I was doing a pretty lame job anyway, so I’m just going to turn over the HUGE task of giving CHA-W previews to this girl Monica @ SCRAP ETC. She is just rocking the previews and there are too many for me to keep up.

I was happy to see some Basic Grey previews over there, as BG is the one I always most anticipate:

bg archaic preview

sb sugared preview

bg boxer preview

I need to see more of each to say for sure, but so far “Boxer” is the only one I’ll be shopping for. I’m no scrapbooking designer, and I know it must be terribly difficult to keep coming up with fresh designs, but I miss “the old days” of Basic Grey. Not loving their stuff like I used to. I mean, there are elements of each collection that I like but I no longer just drool over the entire collection and have “can’t wait to use it” dance parties around my scrap room (no, there is NO footage of these events so don’t even try searching “Scrapbook Obsession’s solo dance parties” over at YouTube”). Do you think they got new designers along the way, or they’re just trying a little too hard to mix it up? The colors have gotten too muted for one thing. And you know how I feel about that weird flower they keep using. The dinosaurs in “Archaic” look cute, but they’re too specific, i.e. how many dino layouts can one girl do? I was scrapping a birthday party this weekend and really, really tried to use some of my Basic Grey “Sublime,” but it was just too…out there. The colors were off just a shade from matching anything (and you KNOW how many colors there are to choose from in birthday party pix), and the graphics were so weird that I couldn’t relate them to anything. You have to know, I HATE to be saying all this about “my” Basic Grey because they have always been my staple. Ask me any time since I’ve been scrapping what can I not do without, and the answer has always been “Basic Grey and Bazzill.” So I just really, really hope they do not disappoint again at CHA {picture me with fingers crossed}.

Tonight at CKMB during Happy Hour, ERIN LINCOLN (CK Message Board Hostess) posted THIS question re: CHA previews.

So, what are your thoughts? Am I alone on the Basic Grey thing? What are you most anticipating from CHA?

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    I like the middle one, but I doubt I would but the other two. I just bought a whole bunch of BG, some from Stacey and some from QVC.

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    I like BG well enough but I have never really drooled over it… ok maybe the Phoebe line but that was it. I am loving the WRMemory keepers white out Promenade. I just bought a ton of that. I also like some of the new papers from dream street.

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    I’m with you on the BG. I still have a few pages of their stuff from YEARS ago, just waiting for the right photos.

    I can’t imagine having to design new stuff over and over, but their new lines are a bit too masculine for me and the photos of my girls. I guess I am not that big on brown and tans unless they’re paired with a cute pink or teal.

    Susan Whitehead

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    Vickie Jones says:

    Top one might work for DS pages, Boxer, well I’d have to see the other papers in the line first.

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    This worries me. They’ve actually got more new lines debuting than what you have shown and I have to tell you . . . I won’t be standing in line to get them. =(

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    love the new Basic Grey lines. I love having more masculine colors for a change from my favorite line. I have 3 boys and 3 grandsons so I look forward to buying all in the collection.

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