Ruh roh, Cleetus McDuffy strikes again … and he finally got a toot!

What do you think of THIS? Do you agree with the commenters who love Cleetus and think it was a good choice or do you think it was inappropriate, not funny, unfair (since she has a tie to Cleetus aka Colin Kartchner who’s married to a “famous” scrapbooker), etc.?

I think it’s a hilarious video just like the rest of his (I’ve been a fan since the BEGINNING). He fulfills the “entertain” category for sure. I guess if I had worked really hard on a video submission that “educated” or “inspired,” I would maybe {unjustifiably} be pissed, I don’t know. But barring that, I don’t get the negative comments. Maybe my sense of humor is so warped, I’m beyond comprehending, LOL.

What are your thoughts?

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    When I saw this the other day, I just knew there would be some hard feelings about this. Personally, I thought it was entertaining (that pic of Lisa Bearnson in the background still cracks me up!) and how could Becky not choose him? On the other hand, he does have an edge in that he is the hubby of a scrapbook celebrity. But I kind of think he and Becky knew he may get some flack over this. I think that there are more important things to fret about though. Just my two cents. (Man, this is a long comment!lol!)

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    Mrs. McPea says:

    Completely hilarious. Loads of time and work were involved in the making of his video and why shouldn’t he win? Congratulations, Cleetus!

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    Angie Gray says:

    Who cares who he’s married to! He could stand on his own talent, that’s for sure. He’s incredibly funny, and really talented, and hey…life’s short so why not laugh every chance you get??? ;)

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    I think it’s hysterical! And the picture of Lisa Bearnson was priceless. It was entertaining and that’s what Becky asked for!

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    I think it’s so silly to be upset about it. I mean, if he won all 12 of them, maybe, but sheesh.

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    I thought the video was hilarious but I think he probably shouldn’t have won. I definitely don’t think people should be so upset to leave negative comments or anything. We have to treat other people the way we would like to be treated in return! Maybe an honorable mention since his wife works for CK? Oh well, it’s up to Becky :)

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    Robin H says:

    Eh, I thought it was pretty cute. And I don’t find it to be controversial that he’s married to someone in the industry.

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