On the CK Message Board, they do something called a RAK which stands for Random Act of Kindness. Basically, someone just feels like doing something nice so they have a quick contest or pick the “such and such number post”. Then they send that person a little scrapbooking goody. Sometimes people do a RAK to celebrate when they reach their 1,000 post, etc. So I’ve decided to do a RAK on my blog. I’m quickly approaching my 3,000th hit thanks to all of YOU! So I will send a little gift to the person who posts a comment closest to the time my blog receives it’s 3,000th hit. I hope that makes sense :) The only hint I’ll give you is that it should happen in the next 2 or 3 days. And remember, Memory Works just came out with their new catalog and it has all the cool stuff from CHA…I mean, LOTS of cool stuff. So the RAK gift just might be something from MW…

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    Well, aren’t you sweet !! I just recently passed my 5000 mark and I am still debating whether or not I should do an RAK. I’ve been going thru my stash and making a pile of stuff to give away, but haven’t figured out how to give it away.


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    Well congratulations on reaching (or almost) your 3000th hit Erika. It’s a real buzz when you start reaching those sort of numbers.

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    Ohhhh….Love the new MW stuff! ;-) Which reminds me, I need to order new catalogs. :-) Congrats on the 1000 hits!

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    Leslie – Congratulations on 5,000! That is amazing. Must feel good to know so many people have read your words :)

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    Karen – Thanks, Miss Almost 10,000!! LOL, congrats to you too.

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    km – I see that you’re coming up on 5,000. Wow, such successful bloggers here! I didn’t know you did MW too – we have lots in common :)

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    Hey Erika,

    What a wonderful idea! I might “bloglift” this idea! I’m almost reaching the 3000 visitors too! I wonder when it will happen :)

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    Mellan says:

    I’m brand new to scrapbooking and am not familiar with some of the things you mentioned. Google sent your blog to me. Congratulations on 3000 hits!!! I hope that you have many thousands more :)

    Make it a fun day!
    Mellan :)

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