Carol left this comment on my last organization post, written 9 days ago:

Did your room swallow you up–we have not heard from you in a couple of days. I am working on my room along side of you. I am close, but we were crazy to think we could get this complete in 3 days!!!

First, I have to agree with Carol ~ WTF was I thinking that I could do this in 3 days?!?! Fool.

So I wanted to let Carol know – and ya’ll! I didn’t forget ya’ll, sheez – that I’m still plugging away on my scrap/home office space whenever I have time. I was out of town for a few days and also got tied up with work, but I’ll be getting some time in this weekend. It’s almost midnight Friday night and I’ve been in here for a few hours tonight.

I’m too embarrassed to admit how much of that time has been spent organizing my … erm … MASSIVE Basic Grey collection. It takes a long time to alphabetize papers from, like, 50 collections, MM KAY?? Now before you choke on your gummy bear (yeah, I watch you late at night at your scrap desk … I know about the bears, the Diet Coke, and let’s just say the empty brown tissue cups in the trash that smell like chocolate and peanut butter don’t lie) … I have figured out a way to justify papers from 50 Basic Grey collections. And it goes a little something like this:

I’ve been scrapping since 2001. It’s now 2011. That’s 10 years. So if you divide 50 collections by 10 years, that’s only 5 collections per year. Which I personally think shows a great deal of RESTRAINT, don’t you? I don’t think I should be criticized for having too much Basic Grey. I think I should be heralded for having ONLY 50 collections.

I also think I should be applauded for helping to keep BASIC GREY in business for all these years. Somebody has to do it, right? It may as well be me. I will make the sacrifice for you. I will buy the Basic Grey each year, at least 5 collections, so you won’t feel like you have to.

So the bottom line here is that I don’t have too much Basic Grey. Those who would care to criticize me: Maybe you need to ask yourself why you don’t have enough? You need to buy more because until you have papers from 50 collections in 10 years, I don’t even want to be seen with you. Not on the message boards. Not at CKU. Not at the scrapbook expo. If I see you at Michaels, I look past you like I don’t know you.

In a nutshell, you’ve let me down. So get busy on the Basic Grey Collection Buying and get back to me when you’ve caught up. I’ll decide then if we can be friends again.

Now that THAT is settled, back to scrapbook room organization. Tonight I’ve also been trying to include some decorative touches in my room. As much as we all believe that shelves of Stickles and jars of ribbon are decoration in themselves, it hit me that I could add some other pretty things that I like to look at. Things to soften the edges and to add other parts of my personality to the space.

I know you’re gonna’ ask for photos and I have been taking them along the way but I’m not posting any tonight because I’m too lazy. At this point, I may just save all the “before” and “in progress” photos for the Big Reveal, which isn’t too far off. Promise :)

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    MichelleGB says:

    I love these updates! I’m doing a major purge/organization of my space too and finally getting all my patterned paper in one place. There is no doubt in my mind that I personally affected the bottom line of Scenic Route and Basic Grey, with Making Memories and October Afternoon coming in a close 3rd and 4th. I’ve only been doing this 8 years and I could easily cover my house (inside and out)…and the shed…and a neighbor’s house…with my paper stash! I can’t wait to see your finished spot!

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    I’m a Kaiser addict personally… I’ve only been scrapping for <1 year and I'm fairly certain I have 50 collections ;)

    Looking forward to seeing photographic evidence of this clean up you're doing!! I have a bit of an addiction with spying into other people's scrap spaces :) :)

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    I more than make up for it with my Cosmo Cricket, My Mind’s Eye, and DCWV collections! Don’t worry, I’ll cover yours if you cover mine! LOL! I have been trying to get this room organized for the 7 months we’ve lived in this house. I ALMOST get there, and then go on a buying junket or scrap for 3 days straight and trash the whole room again. I used to be so good about putting everything away as soon as I use it. What is happening to me? Have I actually “crossed over” to the diagnosis of SCRAPAHOLIC? I’m getting inspiration from you, so come on! Hurry!

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    Carol says:

    So glad to hear you are still with us. I too had to take a quick trip out of town to help oldest child get ready to start year 3 in med school — she needed work clothes. We got clothes, shoes and hair cuts, also saw the movie “the Help”–great book, great movie. Two of her sibs (also college kids) showed up and we went out to dinner. The next morning went to the grocery store with all three and filled all the gas tanks. Too broke to purchase any new supplies this trip. The last sibling was with DH in a different state watching the Rockies game. DH will be out of town this week again, so maybe I can make a bigger dent in my sorting/cleaning/purge. I started scrapping in ’95 and live in a small town, so I stock up on everything when I go to a city. This will be year two of empty nest and I am hoping to accomplish more “catch up” pages with a nice clean space!! Keep up the inspiration…..

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    Gigi says:

    Hang in there! We know you can do it! I’m right there with you on the collections, although for me it’s not Basic Grey, but My Mind’s Eye and Bo Bunny. I have way too much! Luckily for me, I am participating in a scrapbook consignment sale next month, so I have been forcing myself to go through my stash and pare down. Keep on inspiring us all, and I can’t wait to see your pictures!

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