticly.
    Lately I have been spending to much time checking out blogs and tutorials..does that count.


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    My other big weakness would be makeup. I am obsessed with MAC and Bare Escentuals, and I have way more than I could ever possibly wear in a lifetime. But it’s so much fun and very girlie, and I can’t help myself!

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    Sherlu says:

    I love books, too! Can’t have too many of them. I have so many that I want to read. Not only to I have books to read but I also like audio books going in the car all the time. My commute is just 10-15 minutes but a little book on the way home and before you know it the book is done.

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