But I’m like hot buttuh on ya breakfast toast!

Just a quick shameless brag post, if you’ll indulge me. HERE is where one my favorite blogs, CRAFT GOSSIP.COM, linked to my Eco Scrapbooking post :) It’s kind of surreal to click on a daily blog read and see your own name staring at you. Surreal and COOL!

And HERE is where Amber (the OWNER of Memory Works!) picked my blog as the first one to be showcased on the SIMPLE STORIES BLOG. Well, she could clearly see how obsessed I am about the whole Simple Stories thing, right? LOL Anyway, she said some very nice things about my blog and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Here’s what she wrote:
Blog Spotlight

It was so fun for us to scour all of the blogs and message boards – and we were seriously blown away with your blogs. There are some great bloggers out there and it was so fun for use to peek into our customers and consultant worlds. We are amazed everyday of how talented and inspirational you are. In fact, we were so inspired by what we saw that we’ll occasionally spotlight a few here on our Simple Stories blog!

I think it’s fitting that our first blog spotlight is that of Erika. I first tumbled on Erika’s blog as we had been receiving a large amount of hits from Scrapbook Obsession to our Simple Stories website and blog. Of course, I was curious to see what website this was as the hits just kept coming (and still do.) I was amazed – not only does she have highly fascinating, humorous posts she is a die-hard Simple Stories fan. Of course – that won me over J I loved how she shared her enthusiasm with her readers and even offered a pre-order option to her customers. LOVE that she puts herself out there and represents MemoryWorks in a positive, friendly and helpful way. LOVE that she’s a passionate scrapbooker and love that she doesn’t take life too seriously. So thanks Erika for brightening our day! (And Erika – don’t be surprised if you find a little goodie in your next MemoryWorks order…)
Eeee! Did she say GOODIE???? Okay, I’m in Stalk the UPS Man mode, fer shure. {Gah, just for the legal record, I’m totally kidding about the “stalking.” It’s just a term we obsessed scrapbookers use to describe the way we jump up to peek out the window blind every time someone so much as coughs outside … when we’re expecting a scrappy package. No need to call the cops. There’s nothing to see here}.

Okay, now back to the music …

I said a hip hop the hippie to tha hippie the hip hip a hop
And ya don’t stop a rockin to the bang bang boogie
Say up jump the boogie to the rhythm of the boogety beat
Skippity we bopp we rock a scooby doo
A guess what America we love you
Cuz you rock & you roll with a so much soul
A you could rock till you 101 years old

Anyone know what song that’s from? If you do, you have my utmost respect. Hollah!

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    Congrats on being “Spotlighted”!

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    Cindy Phillips says:

    Way To Go!! What a great post. We have always known these things about you. Love the song at the end.

  3. avatar

    Good for you for being Spotlighted.

    I would be singing from the rooftops. When I get a comment on my blog my whole family hears about it. LOL

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    LOVE “Rapper’s Delight”… it was one of my favorites, way back in the day! Thanks for the blast from the past!

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    Rapper’s Delight of course – we had it on LP. I started singing it just from the title. Pretty much the first mainstream rap. I saw that you got that write up on the Simple Stories blog. I’m glad and I hope you got lots of goodies for all of us ordering because I was so excited to order it and you are the reason – you did represent Simple Stories and Memory Works very well!!!! And I am still so excited about the Simple Stories. It’s really beautiful stuff. THANKS!

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    Very cool!!

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    Rapper’s Delight!

    Congrats on being featured. That’s got to be a thrill!

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    I’m glad MW appreciates your sense of humor, sarcasm, and great selling ability. I just appreciate your taste in music, yo! j/k! Congrats on the shout out. You are very deserving of it!

    Your BFF!

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    RFOL We had Def Squad too!! What a blast from the past!

    Congrats on the shout outs!

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    Congrats on the blog toot! Woo-hoo! And of course, thanks for all the Mike’s enabling… I think I’ll be heading there this week!!

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    Gloria Martens says:

    Thrilled that you were honored for your hard work (well it couldn’t be too hard to sell those gorgeous kits!) with the Simple Stories Kits. WTG

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    Congratulations…an accomplishment that is very very well deserved!

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