In case you didn’t see it in the comments on my last post, Troy “The Locator” Dunn HIMSELF left a comment:

Hey AmericanMom! I was just told by a staffer to check out your blog- you made me laugh today, thanks for the kind words. You really must raise your standards for ‘hottie’ above me! LOL
I’m thrilled we could shed a little light on the scrapbook universe as I am a fan of it too! My wife scrapbooks for all of our 7 children, but doesn’t have as much time as she would like, so she sometimes engages the talents of other scrapbook divas to help.
Actually, there is a LOT of scrapbooking that goes on behind the scenes of The Locator show, more than I would have ever imagined! It seems that most people we reunite give scrapbooks as gifts to the reunitee or vice-versa. Maybe one of these days, some big scrapbook company will hire me as a spokesperson and then we will show it more in the show! :-)
Keep up your fun blog and may I say a huge hello to all of your fellow scrapbook divas out there!!!
Thanks for the kind words and please keep watching! (It’s hard to get and keep family-friendly tv shows on the air, so let your voices be heard!)
God bless you all,
Troy Dunn
“The Locator”

Is that totally cool or what? I’m going to write him back to thank him for taking the time to write. PSA: Watch THE LOCATOR!! He’s right, it’s so hard to keep family-friendly shows on the air. This is one that I watch with my kids. The message is always uplifting and it shows the power and importance of family which, as scrapbookers, I know many of us are very supportive of. It’s on WeTV…..just plug it into your Tivo/DVR and watch it, pretty please. Season Two just started and they replay all the Season One episodes. You will love the show, I promise :)

PS: Yes, Troy, you are a hottie. Family men / good husbands / involved dads are hot!

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    omg!!! how exciting!!!!! I agree, family men are hot!!!!

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    Wow, that is pretty darn cool!!

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    wow….look at all he wrote! How cool is that!

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    That is so cool! But of course, I’m his mom, so of course I think he is cool…not sure mom’s see their sons as hottie but Jen does and she is amazing! So what do you want to know about Troy? I’m his mom and its almost Mother’s Day so it seems like that should give me bragging rights! Actually, you already know the important parts because what ya see is what ya get. He is the real thing and just the same ‘off camera’ as he is on. He is honestly a wonderful son to his dad and I, a great husband to his eternal sweetheart, Jen, a firm but fun doting father, and a terrific best friend. Now a moment of truth for me> I am not a scrapbooker. It is just too late. I have a dozen large boxes of nearly half a century pics…just too overwhelming and as you might guess, extra time is not yet a luxury for me…I hope soon. In the mean time, I just will stay passionate about helping create “Kodak Moments” for other families to capture as they build new memories and write new chapters to their lives’ stories. Happy Mothers Day and thank you so much for your support of Troy The Locator and sharing us with others.

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      Dear Troy’s Mom,

      Please don’t ever say it’s “too late” for anything. It’s never too late! You can start now and start small. You can do anything you want in life, and you should try to do everything you want.

      I can’t imagine anyone sitting on their death bed saying, “Gee, I wish I had done LESS.”

      If you want to scrapbook, take it slow and easy. Do one small book for each event or just scrapbook one or two of your favorite photos.

      Happy Mothers’ Day to you, Troy’s Mom! He’s lucky to have a wonderful Mother to share it with.

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    Elaine Weber says:

    I was YW president in the St Petersburg Stake in the late 1980s. I was introduced to Troy in ameeting where we were discussing our upcoming Youth conference. We needed another speaker, Troy volunteered, we investigated his credentials and we had our speaker! He presented” Life is a Football Game”. After his first presentation, his room was packed!! I have loved having a small part in his life. I haved moved many times since and always promoted his tapes. Recently, I saw him on “The Locator” and was as proud as if I were his mom!! I would love to “locate” him to reconnect if possible. So mom Katie , if you read this, please pass it on.

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