At 3am today, I finished the challenge from CKMB to organize my scrap space…wahoo! Here are the BEFORE pics: BEFORE #1

And AFTER pics:

I still have some work to do, like organizing my massive quantities of photos (heritage, childhood, high school…to about 2003). I’m also looking into a bookshelf or some other way to store my finished scrapbooks in my living room. Right now, they take up a good chunk of my scrapping bookshelf. For the living room, I’m digging this IKEA Expedit bookshelf . We don’t have an Ikea around here but I think I can purchase it online…if I can get hubby to agree that it’s $200 well spent (wish me luck). Edited: Ummm, make that over $400 when you include shipping. May have to wait until I can travel to an IKEA, gulp.

Back to the scrapbook organizing! Other than what I mentioned in my last post, here are the top 10 things I did to organize my space:
1. Went through a huge stack of patterned papers that I bought or was given over the course of the last year and didn’t put away. I already had specific Cropper Hopper vertical holders or files for Chatterbox, Memories Complete, SEI, Doodlebug, KI Memories and Bo Bunny. In this process, I located enough Basic Grey, Daisy Ds and My Minds Eye (thanks to that Costco double pack) that I had to create folders for them too. They all look nice and comfy standing next to each other on my bookshelf.
2. Went through a huge stack of embellishments that needed were scattered everywhere. I got some of them put away in my ScrapRack, and put the rest in an Iris drawer for later filing. By cleaning out all my 12×12 Iris drawers, I now have someplace to store things until I have time to file them instead of piling them on my desk or leaving them in shopping bags all over the floor. I will try to file things right away, but if they do go in the Iris drawers, I only have so much space to fill before I have to stop and put things away.
3. Dusted! Wow, a lot of dust builds up when you don’t scrap for a year. Yuck….but nice now :)
4. Put all my computer-related software, blank photo CD’s, etc in one drawer of my desk. Sorted through two other desk drawers and made room for tools I don’t use often.
5. Got rid of two old wooden vegetable crates that I’d been using in the corner as a little shelf and moved my Iris “project sorter” into their place with the mini stereo and telephone on top.
6. Fixed my “letter E” collection that had fallen off the shelves when my husband was pounding on the garage wall awhile back.
7. Took most of the white plastic baskets out of my little shelf unit and filed that stuff elsewhere. They were not covered baskets and everything got too dusty. Moved all my mini-albums from various places around the room onto the shelf instead. Note to self: Dust once in a while.
8. Things that were sorted through and tossed or moved out of my scrap space: old scrapbook catalogs (do I HAVE to hold on to every single one?? Jeez.), past issues of scrap magazines, birthday gifts for others that I have been stashing under my desk, and my huge collection of photo frames.
9. Purged a stack of newspapers after cutting out and Archival Misting the obits or articles I wanted (someone close to me is quoted in the paper a lot).
10. Consolidated my page kits and project kits from crops, CKU, the cruise etc into one plastic crate which now sits under the table.

Oh, speaking of table, I added a table to my area and am thrilled with the amount of workspace I now have. I can even have a friend over to crop with me in there now! (DH will be happy we’re not all over the dining room table anymore, LOL).

I don’t think I have any great organizing advice above, except to say “Don’t wait as long as I did to purge stuff you won’t use or doesn’t belong in your scrap space”. From things I already had organized, I would highly recommend using cute jars to store your ribbon (decorative, cheap and practical), and utilize Cropper Hopper vertical storage for your papers. They even have 6×6 and 8×8 holders now. It’s so much easier to access your papers and not crush them than with horizontal storage.

I still have a little work to do on sorting embellishments and such, then onto the next project: photo and memorabilia organization!

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    wow! what a HUGE transformation. I have one of the expedit bookshelves and I love it dearly. I’m sorry you have to pay so much for shipping (yikes!)
    It’s so fun to organize and give away stuff. Make room for new things!

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    Hey Erika,

    You’ve done a marvelous job. It’s looking wonderful! This will make you do so much scrapping. You won’t believe it! And about the dust and the purging: I’ve set a goal for myself to thoroughly clean my scrap studio at least once a year. That way I can keep things organized :) I so recognize what you’ve struggled with! Keep up the good work and have cropping with your friends!

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    Hi leslie! Thanks for looking at my “new” space. Do you have any photos on your blog of your Expedit shelf in use? Just getting ideas for the future :)

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    Hi Ilse – Thanks for the compliments! You just reorganized your studio too, so you know what I went through, LOL. I like your goal of a thorough cleaning once a year. If I do that, I won’t have to go through this major undertaking again. And, as you can see, I finally figured out how to post photos so watch for some layouts soon!

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    That’s a mighty stash you have there Erika. And how wonderful it looks after your reorganisation. The question is…can you keep it like that???

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    Very impressive! Now okay…here are directions to my house…..LOL…come organize my space too…I never got that organized….just moved piles.

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    Great job! Thanks for sharing. I am in the middle of a “studio” redo. I, too, love the Ikea bookshelf. There is one about 100 miles from me. I resisted the urge this week-end but who knows how long I can!

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    Hi Karen – Yes, I’m pretty proud of my stash. And embarassed at the same time. Weird. The answer is to your question is…of course not! There is no way in heck I will keep it like this. I’m messy.

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    Hi bakinbit – That’s what I’ve been doing for years too…moving piles. It must work ok for you, because you get a ton of scrapping done. After this, I did get to thinking there is probably a market for Scrapbook Room Organization Services. If so, count me in! It was fun…

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    Hey Becca – So you’re with Thanks for putting my scrap space on your site! I’ve admired you all forever and got most of my storage ideas from many years on Scrappers Challenge. If you get the Expedit, check in and let me know how you like it. Getting mine will take awhile :(

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    CONGRATULATIONS BECCA! You are the winner of the RAK (see the RAK post). My blog just reached the 3,000 hit mark and you were the last one to post a comment! I’ll contact you regarding your prize tomorrow :)

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    Woodpine says:

    My first thought when I saw the change was HOLY SCRAP! You did a great job with your transformation!

