So maybe all my griping about what a crap selection of papers they carry has finally gotten through to Michaels (insert eye roll here). Because what to my wondering eyes did appear…while at Michaels today?? Was it…could it be….Nah, that would mean they’d joined the 1990’s. But, yes, I really truly did see at Michaels today…BAZZILL CARDSTOCK. I swear to you, I was so excited, I let out an “eek!” and almost peed my ever lovin’ pants right there in Aisle 4. It was in one of those “Do not look at this, do not touch this, don’t even think about it” baskets, you know, the ones they tease you with, of scrapbooking items they HAVE but just won’t SELL to you yet because of some lame technicality about, “We haven’t unpacked it and put a price sticker on the rack yet.” I mean, blah blah blah, you know? I’m a scrapper, I see it, I want it. Don’t tease me, don’t make me beg, just hand it over and no one gets hurt. Throw in a Butterfinger and it’s all good. But don’t put it there right in the middle of aisle and ask me to pretend I don’t see it.

Because Bazzill is the goddess of all cardstocks. Okay, let me tell you about Bazzill. When I first started scrapbooking (like, 80 something years ago), I bought the Creative Memories 10×12 cardstock. Now whoever’s bright idea 10×12 cardstock was, they should be fired. Makes NO sense for a 12×12 album, just absoludicrous. So then I ventured into Michaels and started buying those no-name packs of smooth cardstock in pastels, black and white, brights, neons, you name it. All was fine, I was content, I was a happy scrapper. But that’s because I was naive. I was ignorant. I was clueless. At some point, probably at a CKU or Scrapbook Expo, I was introduced to…everyone say it with me now…Bazzill Basics linen-textured cardstock. We scrappers just call it “Bazzill” like a code word that only we know. But we know, don’t we? Oh yes, we know! We know that there is no other brand of cardstock with such a wonderful thickness, a rockin texture, a wicked array of colors to choose from, and a high price tag that is Oh So Worth It. Since then, I’ve tried Prism cardstock and, I have to say, it runs a close second to Bazzill. But I’m a Bazzill girl through and through. And that’s why I’m so slappin’ happy that Michaels is now carrying it.

From what I could see from digging through the basket ~ and you guys owe me big time, ‘cuz the Wilton Cake Lady was mad doggin’ me the entire time ~ there were some nice colors, nothing too bright (remember the famous QVC pack? ack!), mostly the Grasscloth texture but some linen and some Smoothies, but best of all…BLING! Yep, I saw blue Bling and green Bling. I’m curious to see what price they will sell for. What, like it really matters, right? Who am I kidding? There is no mention at that they even carry Bazzill. I know, shocking…Btw, HERE’s a link to Bazzill’s new stuff for summer 2008. Hmmm, Michaels should get ahold this stuff in, oh, about 2014…

So, whazzup with Bazzill at your Michaels? Am I the last one to get it?

ETA: Went by again yesterday because I had to exchange something at Target in the same mall. No sign of the Bazzill anywhere. They’re just playing games with me now…

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    auridicyl says:

    You are so lucky! My Mikes will probably be getting this around 2012, since I live much closer to Podunk, USA than the Big City! I love reading about all the new things your Mikes is carrying, but it always turns to disappointment when I get to mine and see that none of it has materialized. Still, if you like Bazzill, you should REALLY check out Club Scrap papers! Heavy weight, a multitude of textures to die for (if you can ever lay your paws on some from the Paisley kit you, and your distressing ink pads, will think you died and went to heaven!), and you don’t have to rely on Mikes as a supplier (thank goodness, or I’d get gray waiting).

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    Thank you so much for the tip, I am going to start stalking my Mike’s. If it is a .59 paper, it is sure to go on sale with the 4/1.00 paper from time to time….STOCK UP!!! I know I will! ;)

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    I’ve never noticed it at my Michaels….I’ll have to look next time I am there!

    Great post….only a true scrapaholic could have written this!

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    I’m chomping at the bit for thier Dotted Swiss texture, I must have it all, now! I’ll probaly be hitting my LSS for that since 2014 is so far off. But I did ask my Michaels about Bazzil and the gal didn’t even know what I was talking about!

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    I have not seen it at mine yet, but I will keep a lookout!

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    About time M’s get Bazzill in their store!! Love reading your blog – you always have the good scoop!!!

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