I put out a plea to the AMR girls to come hit my blog for me, cuz I was at 499,996 and they came through like the fabulous friends they are. I made it!

THIS CONTEST is now over. I’ll pick a winner soon and get your prize off to ya! Thanks so much to everyone who left a comment or comments. They are the best part of doing this blog, because I love to hear from you ever so much. You always make my day, my week, my year with your questions, comments, and support.

Love ya’ll, love this blog! So fun…. {{HUGZ}} ~Erika

ETA 10/17/09: There are a lot of comments I have to count up and I’m working a lot this weekend, but I’ll have a winner up by Saturday night hopefully. Thanks for your patience :) I will contact the winner.

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    Happy to Help! Thanks for a fun contest and congrats on making it to the Big 500!!!!

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    Unreal! Congratulations!

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    jkaye says:

    congrats and keep up the GREAT work..

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    Congratz!!!! Way to go Erika!

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    Congrats! and looking forward as you charm us to the one million mark.

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    So awesome ms famous blogger lady!!!! Congrats to you! Woohoo!

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