Okay, fine, that may be exaggerating a little bit but Geez Oh Pete, this is taking a long time!

Remember, I had planned to finish it in THREE DAYS. I know, right? What in holy hell was I thinking? Maybe for a normal person who is not a SCRAPBOOKER HOARDER that would’ve been puh-lenty of time. But not for me. No sirree bob.

If I count every day since I started minus the days I worked out of the home all day or was out of town – I’m really on Day 12. I’ve just been plugging away, doing little things when I have a few minutes and bigger projects when I have chunks of time. Here are some of the things I’ve accomplished:

– Assembled a 3-drawer cube; I own 3 of the JETMAX STORAGE CUBES from Michaels and there is still 1 left in the box. Ugh. Dreading putting that last one together, although it WILL be glorious to be done and to have that extra storage.

– Added doors to all of my STORE IN STYLE CUBES that didn’t have them already; I think I added 6 doors. GREAT addition. Makes it look so much cleaner and I can hide more. Oh, shite, did I say that in my “out loud” voice?

– Emptied all my glass ginger jars, rinsed and dried them, and re-did what I stored in most of them. Yes, you will have to wait until the Great Reveal to see for yourself :P

*This is from an old blog post – one of the many times I’ve posted about working on my scrapbook room. You can see the cubes I talked about above, before they had doors :)

– Cleaned out the piles of stuff under my large, L-shaped desk. It’s really great at hiding things. But it’s nice to have some legroom back, I tell ya’.

– I am labeling like crazy, girlfriend! Love my good ol’ label maker. I would marry it if I could. Well, wait, I’m in California. Maybe it IS legal? Hrm, have to look into that.

– Started and labeled IRIS clamshell cases for “Projects,” “Incomplete Layouts,” and “Put in Albums.”

– Purged boo koo (yes, I do know that’s not the real way to spell it but I did anyway, ha!) scrapbook magazines and catalogs.

– Got my magazine holder full of 8.5×11 cardstock arranged in ROYGBIV color order.

– Purged and cleaned the kids’ homework and craft area. Of course, it’ll be a hot mess again in 3.2 days but at least it was pretty for a while.

– Pulled everything out of my computer/electronics/office supply cabinet, cleaned, and re-arranged.

Okay, I can stop now, right? I’ve given you enough of a list that you can see I’m cereal about this, right? I am NOT Joshing you. I really truly am working on my scrap space. Not that you’ve ever known me to lie, but still.

{Well, there was that one little white lie when I said I would NEH-VUR buy another stack of any sort from Michaels again. But really, who can keep a promise like that? Can you? Yeah, that’s what I thought}.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. How about you? Anyone else on this “fun” little journey of scrapbook room reorganization? Tell us about it. Or just tell me how awesome I am. Whatever.

And in the finest seque seen in a super duper long time … Speaking of JOURNEY (my favorite band EVAH!), my bestie scrapbook friend sent this to me. Go ahead, laugh your ass off. I did. Toodles.

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  1. avatar
    Marty says:

    I just redid my whole room. Here’s the post
    Hope you like it!

  2. avatar

    LOL!!!!!! OMG I LOVE THAT COMIC!! I’m a huge Journey fan too! :)

    Sounds like you’ve accomplished heaps in your 12 days! Well done :) Keep it up!! Can’t wait to see piccys of the final result! :)

  3. avatar
    Beth says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!! I needed that laugh on a Monday morning! I need to print that out and put it in my journal!

    I’ve been organizing with the Peas for the past…what is it now? 14 weeks or something? I’m pretty happy with how I’ve done, but I have a few areas that are starting to backslide…need to get on that…I do think it’s better not to try to do it all in a few days, though. It’s given me time to really figure out how and where I want to put everything! Good luck!

  4. avatar

    Well, think about how perfect you are making your room now. The longer you take to get it right, the happier you will be in the end. Good luck!

  5. avatar
    janet says:

    Can’t WAIT to see your room. Just think how happy you will be when it is done.
    LOVED the comic- made my laugh. Now that sound is going thru my head, but that is a GOOD thing. HA!

  6. avatar

    Good Luck! I started organizing my stuff a year and a half ago, and it starts looking good, and then I sit down and make something! Good luck! …and LOVE the Peanuts cartoon! Thanks for sharing -Amanda

  7. avatar

    I’m sending that cartoon to my husband-he will love it!!
    Your room is going to look amazing when you are done and you are going to be able to get so much more done. I’ve been there before and it’s painful but worth it!

  8. avatar
    Danielle says:

    WOW!!! You have been busy. I can’t wait to see the unveiling of your room.

    And that Peanut cartoon had me at Journey. Love it!

  9. avatar

    It took me 14 days, and that was with my organizing genius friend helping on at least 5 of those days. Plus, I still have one full drawer set to go through and a LOT Of photos to do. You’re doing great! Keep it up!

  10. avatar

    love your storage! Need to organize my stuff as well…

  11. avatar
    MichelleGB says:

    Keep plugging away at it…you’ll get there…eventually! :) You’re totally inspiring me as I try to do the same, but at a much slower pace. Thanks for the awesome giggle – best Peanuts’ cartoon ever!

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