If you’ve read my blog for a bit, you know that ~ being “somewhat” Scrapbook Obsessed ~ I’m always seeking out things in the media or pop culture where scrapbooking is mentioned. For instance, HERE, HERE, and HERE. But this time, scrapbooking being part of a popular television show found me. Oh, do TELL!

Well, one of my favorite shows that I tape and watch constantly is “THE LOCATOR” on WeTV. If you haven’t seen it, there’s this hottie named Troy Dunn who does his P.I. shizzle and reunites people with their long lost friend or family member. There is one rule for watching The Locator: You. Will. Cry. Okay, there is just NO way you are going to watch this show and not cry, so don’t even bother trying, sister. Have some kleenex, a sleeve, an understanding dog…somewhere to wipe your snot because, like Oprah says, you will be a-booin and a-hooin, making that ugly cry face before the show is over.

Okay, so I noticed my trusty DVR had taped a one-hour episode (they are usually 30-minutes long) and I was stoked to watch it. It was Episode 1 of Season 2 so it was special. The first part, where a lady wants to be reunited with her mom, ended badly. Mom wrote daughter a letter…telling her all the reasons she could NOT meet with her. That was the first case I’ve watched where Troy couldn’t bring the people together. It was super sad.

Then started the second part, where 4 sisters are trying to find their 5th sister; they were all from the same mom but 5 different dads and were separated out into foster care and adoption. Here is what the website says about it:

A Daughter’s Dream / The Last Sister
Episode Summary: In 1985, Wendy and Christopher Radcliff’s mother, Jennifer, left them to be raised by their paternal grandparents when they were just 9 and 10 years old. The brother and sister have called on Troy to locate Jennifer, who originally escaped from an abusive relationship with their father. In the next story, you’ll hear about five sisters separated since childhood. Through many years of hard work and research, the second oldest sister, Nycole, 26, made it possible for four of them to be together again, but they are all still searching for their baby sister Sarah.

Searchers: Wendy Radcliff – Wendy and her brother have not seen or heard from their mother, Jennifer, since she made the decision to leave her children in the care of their grandparents. Nycole Kiefer – When Nycole was only eight years old she and her four sisters were put into child protective services. Nycole has spent 10 years searching for her family.

The Searchees: Jennifer – It’s been 20 years since Wendy’s mother left, and she hopes she will be at a point in her life where she is ready to be reunited with her firstborn children. Sarah Martin – It will be the first time Sarah, 23, sees her mom, and the first time her mom sees all of her grown-up daughters together.

Okay, so the scrapbooky part comes in at the end when all 5 of them are getting together for the first time. The four sisters meet up at….a scrapbook store! It’s EVER AFTER in the San Diego area of Cali. They are sitting around the crop table in the back, looking through scrapbooks. Troy shows up (unbeknownst to the sisters, he has their 5th sister waiting outside) and asks if they have any photos of the sister they are looking for, Sarah. They show him one infant photo of her and tell him that’s the only photo they have. Then he whips out 3 or 4 present-day shots of Sarah and says, “Have you seen this one? Or this one?” and their jaws drop, they cry, they see that she has a son…”We have a nephew!” Then Troy says, “Or how about this one?” and turns around showing them Sarah herself is standing behind him. They have their reunion in the scrapbook store. Apparently, two of the sisters scrapbook. When Troy says, “So you guys are scrapbookers?” one sister says something like, “I am. And Nycole is. Actually, Nycole was first and she got me into it. She was the instigator!” Which was so funny because don’t YOU blame the person who got you started scrapbooking? Like, you got all addicted and stuff so fast and needed more like it was scrap-crack and you’re all obsessed and jonesing and you don’t want to take personal responsibility for it, so you grab the person who got you started and you’re, like, “But it’s HER fault that I’m frickin’ addicted!” Am I right? You know I’m right.

Anyway, HERE is a link to the episode description and some video extras that were NOT part of the televised show.

THIS is the link to “Learn more about the searchees,” a 1.5 minute video which shows footage from the show and gives a synopsis of the case.

HERE is “Learn more about the searchers,” a 2-minute video where the 4 sisters mention how their case worker made them Life Books, so they had photos of one another. What an awesome case worker….

THIS is one last video (1+ minute long) called “Learn more about the reunion” where they talk to all the sisters, and there are shots of them being in the scrapbook store.

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    That is so Cool. Scrapbooking location hints while you watch TV

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    I saw that episode. Thought it was so cool. One of the girls was from my home state of Oklahoma. Thought that was neat too!

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    Very cool. I keep wanting to watch that show, but have not had time. Will check it out! Have a great day!

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    KarenSue says:

    this brought a tear to my eye! I love that store…one of the things I miss now that the kids aren’t living down there. (and Hana Sushi)

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    Hey AmericanMom! I was just told by a staffer to check out your blog- you made me laugh today, thanks for the kind words. You really must raise your standards for ‘hottie’ above me! LOL
    I’m thrilled we could shed a little light on the scrapbook universe as I am a fan of it too! My wife scrapbooks for all of our 7 children, but doesn’t have as much time as she would like, so she sometimes engages the talents of other scrapbook divas to help.
    Actually, there is a LOT of scrapbooking that goes on behind the scenes of The Locator show, more than I would have ever imagined! It seems that most people we reunite give scrapbooks as gifts to the reunitee or vice-versa. Maybe one of these days, some big scrapbook company will hire me as a spokesperson and then we will show it more in the show! :-)
    Keep up your fun blog and may I say a huge hello to all of your fellow scrapbook divas out there!!!
    Thanks for the kind words and please keep watching! (It’s hard to get and keep family-friendly tv shows on the air, so let your voices be heard!)
    God bless you all,
    Troy Dunn
    “The Locator”

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    Just read the comment from Troy. Congrats! Very cool!

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    I have my DVR set to record and I never miss a show. Great program…I watched that show with the scrapbook store and then they had another show recently that they were looking at a scrapbook.
    Love the comment from Troy Dunn, soo cool!

  8. avatar

    Awesome comment by Troy Dunn. Congratulations!!


    (Pattie’s passion)

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!

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    Looks like I am going to have to start watching that show, it sounds awesome!! That was really cool of Troy to comment on your blog!!

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    Cindy Phillips says:

    Very Cool! I had read the post before he left his comment. It so nice to be recognized by someone you admire. Congrats and what a great post. I too watch the show.

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    Sabrina/ the1scrappinmomma says:

    Wow! I just read the comment from Troy and now when I get hooked on the show too I will have to blame you… can’t blame you for getting me into scrapbooking but oh well! When is it on?

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    Just reading the show synopsis made me cry! I don’t have that channel, I wonder if you can watch it online? Is it a fictional or reality show? sounds great!

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    Debbie says:

    Watching Troy over the years (on the talk shows when he first started) — was the reason I finally decided to find my fathers side of the family —

    I watched an episode this wknd with an 18 yro girl whose mother never told her what her real last name was, and she found out when she needed her birth certificate for work purposes — WAS MY SAME STORY at about the same age.

    Found out that my mother HAD SO lied to me, and to find out that I was one of five — and she knew that as well….

    If she were still alive, I believe we would have some issues, but I was not as lucky as the girl Troy reunited….my father died a month after I graduated high school.

    Have been able to find some of his family including his sister which was his best friend — and she has been very enlightning.

    Not wanting to hijack your blog — but wanted to let you know how he influenced my life.

    He seems to be a very sincere person, and very lovable — and he has found a great purpose for his time on earth.

    Congrats on Troy finding and responding to your blog….and if Troy checks back in — thanks for all you do, and how you inspired me to look for my family!

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