Check out THIS article from ABOUT.COM called “Scrapbooking Trend Watch: Photo Booth and Scrapbook Services Rentals” and see what you think of this new thang.

I’ve seen ads on my local Craiglist jobs page looking to hire attendants for these portable photo booths. And they still have photo booths at our county fair each year. So I knew photo booths were still out there ~ that they are loads of fun and produce such “unique” photos, LOL. But I didn’t know until I read the above-linked article that scrapbooking had been incorporated into the mix.

Just to give you an idea of the modern take on photo booths, here are some examples of photo booth rental companies: The Portable Photo Booth, CapturePod, and My Portable Photo Booth.

portable photo booth

I think it sounds pretty clever and fun. I wish this set-up had been around when I got married. It’s another fun thing to add to the par-tay and at the end of the night, you end up with a scrapbook of photos and journaling from your beloved guests. And YOU the scrapper didn’t even have to do all the work ~ hollah!

An exciting thing about this trend is that it provides yet another way for scrapbookers to turn their hobby (aka obsession) into a business. If you love people, attending fun events, and scrapbooking, you should contact your local photo booth rental companies and see if they’d like to partner with you or hire you as a supplement to their parties. It would be a win-win. I think if potential customers knew that not only would they get the photo booth at their event AND would get a scrapbook to take home, these companies would book even more events.

Man, now I want to be invited to an event where there’s a photo booth and scrapbooking, LOL! All the sample pictures on the websites make it look like so much fun. Have you been to an event with one of these portable photo booths and if so, did they have the scrapbook option? If there was a photo booth at a wedding or party you attended, would you go in, act goofy, and have your photo taken? What do you think of this whole concept?

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    I think the trend is a lot of fun as long as someone from Ellen isn’t going to pop out and scare me. :)

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    Yeah, I think it is a cool trend :)

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    I’ve seen this on Amy Tangerine’s blog. She and Paige Evans go to high profile parties and they take pictures and scrapbook them right there for the clients. Looks like fun but I don’t throw anything together that quickly! lol.
    I wish I would have had a photo booth at my wedding too. I know the pictures would have been crazy!

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    I <3 that! Now, that would be my kinda party! Could get interesting with an open bar too ;)

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    Thank you for featuring us on your blog!

    We often have clients (mostly brides) that are interested in our scrapbook option :) We provide lots of paper, pens, and other utensils and let the guests decorate the page. They can write a personal note, draw, or style their message. We have heard nothing but excitement and joy when the bride and groom receive their scrapbook and see the thoughtful notes and silly photos. :)

    Some brides even forego the traditional “sign-in book” and had the scrapbook instead.

    Also keep in mind that photo booths are not just for weddings anymore. We have done birthday parties, quinceaƱeras, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, grand openings, etc.

    Again, thank you for the feature! We look forward to doing business with you and your readers in the future!

    And if there are any scrapbookers interested in partnering with us, email me with what you think that partnership could look like and we’ll talk :)

    My Portable Photo Booth

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    I have been to an event with a portable photo booth. It was my friends wedding. What they did was print an extra film slip for everyone that went in the photo booth. You would then take the extra slip and put it in a basket for them to scrapbook later. That way they could have memories of everyone that attended. I thought it was a great idea with lots of success.

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    Nice Information!!!

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