On THIS POST about a new Memory Works line ~ Simple Stories “Fabulous” ~ a commenter stated this:

The paper “Sweet” is a total ripoff if not close to an exact copy of a Cosmo Cricket paper from Odds N Ends, Eclectic.

So let’s compare the two papers and see what ya’ll think.

COSMO CRICKET Odds & Ends** “Eclectic” paper

cosmo cricket odds and ends eclectic

SIMPLE STORIES Fabulous “Sweet” paper {Sorry, I can’t isolate just the “Sweet” paper; please scroll down a bit}.

memory works simple stories fabulous sweet

Here are my observations:

~ Both papers do have a similar overall design with with a circular doily-type pattern.

~ Both make use of softer or “shabby” color schemes.

~ Both are multi-colored, as opposed to one solid color (I’m referring just to the “A” sides)

~ Eclectic has 2 sizes of the “doilies” while Sweet uses multiple sizes (I count 6)

~ Eclectic is in a very set pattern while Sweet is more random.

Obviously, I’m biased because I’m a 5-year consultant with MEMORY WORKS who produces the Simple Stories lines. So my opinion doesn’t matter much … but I’ll give it to ya’ anyway ;)

I do think the 2 papers are alike and I can see why the similarity caught the commenter’s eye. If I had first seen the Cosmo Cricket paper and then saw the Simple Stories paper, I probably would’ve thought “Wow, ‘Sweet’ reminds me of a paper I’ve seen before.”

But overall I don’t see Sweet as a “ripoff” or “exact copy” of Eclectic. They are definitely similar … no denying that. But I don’t know how you would use a circular, doily-type design and not have it look similar to Eclectic. There are only so many ways you can arrange circles on a 12×12 canvas.

The colors are different enough to give a different overall feel; from Eclectic I get “shabby, vintage, warm” and from Sweet I get “girly, Spring, happy.” Besides, DOILIES ARE KINDA’ HOT right now ;)

So … what do you think: Copycat or coincidence?

**P.S.: I do find it pretty funny that the Cosmo Cricket line that Eclectic comes from is called “Odds N Ends” … because that’s very similar to the name of a NEW SIMPLE STORIES LINE … which is “Odds & Ends”. :) :)

simple stories odds n ends

I’m sure it’s just another coincidence ;)

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    I see it as similar, but not a ripoff and far from an exact copy. I prefer the Sweet “version”. As you say, it’s random and I also like the shabby effect, whereas the other one is too rigid for my taste.

    And I’m not a Memory Works consultant, they don’t even operate in Australia – so I’m completely unbiased. lol.

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    Similar but not the same, I prefer the Simple Stories line personally. I think companies try to do what is trending and it is hard to not come into contact with another company who will have something similar– there are enough companies that it is bound to happen!

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    If this was the first time I had seen something similar in two paper lines I might say something but I see the same things all the time. Every company puts their spin on it and some I like and others I don’t. I wouldn’t use the CC paper because I don’t like it. I do like the SS paper though.

    How many papers have we seen with owls in repeating patterns? Birdcages? Deer?

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    I think so many of the lines of all companies are similar now. Back in the day, you could look at a certain line and know exactly what company it was from.

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    I think what makes it a ripoff rather than a coincidence is the use of almost the exact colors. I’m wondering if designers have a color palette that is used industry-wide (like fonts for instance) or if the colors are chosen strictly by the designers? Hmmmm….. I love the new “Odds and Ends” line. Right up my alley!

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    I dont think it was a copycat at all..doilys are all over the place right now and i can totally feel the difference in the two papers…
    one vintage
    one happy

    anyway…i would use them both

    i don’t care!

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