  13. avatar

    Hey Woodpine – Thanks! I spent National Scrapbook Day – not scrapbooking – but still working on organizing. It’s an ongoing project. Thank you for the nice comment :)

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    CharsScrappinPlace says:

    Wow…just what I needed to get me motivated! I plan on recreating a space of my own while my husband is away. I have been squirreling away some money each payday so that I have what I need when I drag my friends into helping me (in exchange for taking some of my loot off my hands). Great ideas! I am bookmarking this to my FAVS!

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    Corinne says:

    I am so amazed with the difference!!! I had my boyfriend help me reorganize my area, but my area is a lot smaller so it didn’t take quite as long. Also, I have only been cardmaking and scrapping for a couple years so I have not accumulated that much yet. There is still more I want to do and get more storage. My biggest challege was to get bigger workspace as I had been working on a TV tray in the past. Now that I have a more spacious area, I have been more inclined to start projects. Best of luck on keeping your area like your after pics.

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    Becca says:

    I was doing a search for organization and this site poped up could use a bit of help with the organization end.. I lost my craft room/office to a fire about 3 months ago and the room is near finished.. tho during that 3 months I have amassed alot of scrapbooking supplies paper etc. i discovered a site called scrapncube its an amazing site .. tho I cant afford the units ..well maybe one here n there but.. I discovered ikea myself and am going to pick up the very same shelf system you speak of..but what I could use is what should I store my papers in and beleive me small does not describe my paper intake LOL they need an aa for paperholics like me lol.. and its not limited to scrapbook paper either ..tissue..newspaper..wrapping paper..etc.etc. I have a few of those plastic 12 x 12 clear boxes but to house all i have would be very expensive!1 So any suggestions and websites would be helpful!!

  17. avatar
    Becca says:

    oops didnt realize there were 2 of us.. Becca’s that is..Call me BS as its my initials.. and by the way I too move supplies from one spot to another shift here shift there and the stacks just seem to multiply like rabbits!! The worst is the paper stacks. I work at WalMart in the Deli and found the Virginia baked ham box is the perfect size for the 12 x 12 papers so i store them there til I can come up with another idea!! So far ive filled 2 boxes wich are about 8 inches deep so you know the paper thing.. I do think I need a paper shrink that is !! lol :) Oh and awesome job on the transformation.. but wont you just add more stuff now you have the room LOL!!

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    Julie says:

    AWESOME! What is an Iris Project sorter?

  19. avatar

    HI Chars! Isn’t it cool how seeing someone else’s space can motivate? That’s what finally got me started too. I’m glad your friends will help – it’s a win-win situation.

  20. avatar

    Hey Corinne – Wow, you are a dedicated scrapper and cardmaker to work on a tv tray. I’m glad you’re finding more room – you deserve it. Thanks for the comments!

  21. avatar

    Hi Becca aka BS (I feel guilty calling you BS, but you told me to! LOL). Those ScrapnCubes are awesome. I’ve always loved those too, but they’re way out of my price range. I think you will love the Ikea Expedit shelf. A lot of scrappers have it and seem to like it. I’m with you on the large amounts of paper. Paper is by far my favorite thing as supplies go. I’ve tried a few different systems but the one I love and am sticking with are the Crop In Style vertical holders. I’ll do a blog post about them, k? I keep my tissue, wrapping paper and gift bags in those wire cubes you can get at Target or Walmart. I’ll post a link to those too. And, yes, now that I’m a bit organized I will keep buying more stuff…and need another reorg in about a year!

  22. avatar

    Hi Julie – What I called an Iris project sorter, Iris calls a Scrapbook Chest. I’ll put a link in my next post. I got mine at Costco awhile back for about $20 or $30 but I just checked and couldn’t find it :( I’m sure you can find them elsewhere.

  23. avatar
    Crafter727 says:

    Those orginization cubes. I think they are from oriental trading. How is the quality on those?

  24. avatar
    Tina says:

    I noticed in your before & after pictures above that you have a scraprack. I also have one. I was wondering how you like it and how you have yours organized. I think it will be great to have everything there in one place easy to reach and use. I am a little overwhelmed about how to organize it. I know scrap rack says you can store EVERYTHING in it but also noticed you have paper, embelishment, etc stored elsewhere.

  25. avatar

    Hi Tina! Your questions inspired me to do a blog entry about my ScrapRack. I hope I answered your questions. If not, please leave a comment on that post, ok? Glad you got a ScrapRack – as you will see, I think mine about saved my life, LOL.

  26. avatar
    Lolli says:

    I have the EXPEDIT bookshelf from Ikea! It’s awesome and highly recommended! You can fit 15 inch albums on their side and 12-inch albums upright. The best part is you can divide up the albums by topic/theme by simply putting them in the different cubbie areas. I’m lucky, I live in an area where Ikea is only 40 minutes away.

  27. avatar

    Nice work. I am currently working on a big redo of my crafts tudio too.


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    lynn says:

    hi there love your scrap space. wow great ideas i am currently working on making me a space over the garage. so i was wondering the book thing on your desk looks like a auto parts book holder, where did you get it & what is it really called cant find them on ebay or internet. HELP.

  31. avatar

    Hi Lynn ~ Thanks for the nice comments. It’s called a ScrapRack and you can find them at A little pricey to get started but so worth it! And when you compare the cost of all the stuff you can get rid of/won’t need for storage, it’s completely worth it :)

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