I don’t think any of us DEPEND on Target for scrapbook supplies but mine carries enough to keep me interested. I check the scrapbooking section each time I’m there. About every 10 Target trips, I get lucky – there’s something new and cute and the price is good.

I do depend on Target for filling in my stash of WRMK 12×12 D-ring albums. They carry the 2 main colors I use: kiwi green and turquoise. And at $20 per album, Target has them for about $10 cheaper than everyone else.

Or should I used the past tense: “carried” and “had”?

The first sign of twubble was noticing over the last several months that the WRMK albums weren’t being replenished. Then seeing them on the clearance endcaps for $6.

My first thought was: SCORE!
My second thought was: Ruh Roh.

Between my 2 local Targets, I managed to buy 2 kiwi, 2 turquoise, and 2 pink WRMK albums for $6 each. But I had a feeling that was going to be a bittersweet deal :(

A week later, I went to check the Target scrapbook section (which had shrunk to a pretty small section, in my main store) and found this:


In an adjacent aisle was this – what looks like a new “DIY craft” section:



There are new wooden letters, paints, flowers, yarn, ribbons, paintbrushes, alpha stamps, etc.


This is now what I suppose you would call The Scrapbook Aisle – generic paper pads and some straggler scrapbook paper pads:


So, Target, what’s going on with your scrapbook supplies? Are they being discontinued or what? This in the same month that I hear another California LSS is closing down: Scrapbook Territory in Berkeley.


I guess there are no more scrappers, just DIY crafters who want super basic supplies to create painted wood letters and painted milk bottles and painted stencils.

On a bright note, I was in today (the day after Easter) and noticed all this cute Easter washi tape being taken off display, I presume headed for the clearance section?


In the larger Target here, I did notice a great selection of art …


… and a more department store look in the housewares section.


And they had a tote that only an Old School Scrapper could appreciate for its true value:


Hey, I gotta’ take small bits of happy where I can find it, okay?

Goodbye Target scrapbooking section! It was fun all these years while it lasted. Sniffle.

Has this change happened at your Target, too? What are your thoughts?

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    Kim says:

    Yes, I have noticed the scrappy section of my Target going downhill for several months! I have also been very disappointed in the Dollar section of mine. Many people post of finding cute scrappy things in the dollar section of their Target and when I have had the opportunity to visit another Target I have also found cute things. Mine on the other hand has nothing scrappy in it! very disappointed.

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hey Kim! Sorry to hear your Target was already kind of a letdown :( The dollar section in my store seemed to have all the ‘good stuff’ people talked about maybe half of the time. I wonder if they’ll continue to put scrappy stuff in the dollar section? Hmmm…

  2. avatar
    Julie B says:

    Yes, surprised when i got the notice that Scrapbook Territory will be closing…….sales down 50%. Amy Tan will be teaching on Sunday. This store has been one of my mainstays over the last 10 years….so sad. The other store, Scrapbook island (now Creative Escape) in Los Gatos appears to have less inventory or maybe the store is bigger with lots of tables for crops & classes as well as stocking flea market finds. It will be curious to see if they can maintain in this current market. It is very sad to see this community dwindle down; online is just not the same. When I first started there were at least four other stores within 30 mins, now there will be one in 45 mins and not sure how long they will be around.

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hi Julie! Wow, sales down 50%?!?! That’s huge. I’ve never been to Scrapbook Territory because I never make it quite that far north. But it WAS on my list of things to do, LOL. If I’m in the Bay Area at all before they close, I’m going to try and get there. So Scrapbook Island is now called Creative Escape? Sheesh, change is the only constant, LOL. I was there a couple months ago right after they moved. Did the Hobby Lobby there close, too, or just move? If it closed, I was hoping that at least might help out the LSS. You’re right, it’s so sad to see scrapbooking getting smaller and smaller, both IRL and online. Well, we diehards will keep it going best as we can, right?

      1. avatar
        Julie B says:

        Yes, Scrapbook Island name has changed. Morgan Hill is the closest Hobby Lobby which is south of the store a ways. Went to Scrapbook Territory on Thursday…..very sad; owner said the peak was 2010 and went steadily down from there due to online stores and people moving on from the craft. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

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    Jenna says:

    So sad to hear it’s true for others as well =( I just noticed the disappearance before Easter when I went looking for stickers & paper. There’s no sign of there ever being a scrap aisle – stickers, glitter/embossing sets, paper pads, albums, all gone! A few punches, tools, & 2 maggie holmes paper pads are mixed in with the new Hand Made Modern aisle. I could personally care less about that new stuff. It’s very primitive & boring stuff compared to all the fun & creative scrapbooking items we’ll no longer have access to. Sad to witness this hobby dwindling down to cardmaking & diy crafts. Thanks shedding light on the situation & for posting that tote– I’m going to pick one up for my travel scrapping!

    1. avatar
      Scrapbook Obsession says:

      Hi Jenna! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Sorry to hear that your Target has made the change (for the worse) as well :( I’m with you – it all looks very uniform and boring. I hope you’re able to get the Scenic Route tote – at least that’s one thing to smile about :)

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    Jersey Girl Anne says:

    My target also got rid of the scrap book section. I am sooo disappointed! I often bought embellies there and also the WRMK albums. Even though I have enough stash to last a life time, it is still sad to see the hobby dwindle. I have discovered that the store called Tuesday Morning always has WRMK albums and tons of older paper pads etc. I try to go once a week to see if there is anything “new”.

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